Best Video Conferencing Software for Mac

With built-in features like chat, screen sharing and recording, the best video conferencing software for Mac enables online communication for audio meetings, video conferences and seminars.

The best Video Conferencing Software for Mac, You might regularly contact with your friends and family using a video chat tool like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Snapchat. Your needs, however, would undoubtedly be considerably different from those of a family WhatsApp group video chat when it comes to communication at business. For instance, you require a video conferencing solution that enables you to hold a meeting with two or three participants simultaneously. Additionally, you probably require video conferencing software that enables you to take notes during meetings, share your screen with others, or backs up your recordings after each session.

Furthermore, even though WhatsApp and Messenger are excellent consumer video calling apps, you cannot expect them to provide the advanced functionality stated above. We know a thing or two about what makes a video software work for organizations because we designed a video conferencing platform ourselves. To begin with, we are aware that not all video conferencing software are created equal, particularly when it comes to Mac video solutions. Below we have mentioned some of the best video conferencing software for Mac.

Best Video Conferencing Software for Mac


GoToMeeting, one of the pioneers in the field of video conferencing, is still widely regarded as the industry leader. This video conferencing program allows you to share your screen and even record conversations, and it has an intuitive user interface that anyone can use right away. GoToMeeting has a modest monthly fee of $12 for a Professional plan and $16 for a Business plan, despite not being a call-free online tool. Additionally, fully functional mobile apps are a huge advantage. Overall, this is one of the best video conferencing software for Mac that you can download. If you like this app you can get it from official website.

Webex Meetings

The most interesting, sensible, and inclusive video conferencing tool for the modern worker is Webex Meetings. Make meetings more engaging and interactive. Using voice augmentation and background noise reduction, minimise disturbances. Use animated emojis and gesture recognition to let viewers express their feelings.

With Slido’s next-generation dynamic polling and Q&A, you can increase audience engagement. Adapt the stage design to highlight the speakers and audience members who matter most. Increase diversity during meetings. Real-time translation into more than 100 languages can help you overcome linguistic hurdles. • Use Slido’s anonymous polls and Q&A to make sure that every person’s voice is heard. This is the best video conferencing software for Mac.


You’re already familiar with Zoom. Even those who genuinely reside underground are aware of Zoom. You can be sure that everyone will be able to join a Zoom meeting if you provide the link to one. Every major platform has apps, and you can presume that everyone has already installed the software and set it up to function at this point. Simply clicking the link will allow you to join the meeting. It’s difficult to exaggerate how important that is because nothing makes a meeting less productive than when someone is unable to attend. For now, this is one of the best video conferencing software for Mac.

Additionally, Zoom is quite dependable. Usually, it will continue playing your movie even with a shaky internet connection, albeit at a lower quality setting. Any call can be recorded as a full-length video, and participants can also communicate with one another via text chat in both group and private communications. Additionally, you have the option of sharing your entire screen, a specific app, or just a portion of it.

BlueJeans Meetings

The current workplace’s meetings platform is called BlueJeans. We combine collaboration tools people already use with video, audio, and web conferencing. With BlueJeans, the first cloud storage services to unite computers, smartphones, and room systems in a single video meeting, users can work effectively wherever and however they choose. Teams rely on the meeting solution to produce their best work. Currently, this is the best video conferencing software for Mac you can check now.

Office 365 users: Microsoft Teams

People that regularly use Microsoft Office 365 don’t need to compare video conferencing applications. The Microsoft Teams collaboration tool that is included with the Office package is already available to them. Because Microsoft Teams is naturally connected with other Microsoft applications, it’s simple to invite your coworkers using, for instance, Outlook.

With its intriguing features, such as blurring the background and placing the speaker in focus, this secure video conferencing software supports up to 10,000 participants and is ideal for work-at-home situations where a variety of things can be distracting in the background. This is one of the best video conferencing software for Mac you can install now.

Google Meet

Perhaps the finest aspect about Google Meet is how seamlessly it integrates with the company’s other apps. Every time you schedule a meeting in Google Calendar, you’ll receive a Meet link that you and the other participants can click to join a call right away. Additionally, you may access files from Google Drive while on a call and share them in chat without hanging up. Even from your Gmail inbox, you can start a call.

The integration with Chrome also has a tab-sharing capability that is excellent for media sharing and streams a quick video as a group with hardly any lag. While Zoom and other applications are catching up, Google Meet continues to excel at live captioning. Even though it can’t tell when someone is speaking in another language on the call, the captions in English function reasonably well. This is one of the best video conferencing software for Mac.

Cisco Jabber

By combining presence, instant messaging (IM), audio, video, and web conferencing, enterprise voice, and visual voicemail into one client on your desktop, you can enable staff to collaborate effectively from any location. For now, this is the best video conferencing software for Mac you can download.


Consider Skype if your team consists of a small number of remote workers and you don’t want any additional bells and whistles. Although relatively archaic and not the most widely used video conferencing program, it might work for you. Still, it is one of the best video conferencing software for Mac you can consider you can consider.

The limitations include the 10 person maximum for video calls and the cost of Skype phone if you want individuals to call in from a landline. As an added plus, Microsoft has successfully integrated Skype into its own software ecosystem since purchasing the service. This is one of the best video conferencing software for Mac you can download.

Zoho Meeting

As best video conferencing software for Mac and business partners remotely, online meetings, also known as web conferencing, are a quickly expanding Internet market. The simplest and most cost-effective web conferencing tool is Zoho Meeting, which can be used to improve company communication through screen/application sharing, voice, and video conferencing. It offers a quick and simple way to host and conduct safe and affordable online meetings for both single users and small and large scale companies.

Right from your browser, you can host online meetings, lead-nurturing webinars, user education webinars, product debuts, and feature demonstrations. The following situations frequently involve the use of Zoho Meeting. Any browsers and computer operating system can be used to host secure, reliable web meetings and remotely share your screen. Your remote audience may come from any country and may reside in various cities.


Which best video conferencing software for Mac. Whereby is ideal if you need to start a video meeting right away. It couldn’t be simpler to start and share a link, and in our tests, nobody had any trouble joining. Up to 100 persons can be supported, and there is a clear record button, chat functionality, and screen sharing. Additionally, there is an integration feature that functions differently than any other feature we examined. For collaboration, the majority of video conferencing applications use some form of screen sharing.

For instance, when you activate the Google Docs integration, a document will be brought into the meeting immediately. After logging into Google Docs, anyone can update the document there and then as it is the real document itself that is displayed in the window next to your video chat rather than a video of it. There is a case to be made that Whereby connects with Google Docs more well than Google Meet. Whereby’s YouTube integration functions more effectively than it does in Meet, suggesting that Google may pick up some tips from this software.

What is Video Conferencing Software?

With built-in features like chat, screen sharing, and recording, video conferencing software provides online communication for audio meetings, video meetings, and seminars. In the software ecosystem of a company, this software can be an extraordinarily versatile tool. By removing the requirement for in-person attendance, video conferencing solutions make everyone’s daily schedules more convenient, enhance client connections, and ensure clear and consistent team communication.

Presentations, conference calls, meetings with external parties, and internal check-ins can all be done using these options. In addition to the video conferencing capabilities itself, many video conferencing program also offer instant messaging and file sharing features that facilitate team collaboration. For simplified follow-up conversation and changes to contact accounts, some video conferencing systems offer connectors with marketing automation and CRM software. These connections sync vital business data into pertinent conferences.

Who Uses Video Conferencing Software?

Regardless of size, video conferencing solutions can be useful for a wide range of enterprises and industries. These solutions can be used by client-facing organisations, such as consulting and advice firms, law firms, and other service providers, to cut down on pointless travel and collaborate with clients locally and globally. Growing companies also utilise video conferencing software to increase their clientele and stay in touch with staff members wherever they may be.

Additionally, there are many free video conferencing solutions, which makes them a desirable tool for small enterprises, independent contractors, and other people who work for themselves. Free versions of video conferencing services typically have less features and a cap on the number of users, making them better suited for lone individuals or small teams.


With built-in features like chat, screen sharing and recording, the best video conferencing software for Mac enables online communication for audio meetings, video conferences and seminars. These programs are used to promote collaboration, reduce travel costs, and facilitate long-distance or international communication.

Regardless of where participants are physically located, employees at all levels of an organization can use video conferencing software to organize or participate in virtual meetings with colleagues, business partners, or customers.

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