Best Student Credit Cards 2024: unlock financial freedom

Student credit cards allow you to manage your financial journey responsibly - promoting creditworthiness, independence and offering benefits tailored to students.

Student life is always changing, so being able to handle money well is very important. The best Student Credit Cards become useful tools that help students learn how to be financially independent and spend money wisely. Designed to meet the specific needs of students, these credit cards come with a number of benefits that are meant to help them learn about money and build a good credit history. The term best Student Credit Cards refers to a group of features that are designed to fit the needs of college students.

With rewards programmes that are based on how much students spend and low or no annual fees, these cards are often an easy way to start using credit. Many of the best student credit cards also come with educational materials and tools to help young cardholders learn how to manage their credit. Below, we have mentioned the best Student Credit Cards.

Importance of Student Credit Cards

Credit cards for students are a good way to build credit and learn how to handle money responsibly. These cards are made for college students and usually have lower credit limits and special perks. If you use your student credit card responsibly, you can build a good credit history that will help you when you need to rent a flat or apply for a loan in the future. Furthermore, these cards might come with rewards, cashback, or other perks that can help students learn how to manage their money better and develop good spending habits.

Best Student Credit Cards Comparison Table

Student credit cards are for young adults entering finance. These cards encourage responsible credit use with lower credit limits and educational tools. They let students build credit and earn rewards, promoting financial literacy and responsible spending.

FeatureIDFC Wow Credit CardHDFC ISIC Student Forex Plus CardDiscover it Student ChromeAxis Bank Insta Easy Credit CardBankAmericard for Students
Cashback/Rewards ProgramYesYesYesLimited rewardsYes
Foreign Transaction FeeYesYesNoYesYes
Special Benefits for StudentsNoYesYesYesYes
Student ID RequirementNoYesNoNoYes
Credit Score RequirementGood to ExcellentNot specifiedFair to GoodNo specific requirementNo specific requirement
Rewards Redemption FlexibilityYesYesYesLimited optionsYes

IDFC Wow Credit Card

Best Student Credit Cards


  • Generous rewards program
  • Access to exclusive lifestyle privileges
  • Convenient contactless payments
  • Personalized credit limit options

When IDFC Bank released the Wow Credit Card, it was with students and people who are travelling abroad in mind. You don’t have to pay extra to change currencies, and you get reward points for every dollar you spend. To get credit and use this card, you need to open a fixed deposit account that is linked to it. Currently, this is one of the best Student Credit Cards.

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  • Generous rewards program.
  • No annual fee.
  • Offers various lifestyle benefits.


  • Limited acceptance compared to other major credit card networks.
  • Requires a good credit score for approval.

HDFC ISIC Student Forex Plus Card

Best Student Credit Cards


  • Specifically designed for student travelers
  • International acceptance with multi-currency support
  • ISIC membership benefits included
  • Emergency assistance and travel insurance coverage

The ICICI Student Forex card and the HDFC ISIC Forex Plus Card are very much the same. The only difference is that the HDFC card has 3% and 0.5% lower forex fees. The other facilities are pretty much the same, since this card also gives you an ISIC membership. The discounts will stay the same for all students who have that membership. Overall, this is one of the best Student Credit Cards.


  • Specifically designed for students studying abroad.
  • Provides forex services with competitive rates.
  • Offers ISIC benefits and discounts.


  • Limited usage within India.
  • Potential for foreign exchange fluctuations.

Discover it Student Chrome

Best Student Credit Cards


  • Cashback rewards on everyday purchases
  • No annual fee
  • FICO credit score tracking
  • Cashback match for the first year

College students can get two great cards from Discover. With its easy-to-use rewards system and student-friendly bonus categories, the Discover it Student Chrome really shines. Plus, your first late payment is forgiven, you get a free FICO score, and the fees are low. Another thing is that Discover says you don’t need a FICO score to get this card. This is the best Student Credit Cards that you can consider.


  • Cashback rewards on eligible purchases.
  • No annual fee.
  • Introductory APR offer.


  • Limited acceptance outside the United States.
  • May require a good credit history for approval.

Axis Bank Insta Easy credit card

Best Student Credit Cards


  • Instant approval process
  • No income documentation required
  • Flexible credit limits
  • Worldwide acceptance for online and offline transactions

A predetermined deposit is required in order to obtain this credit card, which can be obtained from any Axis Bank location. There is no limit on the amount of cash that can be withdrawn from the account. In some cases, the credit limit for this card can be as high as 80 percent of the principal amount of the fixed deposit. Overall, it is one of the best Student Credit Cards that you can consider.


  • Instant approval process.
  • No income documentation required.
  • Cash withdrawal facility with attractive interest rates.


  • Higher interest rates for outstanding balances.
  • Limited reward program compared to other cards.

BankAmericard for Students

Best Student Credit Cards


  • Designed for students building credit
  • Fraud protection and security features
  • Access to FICO credit score updates
  • No annual fee and competitive APR

BankAmericard for Students is a personalized financial solution for students that helps them build credit in a smart way. With no annual fee and alerts that can be changed to fit your needs, it encourages smart spending. Having access to online tools that help you manage your budget and the chance to earn cash back are both good reasons to be responsible with your money. It’s helpful for college students who are getting their first credit card. Still, it is one of the best Student Credit Cards that you can consider.


  • No annual fee.
  • Access to Bank of America’s credit education resources.
  • Customizable card designs.


  • Limited rewards program.
  • Higher APR for those with less credit history.

Tips for Responsible Credit Card Use for Students

Students must use their credit cards responsibly if they want to build a good credit history and stay out of debt. Here are some smart ways for students to use credit cards:

Learn the Basics of Credit: Learn the basics of credit, like how interest rates work, why it’s important to pay your bills on time, and how credit scores are calculated. With this basic information, you’ll be able to make smart choices.

Pick Out the Right Card: Pick a credit card with terms that work with your budget. Look for credit cards that don’t charge annual fees, have fair interest rates, and maybe even offer rewards that fit the way you spend your money.

Set a Budget: To keep track of your spending, make a monthly budget. Knowing your income, expenses, and spending limits will help you avoid spending too much and getting into debt.

Pay Off Your Balance: If you can, pay off your credit card balance in full every month. Not only does this keep you from having to pay interest, but it also helps your credit score.

Always Pay On Time: Always pay your credit card bills on time. You may have to pay fees, have your interest rates go up, and have your credit score go down if you are late on a payment. To make sure you pay on time, set up automatic payments or reminders.

How to Choose the Best Student Credit Card

Selecting the best student credit card is a necessary step for building good credit and learning how to handle money wisely. When choosing a student credit card, here are some things to think about:

No Annual Fee: Look for a credit card for students that doesn’t charge an annual fee. Since you’re just starting to build credit, it’s important to avoid spending money you don’t need to.

APR (Annual Percentage Rate) that is low: Pay attention to the APR, which is the interest rate you’ll be charged on any balances you still owe. When you can, pay off your balance in full every month. But if you need to keep a balance, having a lower APR can help.

Credit Limit: Think about how much credit the card gives you. It can be helpful to have a higher credit limit, but make sure it fits with how well you can handle credit.

Benefits and Rewards: Some student credit cards give you cash back or points for certain purchases as a reward. These perks aren’t the main point, but they can be nice extras. Find a rewards programme that works with the way you normally spend your money.

Offers at the Start: Some credit cards offer offers at the start, like 0% APR for a certain amount of time or extra rewards. Read the fine print of these deals to make sure you understand them.


Is OneCard safe?

OneCard protects your transactions from unauthorised use and fraud with strong security measures. Control all OneCard features from the mobile app.

Who owns one metal card?

In 2019, banking veterans Rupesh Kumar, Anurag Sinha, and Vibhav Hathi founded OneCard.

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