Best Phishing Awareness Training Tools 2024: top suggestions

Top phishing training tools to strengthen cyber security and protect against online threats. Raise your awareness today.

Nowadays, learning about cybersecurity is the best way to protect yourself from phishing attacks, which are still a common threat to businesses around the world. Fortifying defences and giving people the knowledge to spot and stop phishing attempts effectively requires using the best Phishing Awareness Training Tools. Modern cybersecurity tools are constantly changing. There are now many advanced tools that can mimic phishing attacks, teach users about common tricks, and reinforce good habits.

As preventative measures, these tools lower the risks that come with social engineering and sending malicious emails. Knowledge-based training tools for phishing include KnowBe4, PhishER, and Proofpoint. These solutions include thorough training modules, phishing campaign simulations, and in-depth analytics to find out how ready and vulnerable users are. Furthermore, programmes like Cofense PhishMe and Sophos Phish Threat offer simulations and interactive learning experiences that can be changed to fit the needs of different businesses. Below, we have mentioned the best phishing awareness training tools.

What is Phishing Awareness Training Tool?

A Phishing Awareness Training Tool is a piece of software that teaches people and businesses about phishing attacks and how to spot them. It usually has educational materials, simulated phishing campaigns, and interactive modules that teach people how to spot phishing emails, websites, and messages.

A lot of the time, these tools keep track of how engaged and productive users are so that the training programme can be improved. By making people more aware and knowledgeable, they lower the risk of falling for phishing scams and improve overall cybersecurity.

Best Phishing Awareness Training Tools Comparison Table

Phishing awareness training is essential for cyberdefense organisations. They teach users how to spot cybercriminals’ deceptive emails, websites, and messages that steal personal data. These tools improve cybersecurity by enabling users to detect and stop phishing attacks through simulated campaigns, interactive modules, and real-time feedback.

PlatformFeaturesTarget AudienceTraining Approach
Sophos Phish ThreatSimulated phishing campaigns, training modules, reporting and analyticsSmall to large enterprisesInteractive modules, simulated phishing
HoxHuntPhishing simulations, gamification, reporting and analyticsSmall to large enterprisesGamified learning, simulated phishing
InfosecPhishing simulations, security awareness training, reporting and analyticsSmall to large enterprisesComprehensive training modules, simulated phishing
CybeReady BLASTAutomated simulated phishing, personalized learning paths, reporting and analyticsSmall to large enterprisesPersonalized learning paths, automated phishing simulations
CyberVistaSecurity awareness training, risk assessments, reporting and analyticsSmall to large enterprisesComprehensive training, risk assessments

Sophos Phish Threat

Best Phishing Awareness Training Tools


  • Simulates realistic phishing attacks.
  • Provides detailed reporting and analytics.
  • Offers customizable phishing templates.
  • Integrates with existing security solutions.

Sophos Phish Threat stands out as an example of proactive cybersecurity because it provides a strong defence against the growing threat of phishing attacks. Sophos Phish Threat knows that security awareness is a key part of protecting against phishing attacks.

This powerful platform goes above and beyond traditional methods by not only teaching end users, but also putting them through automated attack simulations, good security training, and useful reporting metrics. Still, it is one of the best phishing awareness training tools that you can consider.

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  • User-friendly interface
  • Detailed reporting and analytics
  • Integration with Sophos security solutions


  • Requires a Sophos ecosystem for full functionality
  • Advanced features may require additional cost


Best Phishing Awareness Training Tools


  • Gamified approach to cybersecurity training.
  • Real-time feedback on user behavior.
  • Phishing simulation and awareness training.
  • Integration with various email platforms.

HoxHunt offers a platform that is not only user-friendly but also intuitive, which ensures that the educational experience will be smooth and well-organized through its use. Considering that the platform is designed to facilitate easy navigation, it is possible for all users, regardless of their level of technical expertise, to navigate through it without any difficulty. Overall, it is one of the best phishing awareness training tools that you can consider.


  • Real-time simulated phishing attacks
  • Interactive training modules
  • Customizable campaigns


  • Pricing may not be suitable for small businesses
  • Limited integration options with other security platforms


Best Phishing Awareness Training Tools


  • Offers comprehensive security awareness training.
  • Interactive modules and gamification elements.
  • Tracks progress and measures effectiveness.
  • Tailored content for different roles and industries.

Infosec is a cybersecurity training company based in the U.S. They offer training through their Infosec IQ platform, which meets the urgent need for security education and gives employees the tools they need to protect themselves against cyber threats.

The training programme at Infosec IQ is tailored to each employee’s needs and situation so that they are fully prepared to handle the specific cyber threats they are most likely to face. This is the best phishing awareness training tools that you can consider.


  • Comprehensive training library
  • Customizable training paths
  • Tracks employee progress and performance


  • Interface can be overwhelming for some users
  • Limited reporting and analytics features

CybeReady BLAST

Best Phishing Awareness Training Tools


  • Automated phishing simulation and training.
  • Adaptive learning based on user behavior.
  • Targeted campaigns for specific user groups.
  • Detailed analytics and reporting.

CybeReady BLAST is an AI-based training system that has an assessor for training needs. Activity analysis built into the tool lets you see which employees are more likely to be targeted by phishing scams. There are templates for a variety of attacks in the training library, and an analysis of each user’s activity helps choose the best training programme for them. Overall, this is one of the best phishing awareness training tools.


  • Automated training campaigns
  • Adaptive learning based on user behavior
  • Multilingual support


  • Initial setup can be complex
  • Integration options may be limited compared to other platforms


Best Phishing Awareness Training Tools


  • Provides cybersecurity training and education.
  • Customized learning paths for individuals and teams.
  • Offers certification preparation courses.
  • Interactive and engaging content delivery.

CyberVista Certify is a best platform that improves data security and protection by providing strong data management and analysis tools. It works because it has a lot of tools, like the Phishing Awareness Training Tools, that are meant to make defenses against cyber threats stronger. Organizations that want to improve their service delivery and strengthen their cybersecurity should use this resource. Currently, this is one of the best phishing awareness training tools.


  • Accredited training programs
  • Personalized learning paths
  • Experienced instructors


  • Higher price point compared to some competitors
  • Limited free resources for assessment

Benefits of Implementing Phishing Awareness Training in Organizations

Companies that teach their employees about phishing can improve their cybersecurity and keep sensitive data safe in a number of ways. Here are a few important pros:

Lowering the risk: teaching employees about phishing helps them spot and avoid phishing attempts. Companies can lower the chance of their employees falling for phishing attacks by teaching them about common phishing tricks and warning signs.

Better Security Culture: Training makes people in an organisation more aware of security issues. Employees are more likely to follow best practices for security in their daily work if they know how important cybersecurity is and what they can do to help protect sensitive information.

Fewer successful attacks: Phishing is a common way for cyberattacks like ransomware and data breaches to get in. By making people more aware and careful, businesses can greatly lower the chances of phishing attacks succeeding, lowering the overall risk of security incidents.

Protecting Private Data: Phishing attacks are often used to steal private data, like login credentials, financial information, or secret data. Training on phishing helps employees understand how important this information is and gives them the skills to keep it safe.

Cost savings: Phishing attacks that work can cost a lot of money, not just from the attack itself, but also from fixing problems, paying lawyers, and facing possible damage to the company’s reputation. It may be cheaper to put money into training than to clean up after a successful phishing attack.

Tips for Choosing the Right Phishing Awareness Training Tool for Your Organization

It is very important to pick the right phishing awareness training tool for your business in order to teach employees about phishing and lower the risk of them falling for it. Here are some tips to help you choose the best tool for teaching people about phishing:

Quality of Content: When looking for a training tool, make sure it has high-quality content like videos, quizzes, simulations, and interactive modules. The content should be interesting, up-to-date, and relevant to the industry and security needs of your organisation.

Customisation Options: Pick a training tool that lets you change the content, training schedules, and user groups to fit the needs and preferences of your organisation. You can make changes to the training programme so that it fits the specific phishing threats and security concerns of your employees.

Phishing Simulation Features: The training tool should have phishing simulation features that let you make realistic phishing scenarios and test your employees’ skills in spotting and responding to phishing emails correctly. Check for features like phishing templates that can be changed, keeping track of how users respond, and detailed analytics and reporting.

Integration with a Learning Management System (LMS): If your company uses an LMS to track employee progress and manage training programmes, make sure that the phishing awareness training tool works well with your current LMS platform. Integration makes it easier for your whole organisation to set up, manage, and keep track of training activities.

Reporting and Analytics: Pick a training tool that lets you keep an eye on employees’ participation, progress, and performance in phishing awareness training sessions by giving you full reporting and analytics options. You can find places to improve, see how people’s awareness of phishing is changing over time, and see how well your training programme is working with detailed reports and metrics.


Is Mimecast a phishing?

Mimecast prevents spear phishing by scanning all inbound email in real time for suspicious header, domain, and body content.

Can a PDF be phishing?

PDFs’ trustworthiness makes them ideal for phishing. PDFs, often considered legitimate, can embed malicious links, content, or exploits.

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