Best UPI Apps in India 2024: for seamless digital transactions

Discover the best Indian UPI apps for fast, secure and cashless payments - revolutionizing digital financial interactions.

It’s impossible to say enough about how important Unified Payments Interface (UPI) apps are for digital money transfers in India. As the country moves towards a cashless economy, these apps are very important. There are a lot of choices, but some best UPI Apps in India have become the best because they are easy to use, have strong security protocols, and make transactions smooth.

Notably, apps like Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm, and Amazon Pay are very popular and trusted by users because they are easy to use and have lots of features. What makes these UPI apps unique is that they work with many banks and stores, making them available to customers all over the country. Moreover, strict security measures like multi-factor authentication and encryption protocols give users confidence that their transactions are safe. Below, we have mentioned the best UPI Apps in India.

What is UPI App?

A Cashback App is a mobile app that gives users money back when they buy things from stores or service providers that are affiliated with the app. Users usually get some of the money they spend back in the form of cash or rewards points, which they can then use to buy different things. These apps often keep track of purchases made through links or codes inside the app, which lets users earn cashback over time.

Best UPI Apps In India Comparison Table

In India, UPI apps have revolutionised digital payments by allowing instant bank account fund transfers. Users can securely send money, pay bills, and shop with a simple interface. Through UPI, millions have gained financial inclusion and accelerated the cashless economy.

FeaturePhonePeCREDPaytmFreechargeGoogle Pay
Payment MethodsUPI, Credit/Debit Cards, WalletCredit Card Bill PaymentsUPI, Wallet, Credit/Debit CardsUPI, Wallet, Credit/Debit CardsUPI, Wallet, Credit/Debit Cards
Mobile RechargeYesNoYesYesYes
InvestmentMutual Funds, GoldCredit Score ImprovementMutual Funds, Gold, Stocks, InsuranceNoNo
Customer SupportIn-App Chat, Email, PhoneIn-App Chat, EmailIn-App Chat, Email, PhoneEmail, FAQIn-App Chat, Email, Phone


Best UPI Apps In India


  • UPI payments for instant transfers.
  • Mobile recharges and bill payments.
  • Online shopping with cashback offers.
  • Split bills and request money from contacts.

PhonePe is one of the most popular UPI apps in India. It can be used by people from all over the country because it is available in eleven different Indian languages. There is one more thing that the UPI app does that other UPI apps don’t do. PhonePe has its own wallet that you can use to add money so that you can pay right away from the app. Still, it is one of the best UPI Apps In India that you can consider.



  • User-friendly interface
  • Wide range of services (payments, recharges, transfers)
  • Cashback and rewards


  • Limited merchant partnerships
  • Occasional transaction failures


Best UPI Apps In India


  • Credit card bill payments with rewards.
  • Exclusive rewards and offers for timely payments.
  • Credit score tracking and analysis.
  • Personalized financial insights and recommendations.

CRED is one of the best UPI apps for all your payments. Scan and pay at stores or anyone via UPI, pay utility bills, credit card bills, monthly rent, and more with the app. The app also lets you check and improve your credit score for free. Use CRED Coins to win exclusive rewards, amazing prizes, and offers and get 100% cashback with the app. Overall, it is one of the best UPI Apps In India that you can consider.



  • Credit card bill payment rewards
  • Exclusive offers and rewards for members
  • Credit score tracking


  • Limited utility beyond credit card bill payments
  • Membership eligibility criteria


Best UPI Apps In India


  • Mobile recharges and bill payments.
  • Online shopping with cashback and discounts.
  • Money transfers to bank accounts and contacts.
  • Utility bill payments and ticket bookings.

In India, Paytm is a pretty well-known app for making smartphone payments. Furthermore to Paytm Mall, it provides Paytm Wallet and Paytm UPI (which came out in 2017). Simply put, this app is like a megastore because it has so many products and services. Customers of Paytm can do almost everything that has to do with online payments on the app. This is the best UPI Apps In India that you can consider.



  • Diverse range of services (payments, shopping, bookings)
  • Cashback and discounts
  • Wide acceptance across merchants


  • High transaction fees for certain services
  • Customer service responsiveness can vary


Best UPI Apps In India


  • Mobile recharges and bill payments.
  • Cashback and discounts on transactions.
  • DTH and utility bill payments.
  • Metro card recharges and online shopping.

Freecharge is another Indian online payment app that lets you do things like recharge your phone, pay your bills, and send or receive money through UPI after making a BHIM UPI ID and linking your bank account. It also looks like it would be easy to make UPI payments because the interface is pretty simple. Overall, this is one of the best UPI Apps In India.



  • Quick and easy mobile recharges
  • Cashback and discounts
  • Utility bill payments


  • Limited merchant partnerships
  • Occasional technical glitches

Google Pay

Best UPI Apps In India


  • UPI payments for quick transfers.
  • Cashback and rewards for transactions.
  • Bill payments and recharges.
  • Integration with Google services for seamless transactions.

Developed by Google, Google Pay is a digital wallet and an online payment system as well. It gives users the ability to use their mobile devices to make payments when using contactless payment systems, whether they are doing so online or in person. It is a popular choice among users who are looking for a convenient and secure method of making payments, and Google Pay is available in more than fifty countries. Currently, this is one of the best UPI Apps In India.



  • Seamless integration with Google services
  • Fast and secure transactions
  • Cashback and rewards


  • Limited customer support options
  • Occasional transaction delays

Tips for Using UPI Apps Safely and Efficiently

In many countries, Unified Payments Interface (UPI) apps are becoming more and more popular as a way to make digital payments. To use UPI apps safely and effectively, here are some tips:

Pick a Reliable UPI App: Pick a UPI app from a provider you can trust. Make sure that the app has good reviews from users, a safe infrastructure, and follows all the rules that apply.

Protect Your Mobile Device: To protect your mobile device, use a strong password or biometric authentication to get into it. If you lose or have your device stolen, make sure that features like remote lock and wipe are turned on.

Always use official app stores: Only get UPI apps from official app stores like the Apple App Store (for iOS) or the Google Play Store (for Android). Do not get apps from outside sources because they might have malware or other security risks.

Turn on Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): For your UPI app, turn on multi-factor authentication (MFA) whenever you can. This makes things safer by requiring a second way to prove your identity, like a one-time password (OTP) sent to the phone number you used to register.

Keep Your App Up-To-Date: Make sure you always have the most recent version of the UPI app by updating it regularly. A lot of the time, updates come with security patches and bug fixes that keep your personal and financial data safe.

How to Choose the Best UPI App for Your Needs

There are a lot of things to think about when picking the best Unified Payments Interface (UPI) app for your needs, such as your preferences, security concerns, how easy it is to use, and any extra features it offers. Here is a list of tips to help you choose the best UPI app:

Security Features: To keep your financial transactions safe, choose UPI apps that have strong security features. For your safety, look for apps that use secure PIN codes, encryption protocols, and more than one way to prove who you are.

Compatibility and Accessibility: Make sure that the UPI app works with the operating system on your smartphone (iOS or Android) and can be downloaded from the app store for that system. You should also think about whether the app supports more than one language to make it easier for everyone to use.

Bank Integration: Make sure that the UPI app works well with the bank accounts that you want to use. Most UPI apps can handle transactions with a number of different banks, but it’s important to make sure that your bank is supported to make sure that transactions go smoothly.

Limits on Transactions: Look at the UPI app’s limits on transactions. Some apps may have daily or transaction limits that could change how you use them, especially if you do a lot of big transactions.

Users Interface and Experience: Pick a UPI app that has a simple, easy-to-understand interface. The app shouldn’t make it hard to find your way around, start transactions, look at your transaction history, or manage beneficiaries.


Which is government UPI app?

The BHIM UPI app lets you send money right away.

Is GPAY safer than Paytm?

Paytm and Google Pay use OTPs, fingerprints, and transaction PINs for user verification and transaction security. These methods work if users keep their credentials private.

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