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It is not important to have typing software on the computer. But it can definitely help you type faster. Before we begin, let’s recap a little. There was a time when typing played an important role in computing. In fact, most people buy personal computers to replace their old-school typewriters. We even had to make the computer by typing commands. Application packages weren’t that common, and people used to write about a hundred lines of code for a custom task.

Anyway, today the situation has almost changed. Most people write while texting their friends. Google has created a voice typing tool. Therefore, we do not need to sit in front of the QWERTY keyboard for hours. But blogs are not dead yet.

In addition, many official documents are typed on the computer every day. So touch typing won’t go away anytime soon. On the contrary, if you type quickly and fluently on your computer, it will put you ahead of many candidates in the business world. is a free typing tutor with typing lessons for beginning, intermediate, and expert typists. When you are in a lesson, there is nothing to distract you. You can focus on the virtual keyboard that shows you the letters you need to press and the fingers to use. In addition to the usual typing exercises, you will find lessons on technology readiness and career readiness. Another lesson plan teaches you to use touch-type programming code. keeps track of the keys to your problems and suggests lessons to help you improve. It offers six different typing tests that allow you to measure your speed and accuracy. The results of your last 30 tests are stored so you can see how you have improved. More motivation comes from the 249 achievements and badges you can earn on your typing journey.

You can reinforce what you’ve learned with through a wide range of typing practice exercises, including a typing game to choose your own adventure in which the story changes based on your choices. Other games like Keyboard Jump and Tommy Q: Zombie Defender also make training more fun. may be free, but it rivals the highest-paid typing tutor software for features and ease of use. If you find that the ads distract you, a one-time payment removes them.


Typey is one of the most recognized typing tutors available today with versions of software for individuals, homeschooling, business and schools. There is no trial version, but all versions have a 12-month money-back guarantee. Typey is cloud-based, so you can access it from any computer and it will sync your results across all devices.

Unusually, the software doesn’t come with any pre-set goals, so you have to set your own. Once you’ve been typing in Typesy for a while, your Smart Goals point out where you need to improve. Tracking progress is excellent, with a wealth of statistics available at all times in an easy-to-understand visual format.

Use over 500 scientifically proven exercises, lessons, drills and games to improve your typing. Video instructors provide supplemental information before each lesson. You can import your own content from archives, e-books, Wikipedia, or other web content. Lessons can be downloaded from other sources.

Typsey games, like Typing Monster, are particularly good at keeping younger students engaged. Overall, Typesy is the most comprehensive and intuitive typing tutor available today.

Typing teacher

Typing master is the most popular tool for typing on your Windows PC. He has been helping aspiring typists for over 30 years. So this is the most mature tool in this section. The developers carefully designed this tool to help people learn to type accurately without even looking at the keyboard. Of course, you must practice a lot before you get that much experience.

This tool is currently used by more than three million users. Therefore, you can trust this without any doubt. It will teach you to type in a systemic process that is not boring like all other typical typing lessons. There is a free and paid version of this tool so you can start learning with zero investment.


RataType is a free online typing tutor with 15 typing lessons, each with various exercises. Lessons begin by teaching correct posture, finger position, and finger movement. Interestingly, if you make too many typos, you will be forced to repeat an exercise.

In addition to lessons on QWERTY keyboard setup, RataType supports Dvorak, AZERTY, Spanish, French, Russian, and Ukrainian layouts. It has a typing test that you can take at any time that shows your speed and accuracy. A printable bronze, silver, or gold certificate is generated, and employers can verify your score at a unique URL.

This typing tutor software is aimed at groups of friends or classrooms as you can view reports on high scores and compete with each other. It’s a great free typing tutor, but it lacks the custom exercises and problem area highlighting of commercial software.


TypingClub is a gamified typing tutor with a friendly user interface. You will find yourself constantly pushing to earn badges and higher scores as you progressively learn new skills. The ad-free Premium edition has a three-day free trial and adds more game modes, themes, and reports.

The main lesson plan has more than 670 lessons that complement each other. You can take a placement test that allows you to skip some of the previous levels if you are already an intermediate typist. There are lesson plans in nine languages, lesson plans for left and right hand typing, and specific plans for K1, first and third grade students.

A statistics page shows how your speed and accuracy have improved over time on a variety of charts, graphs, and calendars. It is helpful if the color-coded diagrams show how it performs with each key and each finger on the keyboard. TypingClub is a fun and easy-to-use typing tutor that does an excellent job of keeping you motivated and interested while improving your typing speed and accuracy.


KeyBlaze is an inexpensive typing tutor for Windows or Mac. There is a free version with limited features, a personal version, and a commercial version. The commercial version is also available with a subscription plan.

There are over 150 activities to hone your skills, including special lessons for practicing transcription and 10-key typing. Games like Word Blizzard challenge you to type words quickly and accurately. Assessments let you know where you are and the software tracks your speed, accuracy, and weak areas. You can even create your own custom lessons and set your own word-per-minute goals.

KeyBlaze works well as a teaching tool and it’s motivating to be able to see your progress in charts and scores, but the interface and charts lag behind more modern options like Typey. Since most of the features are not available in the free version, it’s more of a demo, but the paid version is inexpensive.

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