Best Samsung Galaxy S24 Alternatives 2024: great options

Discover Samsung Galaxy S24 alternatives for different features, budgets and unique smartphone experiences.

As the world of smartphones moves quickly, people looking for the perfect device often look at other devices that are similar in form and function. There are a lot of great smartphones out there, and the best Samsung Galaxy S24 Alternatives can be just as tempting. These alternatives offer a wide range of choices to meet the needs and wants of different people. In the race against the Samsung Galaxy S24, smartphones with impressive specs, new designs, and cutting-edge tech are currently ahead of the pack.

There are a lot of phones on the market, from well-known brands to newcomers, that are similar to the Galaxy S24 in terms of camera quality, processing power, and screen quality. People who look into these other options have the chance to find a device that fits their needs and preferences perfectly. Below, we have mentioned the best Samsung Galaxy S24 Alternatives.

Why Consider Samsung Galaxy S24 Alternatives?

People who are looking for alternatives to the Samsung Galaxy S24 can find a number of smartphones that may better suit their tastes, budgets, or specific feature needs. Different brands of other devices come with a range of styles, features, and prices, so users can make a better decision based on their specific needs. Users can be sure to find a smartphone that meets their needs, whether those needs are related to the camera, the battery life, the software, or something else.

Best Samsung Galaxy S24 Alternatives Comparison Table

Samsung Galaxy S24 alternatives include iPhone 14, Google Pixel 7, and OnePlus 10. Camera innovations and software ecosystems distinguish each contender. Sony Xperia 5 III and Xiaomi Mi 12 offer great alternatives, giving users high-end options.

FeatureOnePlus 12Google Pixel 8Apple iPhone 15 Pro MaxSamsung Galaxy S23Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
ProcessorSnapdragon 8 Gen 3Google Tensor 3Apple A18 BionicSnapdragon 8 Gen 3Snapdragon 8 Gen 3
Front Camera32MP12MP12MP12MP12MP
Charging100W wired, 50W wireless30W wired, wireless charging info unavailable25W wired, 27W wireless45W wired, 15W wireless45W wired, 15W wireless

OnePlus 12

Best Samsung Galaxy S24 Alternatives
Product Dimensions6.47 x 2.98 x 0.36 inches
Operating SystemAndroid 14.0
Memory Storage Capacity16 GB
Item Weight220 Grams
Check Price

The OnePlus 12 in Silky Black is a sophisticated smartphone with cutting-edge features. The newest mobile processor powers it, so even the hardest tasks will run smoothly. A huge 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage means you can store all of your apps, photos, and videos without any problems. Currently, this is one of the best Samsung Galaxy S24 Alternatives.


  • High-performance hardware for smooth operation.
  • Clean and customizable OxygenOS interface.
  • Competitive pricing for flagship features.


  • Limited availability through carriers.
  • May not have the same level of camera optimization as top competitors.

Google Pixel 8

Best Samsung Galaxy S24 Alternatives
Product Dimensions5.92 x 2.79 x 0.35 inches
Operating SystemAndroid 13.0
Memory Storage Capacity256 GB
Item Weight6.56 Ounces
Check Price

The beautiful rose gold Google Pixel 8 is more than just a phone; it’s a powerful friend that fits right into your life. The Pixel camera takes beautiful pictures and videos, the battery lasts for 24 hours, and the security features are unmatched. With this unlocked Android phone, you can pick the carrier and data plan that works best for you. Overall, this is one of the best Samsung Galaxy S24 Alternatives.


  • Outstanding camera quality with advanced software features.
  • Timely Android updates directly from Google.
  • Efficient integration with Google services.


  • Typically a premium price point.
  • Limited hardware customization compared to some Android devices.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max

Best Samsung Galaxy S24 Alternatives
Product Dimensions0.32 x 3.02 x 6.3 inches
Operating SystemiOS
Memory Storage Capacity256 GB
Item Weight0.45 Kilograms
Check Price

The Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max (256 GB) is the latest in technology. It has a beautiful Super Retina XDR display, an A16 Bionic chip, and a strong camera system. Users have plenty of room for apps, photos, and videos with 256 GB of storage. It’s a flagship device because of its sleek design, 5G support, and high-tech features. This is the best Samsung Galaxy S24 Alternatives that you can consider.


  • Powerful hardware and efficient iOS ecosystem.
  • Exceptional camera system with advanced features.
  • Premium build quality and design.


  • Generally higher in price compared to many Android counterparts.
  • Limited customization options in terms of software and design.

Samsung Galaxy S23

Screen Size6.1 Inches
Operating SystemAndroid 13.0
Memory Storage Capacity128 GB
Item Weight168 Grams
Check Price

There is a lot of potential in the Samsung Galaxy S23, which is a phone that comes in a soothing lavender colour. Shoot 8K videos that look like they belong in Hollywood or take beautiful pictures at night with the 50MP camera. If you want to edit masterpieces or stream your favourite shows on the bright, flexible screen, the lightning-fast processor will make sure everything runs smoothly. Overall, it is one of the best Samsung Galaxy S24 Alternatives that you can consider.


  • High-quality display and powerful hardware.
  • Advanced camera features and imaging capabilities.
  • Integration with Samsung’s ecosystem of services.


  • Pricing may be in the premium range.
  • Limited software updates compared to some competitors.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Best Samsung Galaxy S24 Alternatives
Product Dimensions6.43 x 3.07 x 0.35 inches
Operating SystemAndroid 13.0
Memory Storage Capacity256 GB
Item Weight0.01 Pounds
Check Price

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is a high-end phone with a big, beautiful screen, a strong processor, and a camera system that can do a lot of different things. There are many colours to choose from, such as Phantom Green. With its sleek look and top-of-the-line specs, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is a great choice for smartphone users who want the best experience possible. Still, it is one of the best Samsung Galaxy S24 Alternatives that you can consider.


  • Top-of-the-line camera system with advanced features.
  • Large and vibrant display for an immersive experience.
  • High-performance hardware and extensive feature set.


  • Premium price point.
  • Large size may not be suitable for all users.

Benefits of Samsung Galaxy S24 Alternatives

Exploring Samsung Galaxy S24 alternatives has many benefits. Options vary in features, designs, and price to suit different tastes. Users can choose devices with advanced technology, better cameras, longer battery life, or customisable interfaces. This variety encourages healthy competition, innovation, and industry-wide smartphone technology advancements.

Save money: Other smartphones usually cost less, making them a better choice for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a flagship device.

Wide Range of Features: Various smartphone models come with a range of features and specs. By looking at other options, users can find devices with features that might fit their needs and preferences better.

Brand Preferences: People may like certain smartphone brands because of how they look, how easy they are to use, or because they’ve had good experiences with other brands. When you look for alternatives, you can think about devices from different brands.

Innovative Technologies: Other smartphones may come out with new or different technologies that aren’t in the top models. People who are looking for certain new ideas or features might be able to find them in other devices.

Compatible with your existing devices and services: People who already use a certain mobile ecosystem (like Apple, Google, or Samsung) may prefer alternatives that work well with their current devices and services.

Choosing the Best Alternative to Samsung Galaxy S24

There are many things to think about when looking for an alternative to the Samsung Galaxy S24, such as your tastes, budget, and specific needs. To help you make an informed choice, here is a list:

Figure out your priorities: Figure out what features are most important to you. Figuring out what’s most important to you will help you make a choice, whether it’s the camera quality, the screen, the battery life, or certain software features.

Thoughts on the Budget: Plan how much you can spend on a new phone. Since the Galaxy S24 is probably a high-end phone, look for cheaper options that have a good mix of features.

System of operation: Pick which you like better: Android or iOS. If you’re used to Android on your Samsung Galaxy, you might want to stick with an Android alternative. If you’d rather use a different OS, though, you could look into iPhones or other Android alternatives.

Think about design and size: You should think about what size and style you want. Some users want screens that are bigger, while others want screens that are smaller. Also, think about how well the device is put together and how it looks.

What the camera can do: Check out the camera specs of possible alternatives. If photography is important to you, think about things like the number of lenses, the number of megapixels, and how well the camera works overall in different lighting conditions.


What is number one phone in the world?

Apple ships the most phones, followed by Samsung. Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo remain top smartphone brands despite some declines.

Which is better 5000mAh or 6000mAh?

If you constantly capture moments and interact with friends on social media, a 4500mAh to 6000mAh battery should work.

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