Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 2024: unlock full potential

Discover essential and innovative apps tailored for peak performance, functionality and fun.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is the most innovative and technologically advanced smartphone on the market today. Finding the best Apps for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is important if you want to get the most out of this cutting-edge device. Improve your user experience with a carefully chosen set of apps that work well with the device’s advanced features. If you want to find the best apps for your Galaxy S24 Ultra, you’ll be taken to a world of unmatched efficiency and functionality.

This group of apps has something for every part of your digital life, from productivity tools that make your workday better to fun apps for when you have some free time. There are apps for the Galaxy S24 Ultra that are perfect for everyone, from people who love photography to people who love games to people who are good at multitasking. Below, we have mentioned the best apps for Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Why Use Apps on the Galaxy S24 Ultra?

Using apps on the Galaxy S24 Ultra makes using a smartphone more fun by giving you access to a lot of different features. Apps make it easy for people to communicate, find their way around, have fun, and do many other things. The S24 Ultra’s powerful hardware and advanced features make apps run faster, so you can multitask, play games, and get work done without any problems. The Galaxy S24 Ultra has a lot of apps that let users make their device fit their needs and preferences, whether they want to use it for social media, photography, work, or fun.

Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Comparison Table

Advanced technology gives the Galaxy S24 Ultra a great selection of apps. The AI-powered camera app and Samsung DeX make multitasking easy. Advanced graphics improve gaming, and the App Edge lets you jump to favourite apps. Customisable experiences are available in the Galaxy Store.

FeatureSketchbookINKredibleB612Adobe AcrobatDocuSign
Photo EditingLimitedNoYesLimitedNo
PDF ViewingNoLimitedYesYesYes
PDF EditingNoNoNoYesYes
PlatformMulti-platformiOS, AndroidiOS, AndroidMulti-platformMulti-platform


Best Apps for Galaxy S24 Ultra


  • Professional Drawing Tools
  • Seamless Layer Management
  • Wide Range of Brushes
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility

The Sketchbook app is very popular among artists and gives you access to a huge number of tools. These art tools include a wide range of brushes, guides, rulers, and stroke aids that you can change to fit your needs. With the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, Sketchbook has a new lease on life because the S Pen can be used for more than just taking notes. Still, it is one of the best apps for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra that you can consider.



  • Intuitive interface for digital sketching and drawing.
  • Diverse set of brushes and tools for creative expression.
  • Cross-platform compatibility.


  • Some advanced features may require a subscription.
  • Limited 3D modeling capabilities compared to specialized software.


Best Apps for Galaxy S24 Ultra


  • Natural Writing Experience
  • Minimalist Interface
  • Pen and Paper Simulation
  • Cloud Sync for Notes

It’s easy to find an app called INKredible that lets you draw doodles and take notes. This app makes writing on a screen feel almost exactly the same. The app’s clean interface and notepad are two things we like about it. The screen isn’t crowded with toolbars or banner ads. There is very little latency, and the app can pick up on even the smallest strokes. Overall, it is one of the best apps for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra that you can consider.



  • Simple and distraction-free interface for note-taking.
  • Smooth and realistic ink simulation.
  • Support for stylus input and palm rejection.


  • Limited features compared to comprehensive note-taking apps.
  • May not have advanced organizational tools for extensive note collections.


Best Apps for Galaxy S24 Ultra


  • Real-Time Beauty Filters
  • Easy-to-Use Selfie Camera
  • AR Stickers and Effects
  • Instant Photo Editing Tools

B612 is the best tool for you to take pictures anywhere and at any time if you are wild about shooting things. There are lots of new and fun features in this app that you won’t find in any other app. The B612 camera app lets you make selfie videos, use the back camera, add cool effects and filters, make vignettes and collages, set timers, and tilt shift. This is the best apps for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra that you can consider.



  • User-friendly interface for capturing and editing selfies.
  • Real-time beauty effects enhance photo quality.
  • Wide variety of filters and stickers for customization.


  • Focus primarily on selfies, may lack features for general photography.
  • Some advanced features may be locked behind in-app purchases.

Adobe Acrobat

Best Apps for Galaxy S24 Ultra


  • Powerful PDF Editing
  • Document Cloud Integration
  • E-signature Capability
  • Cross-Device Accessibility

We like Adobe Acrobat the most when it comes to managing all of our documents. It’s very easy to read and change files in a variety of formats with the Acrobat Reader. This app makes it easy to share documents with coworkers, friends, and family, as well as sign and annotate them. It also comes with a useful PDF converter that lets you make PDF files from Word files, spreadsheets, pictures, and other files. Overall, this is one of the best apps for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.



  • Comprehensive PDF editing and annotation tools.
  • Cloud integration for seamless document sharing.
  • Reliable for creating, editing, and signing PDFs.


  • Subscription needed for full access to advanced features.
  • Can be resource-intensive on some devices.


Best Apps for Galaxy S24 Ultra


  • Secure Digital Signatures
  • Streamlined Contract Management
  • Mobile Document Tracking
  • Compliance and Audit Trails

The app DocuSign is used by a lot of people to handle PDF forms and let people sign and share documents electronically. This app makes sure that the eSign Act is followed, which means that documents signed electronically are legally valid. It also lets you send documents that aren’t signed to people so that they can add their electronic signatures. Currently, this is one of the best apps for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.



  • Streamlines the electronic signature and document approval process.
  • Secure and legally binding e-signatures.
  • Integrates with various third-party platforms and services.


  • Pricing may be a barrier for small businesses or individuals.
  • Dependency on an internet connection for real-time collaboration.

Tips for Optimizing App Performance on Galaxy S24 Ultra

Getting apps to work better on a certain device, like the Galaxy S24 Ultra, requires thinking about both software and hardware. Here are some things you can do to make your app work better on this device:

Optimise for the Most Recent Version of Android: Make sure your app works with the most recent version of the Android operating system. Making this change makes sure that your app can use the newest performance tweaks and improvements.

Use High-Performance APIs: Samsung devices often come with extra APIs and features. Use these to make your app work better on the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Use Samsung’s Game SDK for games, for instance, or Knox SDK for functions related to security.

Test on Real Devices: Run your app on the Galaxy S24 Ultra or a similar device to see if there are any performance issues that are unique to that hardware. While emulators are helpful, testing on a real device is the only way to get a true picture of how well something works.

Optimise Graphics and Animations: Apps that use a lot of graphics should pay attention to how they render graphics. Choose the right image formats, use hardware acceleration, and avoid overdrawing as much as possible. If you want better graphics in games, you might want to use Samsung’s Game Optimising Service (GOS).

Memory Management: Use memory wisely to keep performance from slowing down. You can use the Android Profiler to see how much memory your app is using and make it use less. To stop memory leaks, make sure that resources are properly released when they are no longer needed.

How to choose the Perfect App for Your Galaxy S24 Ultra

When picking the right app for your Galaxy S24 Ultra, you need to think about your needs, your preferences, and the features that each app offers. This list will help you decide what to do:

Figure out what you need: Figure out what the app you want to find is for. If you know what you need, whether it’s for work, fun, fitness, or something else, you’ll be able to narrow down your choices.

Check to See if the App Works: Make sure that the app works with your Galaxy S24 Ultra and the version of Android that it has. You can see this information on the Google Play Store page for the app.

Learn from other users: User reviews can tell you a lot about how well an app works, how easy it is to use, and how reliable it is. Get feedback from people who have devices that are like yours.

Think about ratings: Read the Google Play Store review of the app to learn more. It’s important to read reviews to understand the context, but in general, higher ratings mean happier customers.

Check for updates and help from developers: Pick apps that get updates from their developers often. If an app gets updates often, it may mean that it is being actively maintained and that any bugs or security issues are being fixed.


What apps does Galaxy s22 come with?

Gmail, Outlook, YouTube Music, Spotify, OneDrive, Drive, Office, and Docs.

Does Samsung have an App Store?

Samsung Galaxy customers can only download apps from Galaxy Store. You can find many Galaxy phone, tablet, and watch apps.

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