Best Presentation Software 2024: for online presentation

a category of application programs used to create sequences of words and images

The best presentation software makes it easy to make slideshow presentations, keep track of them, and share them. This is important because business sales, management, and development all depend on presentation software. A department may need to share ideas, concepts, working methods, and workflows, and it is important to be able to explain these things in a way that is clear and easy to understand. But while presentation software used to only work with text and images, it can now also work with video and audio.

So, it’s important that the best presentation software not only be easy and simple to use, but also be able to support these extra media so that presentations can be more interesting, lively, and ultimately serve their purpose of educating and informing their intended audience. There are a lot of different platforms for presentation software, which can be hard to keep track of. So, here is a list of the best presentation software on the market right now, including paid, subscription-based, and even free platforms. Below we have mentioned some of the best presentation software.

Best Presentation Software

Microsoft PowerPoint

best presentation software


  • Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Web
  • Microsoft Office 365 Suite
  • Designer, MS Office integration
  • Free version: Yes

Even after trying out more than a dozen best presentation software, most people still use Microsoft PowerPoint. It is the standard in the industry and has great templates, an easy-to-use interface, a large library of ready-made art assets, and many tools for making a cool slideshow.

It also lets people work together in real time, edit documents offline, and add content from other sources. PowerPoint costs $70 a year, which is much less than most of its competitors. It’s also part of Microsoft Office, which most companies pay for and workers can’t live without. If you like this app you can get it from official website.


  • Well-known interface imitated by competitors
  • Powerful and accessible
  • Good templates
  • Part of a popular software suite


  • Slight learning curve

Apple Keynote

best presentation software


  • Captivate your audience with dynamic backgrounds.
  • Add live video feeds in any slide.
  • Present with your team. Seamlessly.
  • Present over video conference. Like a pro.
  • Outline your presentation. Easier.

PowerPoint should have been Keynote all along. In the last few years, Apple’s version of the best presentation software has improved a lot. It now has a cloud version that works on any browser on any computer. Keynote is basically an improved version of PowerPoint. It has the same way to make slides, but it has nicer templates, an easier interface, and nice touches like smart guides.

The biggest problem with Keynote is that it takes a long time to learn. Similar to Microsoft’s tool, you’ll need to sit down for a few hours to learn how to use the platform and a longer set of hours to make a professional presentation.


  • All available features are very intuitive.
  • This program includes animation, video and audio options.
  • It works smoothly with iCloud.
  • There are many beautiful themes available.


  • There may be some problems with opening native documents of Keynote.
  • The process of documents importing is a bit slow.
  • You can’t run Keynote on Microsoft.


best presentation software


  • Audio File Management
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Media Library
  • Customizable Templates

Branding says a lot about a business, and it’s something that companies need to get right from the start, from a good logo to the right font. CustomShow is a business presentation programme that puts all of these branding elements first. Using the system, you can make and give presentations with your company’s logo and custom fonts that show off your company and the products you sell. This is one of the best presentation software.

You also get a slide library and analytics to help you make sure your presentations go well. You can also bring presentations into the software and use it to make more changes to them. There is also integration with SalesForce, and because the platform is in the cloud, you can access your presentations on computers, tablets, and smartphones.


  • Handy analytics
  • Can import PowerPoint files


  • No free trial

Google Slides

best presentation software


  • Create the Master Slide.
  • Add a theme to the Master slide.
  • Create a template for sharing.
  • Edit your slides.
  • Link your slides

Google Slides is a slideshow program that works a lot like PowerPoint. But there are three main differences: it’s all online, it’s free, and you can work with other people on it. Google Slides is great because you can sign in through your browser or its official app. Google Slides presentations can be viewed on any device, and they can be shared with other people so that you can work together in real time.

Google Drive lets you store all of your best presentation software in the cloud, where they are easy for all of your marketing and sales teams to find and use. And you don’t have to worry about interruptions because all of your changes are saved as you make them, as long as you are connected to the internet.


  • The free plan supports professional presentations
  • Web-based and collaborative to create presentations
  • Simple and familiar interface for an online presentation software


  • Too simple for advanced presentation making
  • Difficult to export to other formats
  • Limited templates and customization options for interactive content


best presentation software


  • Activity Dashboard. Dashboard to view activity.
  • Audio File Management. Supports audio files.
  • Business Process Automation.
  • Collaboration Tools.
  • Communication Management.

Like CustomShow, ClearSlide is aimed at a specific type of business. The best presentation software that want to run successful marketing campaigns, push sales through presentations, and use a variety of analytics and metrics to help with both marketing and sales. You can upload different types of files, such as PowerPoint, Keynote, PDF, and Excel, with the product. ClearSlide works with Google Drive, Dropbox, and Salesforce, among other platforms.

This system is pretty complicated and may have too many features that don’t apply to some businesses. However, you can make custom content that fits your business and the message you want to send to customers. There are also good metrics and analysis tools, and you can sign up for a free trial before making any decisions.


  • Personalized tools for sales teams
  • Tons of features
  • More than just presentations


  • Too simple for advanced presentation making

What is Presentation Software?

Any salesperson who has been around for a while knows that words can only get you so far. You can say exactly what your product or service does and how it helps people. But the prospect will eventually want to see it for themselves. In the world of software, this is especially true. Where people spend hours a day navigating apps, websites, and program as part of their jobs.

Presentations can really make or break the experience a prospect has with your brand. A good presentation keeps people interested and shows how valuable the information is. And it helps prospects imagine how your product or service would help them.

From what we’ve learned, Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote are the three most-used programmes, roughly in that order. PowerPoint, on the other hand, is used by far more people than the other two. Depending on what you want, any of the three is a good choice. Still, if everything else is the same, we recommend PowerPoint.


What is the best software for making presentations?

Visme, Haiku Deck, Prezi, Microsoft Powerpoint, Canva, and Google Slides are a few of the best presentation programmes. In this comparison guide, we’ll look at all of these tools and many more to see how they differ so you can choose the best presentation maker for your business.

Is PowerPoint The best presentation software Why?

PowerPoint was one of the first tools to offer templates that were easy to use and could be changed. This was a big plus for people who aren’t designers. But PowerPoint isn’t the most interesting platform or presentation software in terms of design. Your business presentations won’t have the impact you want, which will make them boring and no one will want to see them.

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