Best Transit Apps 2024: for seamless navigation

A transit app is a mobile application that helps users plan and navigate their public transportation routes in real time.

Today’s fast-paced world makes getting around cities quicker and easier. Introducing transit apps, which combine new technology with easy mobility to give travellers seamless experiences right at their fingertips. These are the best transit apps out of all the ones that are available: they have easy-to-use interfaces, full coverage, real-time updates, and navigation tools that are simple to understand.

These best transit apps deliver accurate and dependable information for a wide range of uses, such as getting to work, exploring a new city, or just looking for the fastest route. These apps continue to keep users informed and in control throughout their journeys by doing things such as displaying alternative routes to users in the event of delays and keeping track of the schedules of buses and trains.

What is Transit App?

A transit app is a computer programme that helps people get around on public transportation quickly. These apps show routes, schedules, and problems with buses, trains, subways, ferries, and other types of public transportation in real time. Users can plan their trips, see when vehicles will arrive, be notified of delays or changes, and get maps and directions. The goal of transit apps is to make it easier for people to get around cities and make commuting more efficient. Moovit, Citymapper, and Transit are some examples.

Best Transit Apps Comparison Table

Modern commuters need transit apps for real-time route, schedule, and delay information. These apps offer seamless navigation across transportation modes with user-friendly interfaces and GPS tracking. Trip planning and fare calculation make urban travel easier and more accessible worldwide.

City CoverageGlobal (100+ cities)Global (500+ cities)US & Canada (200+ cities)US & Canada (100+ cities)City-specific (varies)
Transit Modes SupportedAll (bus, subway, train, ferry, tram, bike share)All (bus, subway, train, ferry, tram, bike share)Bus & train (limited coverage of other modes)Taxi & ridesharing (limited coverage of public transit)City-specific (varies)
Real-time InformationLive arrivals & departures, delays, service alertsLive arrivals & departures, delays, service alertsLive bus locations, estimated arrival timesReal-time ride availability & pricingReal-time information availability varies by city
Navigation & DirectionsStep-by-step walking & transit directionsStep-by-step walking & transit directionsDetailed bus stop locations & walking directionsPoint-to-point ride booking & navigationNavigation features vary by city


Best Transit Apps


  • Transit navigation app for urban commuters.
  • Provides real-time information on public transportation options.
  • Offers detailed route planning and navigation for buses, trains, subways, and other modes of transport.
  • Includes features such as live disruption alerts and multimodal trip planning.

Citymapper is a great transit app for comparing options. Different modes of transport can be compared live. You can find the best city routes from A to B. Citymapper provides turn-by-turn directions. Walking, driving, or taking public transport all benefit from this app. You can avoid no-parking zones, see fares, check wait times and more. Still, it is one of the best transit apps that you can consider.



  • Offers comprehensive transit information including schedules, routes, and real-time arrivals.
  • Provides multi-modal options including public transit, walking, cycling, and ride-sharing services.
  • Features live disruption alerts and alternative routes to help users navigate efficiently.


  • Availability limited to select cities and regions.
  • Some features may require a subscription for full access.


Best Transit Apps


  • Public transit app for navigating urban transportation networks.
  • Offers real-time arrival information for buses, trains, subways, and other modes of transport.
  • Provides step-by-step navigation and route planning.
  • Includes user-generated reports and updates on transit conditions.

Moovit offers three different menus that can be used to select a destination and monitor the schedule of the transit lines. Begin a journey, and the application will provide you with directions at every stage. A real-time view of your journey will be displayed, as well as instructions for walking to the boarding station. Overall, it is one of the best transit apps that you can consider.



  • Provides real-time public transit information and trip planning in numerous cities worldwide.
  • Offers step-by-step navigation with alerts for upcoming stops and transfers.
  • Allows users to contribute real-time data to improve accuracy and reliability.


  • May lack coverage in certain regions or for specific transit systems.
  • Interface and user experience may vary across different cities.


Best Transit Apps


  • Real-time transit information app.
  • Provides arrival times and service alerts for buses and trains.
  • Allows users to track vehicles on routes in real-time.
  • Offers trip planning features and favorite stop saving.

OneBusAway is a new site that focuses on bus transit. You can schedule a trip, pay for items, and set alerts for when to stop. By accessing the settings menu, you can also store your preferred routes and stops on your phone. In the event that the app crashes or is transferred to another device, you can use this information. You can retrieve the deleted data shortly after. This is the best transit apps that you can consider.



  • Offers real-time arrival information for buses and trains in supported regions.
  • Provides route maps, schedules, and service alerts to help users plan their trips.
  • Features a user-friendly interface and customizable favorites for frequently used routes.


  • Limited availability to certain cities and transit agencies.
  • May not offer as many features or transit options compared to larger transportation apps.


Best Transit Apps


  • Taxi booking and ride-hailing app.
  • Allows users to book taxis and pay for rides directly within the app.
  • Provides fare estimates and real-time tracking of booked rides.
  • Offers options for scheduling rides in advance and paying with various payment methods.

Curb is a new transit app. This taxi app connects you to 50,000+ taxis in 65 US cities. New York, Chicago, Washington DC, and Los Angeles are big ones. Need an immediate ride? Request one. You can also reserve a cab. The app lets you pay for self-found rides. It’s new and having issues. Monitor it as it grows in the coming months and years. Overall, this is one of the best transit apps.



  • Allows users to book and pay for taxi rides in supported cities.
  • Offers fare estimates, ride tracking, and payment options within the app.
  • Provides accessibility features for wheelchair users and those with functional needs.


  • Availability limited to cities where taxi services are prevalent.
  • May not offer as many ride options or coverage compared to ride-sharing apps.


Best Transit Apps


  • Public transit app for navigating urban transportation systems.
  • Provides route planning and real-time arrival information for buses, trains, and subways.
  • Offers offline access to transit maps and schedules.
  • Includes features such as service alerts and transit line filtering.

CityTransit is a real-time app for city transit that lets you get the most out of your public transit. It gives you accurate and quick bus and train times, information on how to plan a trip, bus stops, and more. With this app, it’s easy to plan your trip from point A to point B. You can look at the map and see exactly where your car is. Currently, this is one of the best transit apps.



  • Provides offline access to transit maps and schedules for numerous cities worldwide.
  • Offers route planning and trip optimization features.
  • Includes real-time arrival information where available.


  • May not cover as many cities or transit systems compared to other apps.
  • Interface and features may be less polished compared to more popular transit apps.

Benefits of Using Transit Apps

Through the utilisation of transit apps, the process of navigating public transportation systems is simplified, which in turn makes it less difficult to commute and get around. In the following list, you will find some of the most important advantages:

Real-Time Updates:  Transit apps give you up-to-date information on bus, train, tube and tram schedules, as well as information on delays, cancellations and service interruptions, all in real time. These features help people plan their trips better and make changes to their routes when things go wrong.

Live Tracking: A lot of transit apps let users see where buses, trains, or trams are right now by live tracking the vehicles. This feature lets users guess how long they’ll have to wait for their ride so they can plan when to get to the station or stop.

Planning Your Route: Most transit apps let users plan their routes so they can find the fastest or most convenient way to take public transport to get where they need to go. Users can tell the app where they want to go and where they are starting from, and it will then suggest a route that includes transfers, walking directions, and an estimate of how long the trip will take.

Cost Savings: Transit apps can help users save money on gas, parking, and other costs related to driving a personal vehicle by helping them find the best routes for public transportation. Some apps also give users information on fares, discounts, and special offers, so they can make smart choices about how to save money on their transportation costs.

Accessibility: Smartphones and other mobile devices can run transit apps, which makes them useful for commuters who are always on the go. With an internet connection, users can get route information, real-time updates, and other features from anywhere. This means they don’t have to carry around paper schedules or go to transit offices in person.

Choosing the Best Transit App for Your Needs

Which transit app is best for you depends on your needs, where you live, and your personal tastes. When choosing a transit app, here are some things to think about:

Coverage: Look for apps that work in the places you plan to visit. In some cities or regions, some apps cover more ground than others. Check to see if the app has information about buses, trains, subways, ferries, and other types of public transportation you might use.

Real-Time Information: Pick an app that lets you know about changes to transit schedules, delays, and service interruptions in real time. This feature can help you better plan your trip and quickly adjust to changes.

Route Planning: Look for apps that let you plan your route by letting you enter your starting point and ending point to get suggested public transit routes. The app should ideally offer a number of route options, including those that use different types of transport and have transfer points.

User Interface: Think about how easy it is to use the app’s user interface. It’s easier to find transit information and plan your trips when the interface is well-designed and easy to use, especially when you’re on the go.

Access When You’re Not Online: Some transit apps let you see maps, schedules, and route information when you’re not online. This feature can come in handy when you’re travelling somewhere with spotty network coverage or when you want to save data.


Does Google have a transit app?

Google Transit integrates stops, routes, schedules, and fares into Google Maps to simplify passenger planning.

Who created transit app?

Sam Vermette and Guillaume Campagna created Transit in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, to reduce city car ownership.

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