Best Talkwalker Alternatives 2024: advanced social media analytics

Check out alternatives to Talkwalker for comprehensive social media analytics, including Brandwatch, Hootsuite and Meltwater, to name a few.

Businesses and marketers need to find the right social media analytics tool to keep an eye on and study their online presence. Talkwalker has become well-known for its powerful features, but there are a number of other great options that can meet a wide range of needs. If you’re looking for alternatives, you should look into platforms that offer the same or even better set of features. The best Talkwalker alternatives give you a lot of information about how well your social media accounts are doing, how engaged your audience is, and how people feel about your posts.

Brandwatch is a great alternative that is known for its advanced social listening features and real-time analytics. Meltwater also takes a comprehensive approach by combining media monitoring with social media analytics. This lets users see their entire digital footprint. Another great option is Socialbakers, which is great at both influencer marketing and content optimisation. Below, we have mentioned the best Talkwalker alternatives.

What is the Talkwalker Alternatives?

Brandwatch, Hootsuite, and Mention are some other social media analytics and monitoring tools that you can use instead of Talkwalker. Brandwatch has a lot of social listening and analytics tools. Hootsuite is a well-known platform for managing social media that also has analytics tools. Mention is all about keeping an eye on brands in real time.

Each option has different prices and features, so businesses can pick the one that best fits their needs and preferences. As the landscape changes, new options may also appear, so it’s best to stay up to date on what’s out there.

Best Talkwalker Alternatives Comparison Table

Talkwalker alternatives offer powerful social media monitoring and analytics. Brandwatch, Hootsuite, and Mention offer sentiment analysis, competitor tracking, and real-time alerts. These options provide comprehensive insights into online conversations and brand perception in the dynamic social media landscape for various business needs.

FeatureZoho SocialMentionOktopostSocial StatusRecurPost
Social NetworksMultipleMultipleMultipleMultipleMultiple
Content CurationYesYesYesYesYes

Zoho Social

Best Talkwalker Alternatives


  • Social Media Scheduling
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Team Collaboration
  • Brand Monitoring

Zoho Social provides marketers belonging to small to large organizations with actionable insights that are centred on content and engagement, thereby assisting them in expanding the social media presence of their brand. The pre-publishing insights that Zoho Social offers to marketers are based on the level of engagement that previous posts have received and the activity that their audience has been engaging in. Currently, this is one of the best Talkwalker alternatives.

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  • User-friendly interface
  • Robust analytics and reporting features
  • Integration with other Zoho products


  • Limited advanced scheduling options
  • Some users find the learning curve for advanced features steep


Best Talkwalker Alternatives


  • Real-time Social Listening
  • Brand Monitoring and Mentions
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis

Mention is a solution that is hosted in the cloud and assists businesses in effectively monitoring audience insights and analysing marketing strategies across various social media platforms. It makes it possible for professionals to perform crawling across review sites, forums, blogs, and other sources in order to locate mentions of other brands or products. Overall, this is one of the best Talkwalker alternatives.


  • Real-time social media monitoring
  • Customizable alerts for brand mentions
  • In-depth analytics and sentiment analysis


  • Pricing can be on the higher side for some users
  • Learning curve for customization features


Best Talkwalker Alternatives


  • B2B Social Media Management
  • Employee Advocacy
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Campaign Tracking and Attribution

Oktopost lets B2B marketing teams spread their brand on social media and see how social media really affects the business. For business-to-business (B2B) customers, Oktopost’s social media management, social listening, and employee advocacy tools let marketers interact with customers and prospects on social media, gather useful information, and show return on investment (ROI). This is the best Talkwalker alternatives that you can consider.


  • Specialized for B2B social media marketing
  • Advanced analytics for tracking lead generation
  • Employee advocacy features for team collaboration


  • Higher pricing compared to some alternatives
  • Customization options may be overwhelming for beginners

Social Status

Best Talkwalker Alternatives


  • Social Media Reporting
  • Performance Analytics
  • Competitor Benchmarking
  • Customizable Dashboards

The Social Status analytics software automates Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter reporting. Export reports to CSV, PDF, PowerPoint, or Google Slides.Social Status includes Profile Analytics, Competitor Analytics, Ad Analytics, and Influencer Analytics. Overall, it is one of the best Talkwalker alternatives that you can consider.


  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics
  • Multi-channel support for various social media platforms
  • Customizable white-label reports for agencies


  • Pricing may be a bit high for small businesses
  • Some users report occasional delays in data syncing


Best Talkwalker Alternatives


  • Social Media Scheduling and Automation
  • Content Recycling
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Collaboration and Approval Workflow

The application known as RecurPost is a social media management tool that assists businesses in automatically updating recurring posts on their social media accounts at a predetermined time and frequency. On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, marketing managers can use the platform to view, read, and respond to incoming chats, mentions, conversations, and comments. Still, it is one of the best Talkwalker alternatives that you can consider.


  • Affordable pricing for small businesses
  • Evergreen content recycling features
  • Social media calendar for efficient scheduling


  • Limited analytics and reporting capabilities
  • Interface may not be as intuitive as some competitors

Tips for Maximizing the Benefits of Social Media Analytics Tools

Social media analytics tools can help you learn a lot about your online presence, how engaged your audience is, and how well you’re doing overall on social media. To get the most out of these tools, think about these suggestions:

Set Clear Goals: Before you use analytics tools, make sure you have a clear idea of your social media goals and key performance indicators (KPIs). Being clear about what you want to achieve will help you analyse things and figure out how successful you’ve been.

Pick Out the Right Tools: Pick social media analytics tools that work with the platforms and needs you have. There are different tools for each social media channel, and each one may have different features and metrics. Hootsuite, Buffer, Google Analytics, and native platform analytics are all popular choices.

Track Key Metrics: Figure out which key metrics are most important to your business goals. Some of these are engagement rates, reach, clicks, conversions, and the number of new followers. Pay attention to metrics that fit with your overall social media strategy.

Keep an eye on audience insights: Use analytics tools to learn more about your audience. To make sure your content fits the tastes of your target audience, look at their demographics, where they live, and what they do.

Competitor Analysis: Many social media analytics tools let you keep an eye on your rivals. To get an edge over your competitors and improve your own social media strategy, look at how well they’re doing, how they’re engaging their audience, and what kind of people they are.

How to Select the Best Talkwalker Alternative for Your Business

To find the best Talkwalker alternative for your business, you need to carefully think about your needs and preferences. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you pick the best option:

Figure Out What You Need: To start, make sure you know exactly what you need and what you want from social media monitoring and analytics. You should think about the platforms you want to track (like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram), the amount of data you need to look at, the features you need (like competitive benchmarking, sentiment analysis, and finding influencers), and your budget.

Look into Other Options: Look into the other options besides Talkwalker that are out there. Hootsuite, Brandwatch, Mention, Sprout Social, and Socialbakers are all popular alternatives to Socialbakers. Do some research on each option to find out about their features, pricing, customer feedback, and reputation in the field.

Evaluation of Features and Functionality: Compare the features and functions of each option to Talkwalker. You should look for tools that can fully monitor social media, offer advanced analytics, let you customise reports, and work with other software or platforms that you already use.

Think about how easy it is to use: pick an alternative that is simple to use and navigate. It’s important that the platform has an easy-to-use interface, clear instructions on how to set up monitoring queries, and dashboards that can be changed to fit your needs.

Make Sure the Data Is Correct and Covers Entire Area: Check that the data given by each option is correct and covers the whole area. Look for tools that can monitor in real time, give you access to many social media sites and online sources, and have advanced algorithms for figuring out sentiment and finding trends.


Does Talkwalker provide analytics?

Talkwalker offers Mentions analytics for social conversations outside your owned social properties. Brand feeling. Influential figures.

Is Talkwalker a social listening tool?

Talkwalker was the first to recognise brand logos in social media videos using social listening. Use our consumer intelligence platform with integrated visual listening for complete social and online insight.

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