Best Task Management Software 2024: to boost productivity

The process of monitoring your project's tasks through the various phases from start to finish.

Almost any business that needs projects to be done on time needs the best task management software. It can also help figure out what a project is all about. There are a lot of apps out there, so it can be hard to find the right one. Effective project delivery relies heavily on the ability to follow up on tasks. As the project manager or team leader, it’s not just your job to make schedules. Once the project is underway, it’s important to keep in touch with team members often to make sure they finish their tasks on time.

Using software to manage tasks is a great way to keep track of everyone’s responsibilities. A task management tool is any digital program that helps you plan, keep track of, and finish individual pieces of work. Most of the time, these tools help you list, test, budget, and organize specific tasks or subtasks. Also, task management software often shows how tasks depend on each other visually, so you can see in what order activities need to be done. Below we have mentioned the best task management software.

What is Task Management?

Task management is the process of organizing and keeping track of a person’s or a team’s many tasks, activities, and projects. It means planning, keeping track of, and completing tasks in a way that makes sure deadlines are met and goals are reached. Managing tasks well depends on a few key things. First, it needs clear goals and a way to organize tasks based on how important they are and how quickly they need to be done. This helps people or teams focus on the most important tasks and use their resources wisely.

Second, managing tasks means making a detailed plan of action and breaking down bigger tasks into smaller, easier-to-handle subtasks. This helps keep things running smoothly and gives a plan for getting things done. Also, managing tasks often involves setting deadlines, giving tasks to team members, and keeping an eye on progress to make sure things are going as planned. Individuals and groups can be more productive, work more efficiently, and finish projects and assignments successfully by using tools and techniques for task management.

Importance of Task Management for Productivity

Managing tasks is important in both your personal and professional life if you want to be more productive. Managing tasks well lets people and teams organize, set priorities, and get their work done quickly. Here are a few of the most important reasons why task management is important for getting things done:

Organization: Task management gives you a structured way to organize your work. People can better understand what needs to be done and stay on track with their goals if they make a clear list of tasks, set deadlines, and set priorities. A well-organized task management system makes it less likely that important tasks will be missed or forgotten, making sure that everything is taken care of.

Prioritization: When you have a lot of things to do, it’s important to figure out which ones are the most important and need to be done first. Task management lets people evaluate tasks based on how important they are, how urgent they are, and how they might affect them. By focusing on the most important tasks first, productivity goes up because important work gets done quickly.

Time Management: Managing tasks helps people make good use of their time. When you break down big tasks into smaller, more manageable steps, it’s easier to figure out how long each one will take. By having a clear picture of all their tasks and when they need to be done, people can plan their schedules, give each task the right amount of time, and avoid wasting time on less important things.

Key Features to Look for in Task Management Software

There are a few key things you should look for in task management software to make sure it fits your needs. Here are a few important things to think about:

Creating and organizing tasks: The software should make it easy and quick to create tasks. Look for features like task lists, project organization, task prioritization, and the ability to give tasks to specific team members.

Deadlines and planning: You should be able to set deadlines and due dates for tasks in the software. It should also give you reminders and alerts to keep you on track and make sure you meet your deadlines.

Collaboration and team management: If you work with a team, it’s important that the task management software supports collaboration. Look for things like the ability to share tasks, attach files, leave comments, and give tasks to specific team members. It should also show the progress and workload of each team member.

Best Task Management Software Comparison Table

In the table below, you can compare the best task management software options. The goal of these software solutions is to boost productivity and make work easier. They offer tools for teams to work together and do things like create, assign, and track tasks. The table compares important things like prices, platforms supported, integrations, and special features. It talks about the software’s user interface, how easy it is to use, and how you can change it.

Task Management SoftwareFeaturesPricing ModelIntegrationsMobile App SupportOfficial Link
monday.comCollaborative platformSubscription40+ integrationsiOS, AndroidVisit Website
WrikeAdvanced task trackingSubscription40+ integrationsiOS, AndroidVisit Website
ClickUpCustomizable workflowsFreemium50+ integrationsiOS, AndroidVisit Website
SmartsheetProject planningSubscription30+ integrationsiOS, AndroidVisit Website
HeightKanban-style boardsSubscription20+ integrationsiOS, AndroidVisit Website

Best Task Management Software


  • Interface that is easy to understand and use
  • Task boards and workflows that can be changed
  • Team communication tools that help people work together
  • Integration with a number of apps and tools from other companies
  • Automation and the ability to send alerts is great task management software because it doesn’t have a lot of the extras that other management tools do. Instead, it focuses on simple, visually intuitive layouts that make it easy to see how tasks fit together and track project progress. The 2019 Webby Award for productivity platform went to this software for keeping track of tasks. It has a user interface that is highly customizable and looks like a spreadsheet, but it has a lot of extra features that make it much more interactive and visually appealing than a simple spreadsheet for tracking task progress. Overall, this is one of the best task management software you can consider now.


  • The interface is easy to use, and the design is clear.
  • Features for managing tasks that are flexible and can be changed.
  • Tools for teams to share and talk to each other.
  • Integration with different applications from other companies.


  • Compared to some competitors, prices are pretty high.
  • Costs may be added for more advanced features.
  • Complex workflows have a harder time being learned.
  • Few ways to automate things.
  • When compared to the web version, the mobile app may not be as well-done.


Best Task Management Software


  • Features of strong project management
  • Better ways to keep track of and schedule tasks
  • Collaboration and communication tools that work in real time
  • Workflows and templates that can be changed
  • Integration with popular tools and services for getting work done

Wrike is easy-to-use task management software that has won awards and is used by more than 20,000 organizations around the world. It works for teams with anywhere from 5 to an unlimited number of people working on multiple projects. It’s also a very flexible workflow management system that lets you change workflows, dashboards, reports, request forms, and more.

The easy-to-use interface of Wrike lets users switch between Kanban boards, one-click Gantt charts, and traditional workload views. This makes it easy to assign tasks and manage teams. The tool has a number of templates, including a number of agile templates that are already made. Wrike also has task lists, subtasks, schedules, shared workflows, file sharing, and real-time collaboration. Users can switch between calendar view, dashboard view, and other views. Overall, this is one of the best task management software you can consider now.


  • Flexible ways to set priorities and schedule tasks.
  • Dashboards and reporting features that can be changed.
  • There are many ways to connect it to other popular business tools.


  • Smaller businesses may not be able to afford plans with higher prices.
  • Compared to the web version, a mobile app may not have as many features.
  • There aren’t enough ways to keep track of time.


Best Task Management Software


  • System for managing tasks that can be changed and has multiple views
  • Features for planning and keeping track of a whole project
  • Tools for working together and talking with your team
  • Automation and workflow that can be changed to fit your needs
  • Integration with a number of apps and services from other companies

ClickUp is a powerful piece of task management software that lets you manage and finish all of your team’s projects in one place. Users can plan projects, schedule tasks, and manage resources all in one central workspace. They can also talk to team members and other collaborators and work together on projects. Still, this is one of the best task management software you can consider now.

Task management features include task checklists, subtasks, reminders, priorities, and task templates, as well as the ability to filter, sort, search for, easily reorder, and view tasks in the way that works best for the team. Users can also make Gantt charts, calendars, and timelines to see how their tasks fit together. ClickUp also lets you track time, both through add-ons and on its own.


  • Task management features that can be changed a lot to fit different workflows.
  • There are many ways to connect to popular business tools.
  • Plans with prices that are affordable for teams of all sizes.


  • New users can get lost when there are too many features.
  • Hard to learn how to use the more advanced features.
  • There are sometimes bugs and slow loading times.
  • There aren’t many ways to help customers.


Best Task Management Software


  • Powerful tools for managing projects and tasks
  • Gantt charts and tools for deciding how to use resources
  • The ability to work together and share files
  • Automation of work processes and approval procedures
  • Integration with other software and platforms for running a business

Smartsheet is a spreadsheet-like task management software. It has won a few awards because it has become a popular business app so quickly. Smartsheet is a good tool for managing tasks if you know how to use Excel but don’t want to deal with complicated formulas. It does all the math for you across multiple sheets. You can also add brand logos and choose a colour scheme for each project. Thus, this is one of the best task management software you can consider now.

It has the basic features a task manager may need for multiple projects, like scheduling project tasks, subtasks, activities, assigned resources, and sections on tasks. Team members are notified of important changes in real time, and this online task management tool offers shared views, detailed history, activity logs, automated alerts, reminders, and status reports to keep everyone on the same page and up to date.


  • Strong project management tools with a lot of ways to customize them.
  • There are a lot of different templates for different kinds of projects.
  • Integration with business tools that are widely used.


  • Compared to some competitors, it doesn’t have as many automation features.
  • Mobile apps can be limited in what they can do.
  • Options for more advanced reporting and analytics may cost more.


Best Task Management Software


  • Task and project management interfaces that are easier to use
  • Drag-and-drop features that are easy to use
  • Tools for working together and talking with your team
  • Customizable task statuses and labels
  • Integration with popular apps for getting work done

Height is project management software that runs in the cloud and lets teams plan, track, and work together on their tasks and projects from anywhere. Height really shines when it comes to managing projects for large or cross-functional teams. In these kinds of situations, there are usually a lot of tasks that need to be done in a certain order, and the dependencies between those tasks can change how long the whole project will take.

The Gantt chart view is especially helpful for seeing these dependencies and making sure everyone knows what needs to be done and when. Also, the collaboration features, like the ability to comment on specific tasks and track progress in real time, make it easy for team members to stay in sync and work together towards a common goal. Overall, this is one of the best task management software you can consider now.


  • You can plan well with a visual timeline and calendar.
  • Plans for pricing that are affordable for small businesses.
  • There are many ways to organize tasks, like lists, boards, and timelines.


  • Not enough advanced tools for managing projects.
  • Some users say that there are sometimes bugs and performance problems.
  • Mobile apps can be limited in what they can do.
  • Reporting and analytics tools aren’t very advanced.

Tips for Implementing Task Management Software Successfully

When task management software is used well, it can make a team or organization much more productive and organized. Here are some tips to help you have a successful implementation:

Write down your goals: Make sure you know exactly what you want to do with the task management software. Find out what problems or challenges you are trying to solve and how the software can help.

Do your research thoroughly: Check out the different kinds of task management software that are on the market. Think about things like the features, user interface, scalability, ability to integrate, and price. Choose a piece of software that fits your needs and wants.

Involve key stakeholders: Involve key stakeholders early on in the process to make sure they are on board and willing to help. Include managers, team leaders, and possible users in the process of making decisions. Their ideas and feedback will help choose the right software and shape how it will be used.


What is task management software?

Task management software is a digital tool that helps people and groups organize, keep track of, and manage projects and tasks more effectively. It has features like creating tasks, assigning them, setting priorities, setting deadlines, tracking progress, working together, and getting notifications.

Can task management software be used for personal task management?

Yes, you can use task management software to keep track of your own tasks as well. There are many tools for managing tasks that are made for both personal and business use. They have features that help people organize and keep track of their own tasks, set reminders, and make good use of their time.

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