Best Parental Control Software for Linux

The best parental control software watches over the kids when you're not around, whether they're using the Internet to communicate with friends, do research for a school project, or just use everything the Internet has to offer.

When using Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS, the best Parental Control Software for Linux makes it simple and straightforward to keep your family and children safe online. In an ideal world, the internet would be a secure environment for all users, but regrettably, this is not always the case. As a working adult, you may not always have the time to supervise your children while they are online. The finest free parental control software can aid in this situation by enabling you to either ban access to certain websites that may have objectionable content or just grant access to websites you feel appropriate, helping to protect your children.

You may safeguard your children from distractions by regulating their screen time, content, accessible websites, and many other factors. Like any other popular operating system, Linux has excellent parental control settings. However, there are certain Linux parental control Apps you could look into if you want more sophisticated controls. Below we have mentioned Best Parental Control Software for Linux.

8 Best Parental Control Software for Linux


Linux users can limit their screen time for free by using Timekpr-nExT. The controller dashboard includes a stunning GTK-based graphical user interface. This works with all popular desktop environments. This programme can restrict the amount of time that various accounts can be used and log them out automatically when their session has ended.

It offers a unique user dashboard for individual accounts so they can see how much time is left on the desktop. You may have heard that Timekpr, a well-known parental control programme for Linux, has been resurrected. Timekpr-nExT emerged as a fork with some extra functionality after that tool was retired. Overall, this is one of the Best Parental Control Software for Linux you can suggest your friends.

OpenDNS FamilyShield

OpenDNS offers FamilyShield as a free service. The domains that OpenDNS has identified as “tasteless, proxy/anonymizer, sexuality, or pornography” are immediately blocked by its parental control features. Changing the DNS server numbers in your control panel will allow you to deploy FamilyShield to your network router and filter all traffic that flows through it, which is one of the major benefits of this solution. FamilyShield can run on Computers and mobile devices.

The good side effect of this is that it speeds up DNS lookups on some ISPs. Every device on your network gains from the filters by screening everything at the Wi-Fi router level. There is also a premium service accessible for more choices. For those who are not tech knowledgeable, setup can be a little challenging, but there is a good setup tutorial on the company’s website, so it shouldn’t be too difficult. Currently, this is one of the Best Parental Control Software for Linux.


A very outdated Linux parental control programme made specifically for the GNOME desktop environment is called GNOME Nanny. But it functions well on every Linux distribution. With a few extra features, this software mostly functions as a web filter. Overall, this is one of the Best Parental Control Software for Linux.

For a long time, this utility has not received regular updates. But this item has so many features that it can still outperform the majority of contemporary parental control devices. Additionally, this tool’s graphical user interface is highly beneficial for parents who are not tech savvy.


Despite its slightly unclear name (consider “custodian” or “custody”), Qustodio is a well respected parental control software programme for good cause. The paid premium plans are relatively reasonable and provide with extra monitoring options, but the free version is only capable of safeguarding one device and has few internet filtering functions. For now, this is the Best Parental Control Software for Linux.

You may almost immediately begin keeping an eye on your child’s online activity thanks to the software’s reasonably straightforward installation and configuration. Even if they have access to numerous devices in the house, you can safeguard them all by simply installing the software on each one and selecting the “Hide Qustodio on this device” checkbox to prevent them from changing the settings.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

For Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices, Kaspersky Safe Kids offers parental control software in both free and premium editions. In addition to app controls that let you regulate app use by time used, age limits, and category (if you don’t want your kids playing games on a school night, for example), the free edition of the app includes a blacklist that stops your kids from seeing unsuitable information online. A screen time management tool is also available to assist you in managing your total device usage.

More mobile-specific features are included in the premium version, such as a battery tracker that lets you know if your child’s phone is about to run out of juice and they won’t be able to reach you. Additionally, you can regulate their social media usage, track their whereabouts via GPS, and get instant notifications if they visit inappropriate websites or leave a designated “safe” area. YouTube activity history is one of the more recent tools that was added to the paid plan and may be used to keep track of your children’s search and viewing history on the site. This is the Best Parental Control Software for Linux that you can consider.


For Linux-based distributions, this web filtering programme is totally free and open source. This programme is not intended to restrict how often your computer is used offline. Instead, it offers numerous network and security-related features as an extra. Overall, this is one of the Best Parental Control Software for Linux you can install now.

This programme can ban information based on phrase matching and associated artificial intelligence techniques in addition to a specified list of domains and URLs. If you are a developer, you can use this tool from their Github repository to fulfil your unique needs. You can get this parental control software from its Official Website.


DansGuardian is a different tool that is intended for filtering web content. It does so by employing a number of techniques, including phrase matching and URL filtering. Additionally, it is better suited for server usage, which is especially helpful for institutions like schools and libraries. For now, this is the Best Parental Control Software for Linux.

The word matching filtering offered by DansGuardian is a significant advantage over competing software because occasionally pages with poor content do not have addresses that reveal such information. DansGuardian performs a far more thorough content screening by looking for “bad” terms like “hate” or “pornography” on web pages.


Another web blocking software programme designed for parental control is Privoxy. This online filtering programme has been around for a while and is totally free to use. For the protection of youngsters, this programme can modify requested data and restrict web access. Currently, this is one of the Best Parental Control Software for Linux.

This tool’s most recognisable feature is that it allows the administrator to customise and adapt the installation. Privoxy can typically be configured using the web-based interface. This technology can also be used to firewall your company headquarters.


The finest Parental control software will watch over the kids when you can’t, whether they are using the Internet to communicate with friends, perform research for a school project, or are just taking advantage of everything that it has to offer. The parental control software will watch over the kids when you are unable to, whether they are doing research for a school project, communicating with friends, or just taking use of all the positive aspects of the Internet.

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