Best Siri Shortcuts 2024: highly recommended for iPhone users

A shortcut provides a quick way to get things done with your apps by simply tapping or asking Siri.

The best Siri shortcuts have been around for a while, but Apple didn’t really make them helpful until iOS 14. You can now run automations more easily, you have more choices, and when you run a shortcut, the Shortcuts app doesn’t open.

Say what you want about Siri, but shortcuts are one of the best things that Apple’s AI helper has added over the years. They are also a rare case where Apple has given up control over its mobile operating system, letting smart people make their own tools and share them with other iOS users. Below we have mentioned the best siri shortcuts.

Best Siri Shortcuts

Back Up Your Shortcuts

A meta shortcut Backup Your Shortcuts is a program that does exactly what it says it will do. It saves all of your links to your iCloud Drive. If you use a few key tools a lot, something like “Backup Your Shortcuts” will help you in a lot of different ways.

Morning Wake-Up Call

Siri tools can act as personal assistants with Morning Wake-Up Call. The shortcut tells you when you need to leave to get to work on time and wakes you up. If you want, the “Morning Wake-Up Call” button can even tell you your horoscope.

Share Wi-Fi

Someone needs to use your Wi-Fi, but you don’t want to give them your password. That’s why the option Share Wi-Fi is useful. This shortcut makes a QR code that the other person can scan with their phone to join without needing to know your password. This short cut is also helpful if you have a password that is really hard to type.

Dark Mode v2

Years ago, when you couldn’t even use a dark mode on your iOS, the first “Dark Mode” option was made. But since iOS now has that choice, the original “Dark Mode” shortcut has changed and now focuses on making websites look like they are in “dark mode.”

To use this option, you can go to almost any website in Safari and tap the Share button. Use the Shortcut icon to choose “Dark Mode Version 2.” After a few seconds, the page you’re on will look different, even if that functionality is already built in.

Receipt/Document Scanner & Storage

There are many ways to use your iPhone to scan papers. But there’s nothing better than the Receipt/Document Scanner shortcut, which is easy to use and very strong. The best thing about this add-on is that it can sort receipts instantly and automatically upload them to Dropbox or iCloud.

When you use this shortcut, you can choose a group, add more details about the receipt and price, and do other things. This takes your organization to a whole new level and makes the boring job of putting away receipts a little more fun.

Do Not Disturb with Timers

People often forget to turn off “Do Not Disturb” on their iPhones after turning it on. Yes, Do Not Disturb can be scheduled in iOS, but what if you just want your phone to be quiet for an hour? With the Do Not Disturb with Timers option, you can turn on “Do Not Disturb” mode without having to worry about turning it back on later.

Water Eject

Water Eject is a useful tool shortcut that uses a tone to get water out of your phone’s speakers. Even though the iPhone is water-resistant and has been for a few generations, getting it wet can still cause problems.

This trick uses the same technology as the Apple Watch to get rid of the water. That means you’ll hear a low-pitched sound for a few seconds, letting you know the trick is working. It’s really easy and useful in a lot of scenarios.

Keep Me Alive

As its name suggests, Keep Me Alive goes to great lengths to save power. iOS has its own low power mode, but Keep Me Alive turns off everything it can to keep your phone going until you can find a place to charge it. This Shortcut turns off Wi-Fi, cellular data, Bluetooth, music, and pretty much everything else it can.

Pulled Over by Police

Even though this shortcut’s name sounds a little scary, it can be very useful in many scenarios. You may need to quickly record a video of a situation you’re in and send it to a friend you’ve already set up.

Telling Siri “I’m getting pulled over” turns on the front camera, starts recording a video, and then sends that video to a friend you choose. You can change the actual order, but there’s something to be said for a shortcut that lets you quickly record events when you think you’ll need proof.

Speed Dial

Your iPhone does already have a “speed dial” feature. Power users, on the other hand, know that a better option is always just around the corner. Because of this, we want to tell you about the Speed Dial option. With this shortcut, you can add multiple friends, which will then show up in a pop-up menu every time you voice-activate the shortcut.

You can see how this can be helpful, especially if you have a few people you call often. Also, you don’t have to set a number. If you do, the tool will have to ask you every time you do this action. So, you’ll be able to pick anyone from your Contacts app.

Remind Me at Work

One of Apple’s tools, “Remind Me at Work,” asks you for your work address when you set it up for the first time. After that, any reminders you set that match the address you put into this shortcut will go off immediately when you get to that place. Sometimes a location-based poke is just what you need, whether you want something to happen when you get home or when you get to work.

News Reader

The RSS reader can be modified to take up as much or as little screen space as you desire. To display the most recent articles from the websites in your feed, you can even make it scroll the entire length of the screen. How many items are displayed is up to you.

Destiny 2 Assistant

This one is for gamers who might not know that people are writing Siri tools that can tell them important things about what’s going on in online games. For example, one person wrote a Siri shortcut that tells Destiny 2 players where the mysterious seller of rare in-game things, Xur, hangs out each week.

Siri will let you know where the business person is. This is a great example of how Siri can help with video games. If you’ve found or made other shortcuts for games, let us know about them in the comments section below!

Travel Time to Address

With this Siri shortcut, you don’t have to copy and paste between Safari and your favorite maps app anymore. Once you’ve installed and turned on the Travel Time to Address shortcut, all you have to do is pick an address in any app and then use the Share Sheet to turn on the shortcut.

Make sure to add this button to your Shortcuts app first. Then, highlight any address on your device and tap “Share.” This will open the Share Sheet, where you can use the “Travel Time to Address” command.

Directions to Next Event

Power users aren’t afraid to use any iOS app to its fullest. Having said that, your Calendar app probably has a lot of events. This tool works with your Calendar app, so you can find directions to a certain event in a matter of seconds.

When you click on this Directions to Next Event shortcut, a list of your future events (and their set locations) will pop up. When you tap on an event, your best maps app will open, so you’ll be ready to go right away. This Siri trick works well on the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, and it can sometimes save your life.


What are Siri Shortcuts?

Siri Shortcuts are voice phrases that you can change and use to do things automatically on your iPhone or iPad.

How do I create a Siri Shortcut?

With the Shortcuts app on your iPhone or iPad, you can make a Siri Shortcut. Just open the app, click “Create Shortcut,” and then choose the actions or jobs you want to do automatically.

Can I use Siri Shortcuts with third-party apps?

Yes, you can make Siri Shortcuts for third-party apps that integrate with Shortcuts. Shortcuts can be used with a lot of famous apps, like Spotify, Evernote, and Todoist.

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