Best Animal Games on PC 2024: for ultimate gaming experience

Embark on wild adventures and connect with nature through these captivating animal games on PC that offer realism, excitement and exploration.

Take a virtual safari with the best Animal Games for PC. These games let players become part of the wild and interact with a wide range of animals without leaving their homes. These games give you a chance to explore a wide range of ecosystems, from lush rainforests to vast savannahs, all of which are rendered in stunning detail. Players can put themselves in the shoes (or paws) of different animals in these interesting games and live their lives.

There are as many options as there are animals in the animal kingdom. You can roam the jungle as a majestic lion, soar through the sky as an eagle, or swim through the depths as a smart shark. Both casual gamers and wildlife lovers will enjoy these games because they have realistic graphics, fun gameplay, and educational value. Below, we have mentioned the best animal games for PC.

There are several reasons why people like animal games. A lot of the time, they have cute and relatable characters that make them fun for a lot of people, especially kids. The different themes and game play styles in this genre make them adaptable to a wide range of interests. It also builds empathy and responsibility because of the caring part of taking care of virtual animals. Fans can relax and have fun with these games because they are creative and silly. They take players to a wonderful world full of animals.

Best Animal Games on PC Comparison Table

Immersive PC animal games let players explore rich virtual worlds. Planet Zoo and Zoo Tycoon offer detailed management, while Shelter lets players become animals. Animal lovers will enjoy these desktop games’ diverse and captivating adventures.

FeaturePlanet ZooStardew ValleyAnimal CrossingBig Farm StoryZoo Tycoon
GenreSimulationSimulation/RPGLife SimulationFarming/SimulationSimulation
SettingZoo ManagementRural FarmingVillage LifeFarm ManagementZoo Management
GraphicsRealistic 3DPixel ArtCartoonish 3D3DRealistic 3D

Planet Zoo

Best Animal Games on PC


  • Build and manage a realistic zoo with detailed animal habitats.
  • Design landscapes, ensure animal welfare, and engage in conservation efforts.
  • Encounter realistic animal behaviors and challenges in a dynamic simulation.
  • Collaborate with other players through online features.

Planet Zoo is an exciting PC game that puts players in the shoes of a zoo manager and gives them a realistic look at protecting animals. It has beautiful graphics and great attention to detail. It lets gamers build and run their dream zoo, making sure that different animal species are healthy while facing challenges and keeping resources in balance. Overall, it is one of the best animal games for PC that you can consider.

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  • Realistic and detailed animal behaviors.
  • Creative freedom in designing and managing your own zoo.
  • Active community and regular updates.


  • Steeper learning curve for new players.
  • Hardware-intensive, requiring a powerful PC for optimal performance.

Stardew Valley

Best Animal Games on PC


  • Cultivate your farm, plant crops, and raise animals in a charming pixel-art world.
  • Engage in various activities, including mining, fishing, and building relationships.
  • Experience seasons, festivals, and diverse character interactions.
  • Customize your farm and enjoy a relaxing, open-ended gameplay experience.

Stardew Valley is a popular farming simulation game for PC that puts players in a cute pixelated world where they take over an old, broken-down farm. It’s a relaxing escape to grow crops, take care of animals, and make friends with people in the village. It’s an interesting farming adventure with a wide range of activities, seasons, and touching stories. Overall, it is one of the best animal games for PC that you can consider.


  • Charming pixel art and relaxing gameplay.
  • Extensive farming and relationship-building mechanics.
  • Regular updates and mod support.


  • Limited multiplayer interaction.
  • Some players may find the pixel art style less appealing.

Animal Crossing

Best Animal Games on PC


  • Create and customize your own virtual island paradise.
  • Build and furnish your home, interact with anthropomorphic animal villagers.
  • Engage in activities like bug catching, fishing, and fossil hunting.
  • Experience real-time gameplay with changing seasons and special events.

Animal Crossing is a popular series of animal games for PC that put players in cute virtual villages. As players do things like fishing, bug hunting, and fossil hunting, they build relationships with anthropomorphic animal villagers. The game’s easygoing pace, beautiful graphics, and flexible rules make it a fun way to escape into a creative and supportive world. Overall, this is one of the best animal games for PC.


  • Adorable characters and charming atmosphere.
  • Open-ended gameplay with real-time events.
  • Extensive customization options for your island.


  • Progression can be slow-paced for some players.
  • Limited multiplayer features compared to other games.

Big Farm Story

Best Animal Games on PC


  • Manage and expand your farm while exploring a vibrant, story-driven world.
  • Grow crops, raise animals, and complete quests to unlock new areas.
  • Participate in social activities, including trading with other players.
  • Experience a blend of farming, adventure, and community building.

Big Farm Story is an exciting farming simulation game for PC that puts players right into the busy world of farming. Players start their dream farms by taking care of cute animals, big fields, and fun tasks. The cute graphics and variety of game modes make it a fun experience that combines relaxing with managing a farm strategically. Currently, this is one of the best animal games for PC.


  • Cute and colorful graphics.
  • Mix of farming, adventure, and social elements.
  • Regular content updates.


  • Limited in terms of depth compared to some other farming games.
  • May feel repetitive over time for some players.

Zoo Tycoon

Best Animal Games on PC


  • Build and customize your own zoo, featuring a variety of animals.
  • Manage finances, staff, and visitor satisfaction to run a successful zoo.
  • Create exhibits, set up attractions, and handle the day-to-day operations.
  • Experience a mix of simulation and creativity in designing the ultimate zoo.

Zoo Tycoon is a fun PC game where players can build and run their own virtual zoo. It uses both strategy and creativity to do things like design habitats and take care of different animal species. With beautiful graphics and realistic animal behaviours, Zookeeper lets players build a successful zoo that meets the needs of both people and animals. Still, it is one of the best animal games for PC that you can consider.


  • Classic zoo management gameplay.
  • Diverse selection of animals and exhibits.
  • User-friendly interface for new players.


  • Limited depth compared to more recent simulation games.
  • Graphics may feel outdated to some players.

Tips for Enjoying Animal Games on PC to the Fullest

Immerse yourself in virtual ecosystems to enjoy PC animal games. Explore every feature, customise habitats, and interact with diverse fauna. Use game communities for tips and tricks to improve your experience. Stay current on content and updates to enhance your gaming experience.

Pick the Right Game: There are many kinds of animal games, from simulation and management games to role-playing and adventure games. Pick a game that fits your tastes and interests, whether you like taking care of virtual pets, running a zoo, or going on animal adventures in the wild.

Optimise Graphics Settings: Based on the specs of your PC, change the game’s graphics settings to get the best performance and quality. It’s possible to improve your gaming experience and avoid lag or stuttering by finding the right balance between performance and graphics.

Use mods and community-made content: A lot of PC animal games can use mods and community-made content. You can find extra content for the game, like new animals, habitats, gameplay features, or visual improvements, on modding websites or forums. This will let you make the game exactly how you want it.

Try Out Different Gameplay Styles: Animal games often have a lot of different ways to play and goals to achieve. Try out different methods, whether you want to focus on caring for animals, running a zoo, protecting wildlife, or exploring. Trying out different ways to play can keep things interesting and new.

Join a community: Find online forums, communities, or social media groups that are all about the game you’re playing and join them. When you interact with other gamers, you can share your own experiences, tips, and strategies. You can also find user-generated content and mods that will make your gaming even better.

How to Choose the Right Animal Game for Your Preferences

It can be fun to look for the right animal game for different tastes. To help you find the right game, follow these steps:

Platform: Find out what kind of gaming platform you can use, like a PC, a console (like a PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch), or a mobile device. Some animal games can only be played on certain devices.

Art Style: Pick a game with a style of art that you like. The graphics in some games are very realistic, while those in others are more stylized or cartoonish.

Storyline: If you like games with strong stories, look for ones with interesting animal-based stories. Animal-based stories in games like “Okami” and “The Last Guardian” are very interesting.

Educational Content: There are educational games that focus on teaching you about different species and ecosystems if you want to learn more about animals. Games like “Zoo Tycoon” can be fun and teach you new things at the same time.

Difficulty Level: Think about how good you are at playing games and how hard you want the game to be. Some animal games are more laid-back and fun, while others may be harder to learn and require you to think strategically.


Is animal Royale offline?

Super Animal Royale currently requires an Internet connection.

Is Animal Jam an online game?

Under-12s should play WildWorks’ massively multiplayer online game Animal Jam Classic. The National Geographic Society launched it in 2010.

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