Best Video Conferencing Software for Windows

The importance of video conferencing will continue to grow as society becomes more digital. Therefore, when choosing a video conferencing application, you should consider your specific goals and budget before deciding on the one that is best suited for it.

With the best Video Conferencing Software for Windows, you may hold meetings or monitor the proceedings of events with participants who are spread out across the globe while seeing them and communication with them. Due to the introduction and development of Voice Over IP, which is in charge of utilizing the IP infrastructure that underlies the internet to enable free communication, it has become more widespread and easily accessible. For setting up and attending meetings or gatherings related to work, video conferencing software are wonderful. They also enable you to enroll in an online course and communicate with relatives and friends who are spread out across the globe.

There are several program available that are suitable for your needs, regardless of your motivation for video conferencing. It’s useful because traveller to meet people costs a lot of money and takes a lot of time. Imagine that you need to bring together multiple people from different parts of the globe for a crucial meeting. Travel can be more expensive. Video conferencing enables the scheduling of meetings at any convenient moment. Below we have mentioned some of the best video conferencing Software for Windows.

10 Best Video Conferencing Software for Windows

Pexip Enterprise Room Connector

Facilitate video communication in any meeting space while updating your hardware infrastructure. Pexip has put together a device-based licensing bundle called Enterprise Room Connector that includes everything you need to connect your video conferencing rooms and make hosting and participating in video meetings a pain-free experience in order to reduce user complexity and expand the possibilities of your current video conference meeting rooms. Overall, this is one of the best video conferencing Software for Windows that you can download.

There are many video-capable meeting and digital collaboration tools in contemporary offices. Pexip connects these platforms together. You can join Microsoft Teams or Google Meet sessions with third-party video conferencing systems and interface with your existing video hardware, workflows, and platforms by using Pexip’s interop solutions.

ezTalks Meetings

A dependable and feature-rich free video conferencing program for Windows 11, ezTalks Meetings often produces a super-simple collaboration environment for business people to engage with their peers around the globe. In fact, it is the first video conferencing program to offer a free 100-person plan with a brand-new online conference for roughly forty minutes.

This is excellent for newcomers and small business that often operate on tight budgets. This is the greatest video conferencing solution that meets all your needs whether you want to run a large business online or organize meetings with more coworkers, up to 100 attendees, in an online meeting without a time limit. You can also upgrade it to a premium plan, which offers online meetings for 500 people. This is the best video conferencing Software for Windows.


This is currently the best video conferencing Software for Windows, and usage of it increased dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic. Zoom can be tailored to your needs and has a variety of features that make it perfect for both business and social media use. You should read our tutorial on how to use Zoom’s best features for a detailed description of all of its functions. Zoom has a freemium business strategy. Its basic features are available without charge, but to use its more sophisticated features, you must purchase a subscription.

Prices for these subscription plans start at just $14.99 per month. If you only want to participate in one-on-one online meetings, the free version is best because you can schedule and attend as many sessions as you like. Additionally, you can host conferences with up to 100 attendees. Additionally, you may either share your entire screen or just a portion of it with other callers, and you can even record a meeting for later use. You should be aware that this free model has some significant drawbacks, one of which is that you can only participate in meetings for a total of forty minutes.

Meet Hour

With features like lobby mode, a donor box and Click&Pledge Connect for fundraising, video call recording, a Youtube live stream, and more, Meet Hour is a completely free video conferencing solution. For now, this is one of the best video conferencing Software for Windows.

A group of young, seasoned technocrats created Meet Hour. It reviewed and assessed the available video conferencing applications before creating one that addresses their drawbacks and issues. Therefore, Meet Hour is noticeably superior to other, more popular apps.


It is commonly known that Skype is a highly effective free video conferencing program for PCs that Microsoft created to help make it easier for most individuals to collaborate with their various coworkers. For rapid file collaboration, this video conferencing solution has been completely integrated with Office 365. Ten persons can participate in a video conference for free during an online meeting thanks to its free plan. Additionally, it offers two paid options that enable you to organize and, of course, attend a video conference with up to 250 people.

Additionally, Skype provides you with integrated instant messaging services that let you send files privately or in groups while chatting. Support for recording audio or video conferencing is one of the additional capabilities that come with Skype. The success of the online meeting cooperation is due to the sharing of the whiteboard and the changing of the presenter roles. Currently, this is the best video conferencing Software for Windows you can check now. If you like this app you can download it from official Windows Store.

Google Meet

An best video conferencing Software for Windows is called Google Meet. It is perfect for conferences, get-togethers, and online classes. It’s important to know that Google Meet doesn’t require you to download the software on your computer. However, unless you sign up for a subscription plan, usage is restricted to 100 people and lasts for 60 minutes.

This is a component of the Google Workspace package, which starts at at $7.99 per month. You can host unlimited group calls and record a Google Meet when you subscribe to the premium package, among other bonus features. The integration of Google Meet with other Google products is another appealing aspect. If you have an active Google account, you can use this to easily transfer data and documents between Google services.

Zoho Meeting

An online video conferencing system called Zoho Meeting is appropriate for both lone consumers and medium-sized to large businesses. The solution can be used to host online meetings, webinars, user education, and product launches. Using any computer operating system or browser, users of Zoho Meeting can rapidly establish secure online meetings with faraway audiences.

Users don’t need to download any software or complete any installations in order to participate in the conference thanks to its browser-based technology. Any operating system and browser are compatible with it. Using an embedded meeting widget, Zoho Meeting enables participants to join an online meeting right from the user’s website. Additionally, users can set up audio conferences using the computer’s internet voice calls. This is one of the best video conferencing Software for Windows you can install now.


It is an easy-to-use, user-friendly video conferencing program for Windows 7/8/10/XP. Among other things, it boasts an ultra HD definition video, content sharing, instant messaging, remote control, and slide displays. When using it, you have the ability to conduct an online meeting for up to 250 people. Overall, this is the best video conferencing Software for Windows you can consider.

Keep in mind that you can activate the recording option included with this video conferencing program in order to capture video of the activities. In addition to facilitating quick online meetings, TrueConf gives you and your company the ability to organise further meetings by specifying the time and day as well as compiling a list of all attendees.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a lot more than just a video conferencing tool. Microsoft even referred to it as a “centre for teamwork.” It can also be characterised as a tool for distant work that enables real-time communication and team collaboration. This makes it the best option for major organisations and medium-sized businesses. Still, it is one of the best video conferencing Software for Windows you can consider you can consider.

You require a Microsoft Account in order to launch a meeting on Teams. Additionally, attendees can join meetings without creating an account. You get up to 60 minutes of free call time for a single meeting, just like Google Meet. Additionally, you can add up to 100 people at once to a meeting. However, if you want unrestricted access to premium features, you’ll need a Microsoft 365 membership. This is one of the best video conferencing Software for Windows you can download.


Small and large enterprises may organise video conferences, webinars, and online training without worrying about dropouts thanks to MyOwnConference’s comprehensive all-in-one web-based solution. We provide web-based help from any device and access to live events at any time, anywhere.

To increase attendance, our clients can film meetings in Full HD or UHD, save them, share them via private links, send automated email reminders, and share social network registration. Automate webinars with ACTUAL CTAs, virtual conversations, and virtual attendees. The “always-on” webinar room feature enables participants to unwind as they wait for the session to begin. For now, this is the best video conferencing Software for Windows you can download.

What Is Video Conferencing Software?

With the use of video conferencing software, businesses may host meetings with participants who are dispersed across several different places. For instance, one of the most well-liked video conferencing tools used frequently by small and midsize organisations is Skype. Software for video conferencing is comparable to various other kinds of software. While there are no strict guidelines defining them, we can highlight some of the fundamental variations to aid you in finding the ideal product.

Some business phone systems even include video conferencing capabilities. Conferencing features are occasionally included in business phone systems. The applications for video conferencing are typically secondary toβ€”and rarely as comprehensive as the applications for phone calls in these systems, which can either be on-premise or cloud-based. In comparison to specific video conferencing software, online meeting software often offers a wider range of features.

Benefits and Potential Issues

increased cooperation Collaboration via video conferencing is more efficient than using just email and phone calls. Face-to-face meetings are very valuable to businesses, even if they are conducted remotely through a video conferencing tool.

cost reductions. Going to distant locations for meetings can be time- and money-saving with the usage of video conferencing. When the content needs to be rebroadcast, certain platforms can be utilised to create and transmit webcasts.

reduction in carbon footprint. The amount of flights that staff members fly on to attend meetings can be significantly reduced. The New York Times reports that a single round-trip flight from New York to California emits approximately 1/5th as much carbon as a car does in a year.


Never before has best video conferencing Software for Windows enjoyed such widespread adoption. This is due to the necessity of real-time collaboration and even hanging out with loved ones. Video conferencing will only grow in importance as society strives to become more digital. As a result, while selecting a video-conferencing application, keep in mind to take your specific goals and budget into account before choosing the one that is most suited to them.

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