Best Travel Planner Apps 2024: for Ultimate Journey Planning

A travel planner organizes the details of a trip, including hotels, transportation, flights, transfers and excursions.

Thanks to the many travel planner apps available today, planning a trip is easier and faster than ever. These innovative tools help you plan every part of your trip, from making itineraries to booking accommodations and getting tips on what to do in the area. To make your trips more enjoyable and less stressful, choose the best Travel Planner Apps from the many that are available.

The best travel planning apps have easy-to-use interfaces, lots of features, and work well on all devices. These apps help travellers stay organised and up-to-date by customising itineraries, booking flights and hotels, tracking expenses, and accessing information offline. Many of the best travel planner apps provide real-time flight, weather, and local event updates, so you can be flexible while travelling.

What is Travel Planner App?

There is a mobile app called a travel planner app that helps people plan and manage different parts of their trips and vacations. These apps usually have things like making itineraries, booking flights and hotels, finding ways to get around, suggestions for things to see and eat, keeping track of your budget, and weather forecasts for specific places you’ve chosen.

The goal of travel planner apps is to make planning a trip easier, give users personalized suggestions, and help them get the most out of their trips quickly and easily.

Best Travel Planner Apps Comparison Table

Apps that customise itineraries, book accommodations, and suggest activities simplify trip planning. Currency conversion, real-time flight updates, and transportation guides are offered. Packing lists and budget trackers make travel easy, allowing users to explore the world confidently.

Flight BookingYesNoYesNoNo
Budget TrackingNoNoYesNoNo
Packing ListNoNoNoYesYes
Social SharingYesYesNoYesNo


Best Travel Planner Apps


  • Organizes travel plans and itineraries in one place.
  • Automatically imports travel details from emails.
  • Provides real-time flight alerts and updates.
  • Syncs with calendars for easy access to plans.

TripIt is an all-in-one travel planning app that makes managing your schedule easier. It combines reservations for flights, hotels, rental cars, and activities into a single plan that can be viewed on any device. With real-time updates on maps, directions, and weather forecasts, TripIt makes it easier for people to plan their trips and makes sure they have a smooth and stress-free trip. Still, it is one of the best travel planner apps that you can consider.



  • Automatically organizes travel plans by scanning confirmation emails.
  • Syncs with calendars and provides real-time updates on flights, accommodations, and activities.
  • Offers a comprehensive itinerary that can be easily shared with others.


  • Some advanced features require a subscription to TripIt Pro.
  • Limited functionality for spontaneous travelers who don’t plan trips in advance.


Best Travel Planner Apps


  • Trip planning app focused on road trips and outdoor adventures.
  • Helps users discover points of interest, attractions, and scenic routes along their journey.
  • Offers customizable itineraries and trip suggestions based on interests and preferences.
  • Allows users to collaborate on trip planning with friends and family.

Roadtrippers may be the app for you if airport lines are boring. Enter your starting and destination points and let Roadtrippers provide everything you need for highway or off-roading. This app is perfect for planning an excursion, whether you’re driving a small rental car or a large RV. It covers campsites, outdoor attractions, and off-the-beaten-path adventures. Currently, this is one of the best travel planner apps.



  • Helps plan road trips with customizable routes and points of interest.
  • Offers suggestions for attractions, diners, and accommodations along the route.
  • Provides a user-friendly interface for discovering new destinations and planning adventures.


  • Free version may have limited access to some features.
  • Points of interest database may not cover all regions comprehensively.


Best Travel Planner Apps


  • Predicts and analyzes flight prices for future bookings.
  • Provides recommendations on when to buy tickets.
  • Sends notifications when flight prices drop.
  • Offers booking options directly within the app.

If you want to plan a trip but not buy tickets yet, you should use the Hopper app. If you have a smartphone, you can use the app to keep an eye on flight prices and get clear advice on when to buy, such as alerts when the price drops. This travel app is useful because it has a lot of informative information. Overall, this is one of the best travel planner apps.



  • Predicts future flight prices and recommends whether to buy or wait.
  • User-friendly interface for booking flights and hotels.
  • Offers personalized recommendations based on travel preferences.


  • Some users may find the flight prediction accuracy variable.
  • May not offer as comprehensive hotel options compared to other booking platforms.


Best Travel Planner Apps


  • Trip planning and itinerary creation app.
  • Allows users to create and organize trip plans, including flights, accommodations, and activities.
  • Collaborative features for sharing and planning trips with friends and family.
  • Provides destination guides, recommendations, and travel tips.

When it comes to trip planning, Wanderlog is by far one of the best apps available. Those who are in the process of organising a trip or vacation will find it to be the most beneficial thing. Its built-in itinerary and map view make it much simpler than ever before to plan your trips according to your preferences. This is the best travel planner apps that you can consider.



  • Helps users plan and organize trips with customizable itineraries.
  • Offers collaboration features for group travel planning.
  • Integrates with booking platforms and provides travel guides and recommendations.


  • User interface may be less polished compared to other travel planning apps.
  • Some users may encounter bugs or glitches with certain features.


Best Travel Planner Apps


  • Generates packing lists based on destination, weather, and activities.
  • Customizable packing lists for individual preferences.
  • Integrates with TripIt for seamless travel planning.
  • Provides suggestions for essential items to pack.

PackPoint is a flexible travel app that makes it easier to pack for any trip. It makes personalised packing lists based on your trip’s destination, length, expected weather, and activities you have planned. Users can easily organise their essentials, making sure they have a stress-free trip. PackPoint streamlines the planning process, which makes packing easy and quick. Overall, it is one of the best travel planner apps that you can consider.



  • Generates personalized packing lists based on destination, travel dates, and activities.
  • Allows customization of packing lists and saves preferences for future trips.
  • Integrates weather forecasts to help users pack appropriately.


  • Requires manual input of trip details; lacks automatic itinerary import.
  • Some users may find the free version limited in features compared to premium packing apps.

Benefits of Using Travel Planner Apps

Many travellers who want to plan and simplify their trips can benefit from using travel planner apps. Here are some of the good things about it:

Organising Your Trip Itineraries: Travel planner apps help people put all of their trip plans in one place. Users can enter travel dates, destinations, lodgings, transportation information, activities, and reservations. This makes sure that all the important details are well-organized and easy to find.

Research and suggestions on where to go: Many travel planner apps offer guides, reviews, suggestions, and insider information on places to visit to help users better plan and research their trips. Users can look at landmarks, restaurants, hotels, activities, and attractions to learn more about the culture, food, traditions, and interesting places in the area.

Budget Management: Travel planner apps help people keep track of their travel budgets by letting them set spending limits and keep an eye on costs while they’re away. The users can enter their transportation costs, lodging fees, food costs, entertainment costs, and other purchases, which helps them stick to their budgets.

Flight and Hotel Booking: Some travel planner apps let users search for and book flights, hotels, rental cars, and vacation packages all within the app. Users can easily view availability, compare prices, and make reservations, which saves them time and effort during the booking process.

Sharing and Working Together on Trips: Travel planner apps let people share their trip plans and work together with other travellers, family, and friends. People who are planning a trip can invite others to see, change, and add to the itinerary. This makes it easier to coordinate, communicate, and make decisions.

How to Choose the Right Travel Planner App for Your Needs

Picking the best travel planner app depends on how you like to organise things and what kinds of trips you like to take. When choosing a travel planner app, here are some things to think about:

Features for Planning Your Trip: Look for apps that let you plan your whole trip, including making itineraries, booking flights and hotels, making reservations for activities, choosing how to get around, and suggesting places to see. Check to see if the app lets you change your plans based on your interests and preferences.

Screen Interface and Ease of Use: Pick a travel planner app that has a simple, easy-to-understand screen interface. You should be able to quickly enter and organise travel information into the app without being confused by its many features or crowded layout.

Compatibility and Accessibility: Make sure the app works with the operating system of your device (iOS, Android, etc.) and can be used on a variety of devices, such as desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets. This lets you see and change your travel plans whenever and wherever you want.

Offline Features: If you’re going to a place with little or no internet access, you might want to look into apps that let you access your travel plans even when you’re not online. Offline features, like downloadable maps, itineraries, and travel documents, make sure you can still access important data even when you’re not connected to the internet.

Integration with Other Services: Look for travel planner apps that work with other platforms and services, like websites for booking flights and hotels, mapping services, and apps for taking public transportation. Integration makes it easier to plan trips and makes it possible to book trips and keep track of all the information about them.


Is there a free trip planner?

Create, organise, access, and share vacation plans with Planapple. Plan Your Trip! No charge!

Is Google Maps trip planner free?

One of the most popular route planners is Google Maps. It’s free, simple, and reliable.

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