Best Vocabulary Apps for 2024 January: It’s fun to pick up new words

The best Vocabulary apps can help you learn more words in any language

A large vocabulary has made a big difference in my ability to speak clearly and with confidence. From my own experience, I can say that the best vocabulary apps are great for learning new words in any language. My newfound language skills not only make me feel better about my self-confidence, but they also earn me more respect from my peers. Using these apps to learn new words has made the process not only easy, but also fun for me. In the end, using vocabulary apps has directly and positively affected my self-esteem.

Some of these apps let you play games to learn new words and learn more about language. Perhaps the most crucial element of learning English is vocabulary. You can find many results by searching for “English vocabulary” in the App Store or Google Play. We have looked through a tonnes of fantastic English learning applications and selected the top ones that support word learning. Below, we have mentioned best vocabulary apps.

Best Vocabulary Apps


One of the most capable and feature-rich vocabulary apps, Vocab1, operates flawlessly across all platforms. Five user licenses are automatically included with a single purchase and are not extra. Therefore, the app can be used by entire families. And each user is permitted to install it on a maximum of five machines. Because all the data is kept in the cloud, it can be accessed from anywhere. According to research, vocabulary is learned through the context in which it is used. Overall, this is one of the best vocabulary apps that you can download.

Vocab1 employs this science to teach you vocabulary in just two minutes as opposed to the months of study that it would have previously taken. It makes use of a sizable database with more than 520 million context-relevant terms to achieve this. You can quickly study words that are frequently used in a very specific field using the expert lists. Support is provided for text, video, photos, audio, and even scientific markups.


FluentU combines real videos from sources like music, news, politics, and more to help you learn English language and culture at the same time. Since the videos are intended for native speakers, you will be learning from real, pertinent material. You can start by watching any movie that catches your attention in the vast library; they are conveniently arranged by subject and level of difficulty. For now, this is one of the best vocabulary apps.

As you watch, you can click on the interactive subtitles to instantly see the definition, pronunciation, and use examples of each word. With FluentU, you can look up any word and get all of the videos in the library that use it. It also functions as a video dictionary. To make sure you remember all the new words, you can review vocabulary after watching a movie using quizzes and multimedia flashcards.


Connecting with one of the biggest online learning groups is made easy with the help of the Busuu app. Tens of millions of language enthusiasts throughout the world are a part of its global network, according to its website. The features, which include a built-in video chat platform, are geared toward community-based learning. The software claims to cover all aspect of language learning, therefore it may be utilised as a holistic learning strategy.

You will be able to practice writing, speaking, and reading every word you learn in their sessions in addition to learning English vocabulary. Once you have the fundamentals down, you may connect with native speakers and students from across the world to get assistance with challenging vocabulary. Currently, this is the best vocabulary apps you can check now.

Alphabear 2

The prettiest word game on the planet must be this Scrabble-style app. Players must choose letters from a grid to form words. Bears show up when they successfully spell a word! The bear becomes bigger the longer the word. Additionally, it has a dictionary function, which is excellent for language learners. Kids will also adore it. Encourage children to make their own bear characters, follow the narrative, and explore the map as they attempt to construct new words. For now, this is the best vocabulary apps you can download.


WordUp’s main goal is to help you increase your English vocabulary. The creators of WordUp, Geeks Ltd, an award-winning software firm, created a distinctive product in many aspects. If students use new terms in authentic contexts, they are more likely to recall them. The use of a particular phrase in numerous settings is shown through the use of tens of thousands of little video clips from TV shows and films.

WordUp takes a different approach by concentrating on the 20,000 most often used words and organizing them according to their usefulness. Students are more likely to use the most useful words in ordinary conversations and situations if they learn them first. To help with recall, WordUp also uses the concepts of “spaced repetition.”

You repeat learning a new word every day, week, month, and six months. WordUp would continually remind you of its context and meaning if you forgot. Here you can read the best vocabulary apps, this is the best choice for you.


If your employer is a business or organization, Voxy focuses on offering English instruction for employees. Voxy offers you individualized education based on your needs. Because of this, Voxy makes sure that you learn the vocabulary you need, whether you require English terms to ace an exam or meet a customer. By assessing your learning requirements and delivering audio and visual content, it accomplishes this.

The app allows you to take your lessons with you wherever you go and even offers enjoyable practice choices like karaoke-style music sessions. One-on-one live tutoring sessions can be scheduled, and you can get input. Voxy is especially made to help if you’re learning with others, like a group of coworkers. This is one of the best vocabulary apps you can install now.


Memrise is one of the best vocabulary learning apps with over 60 million users and offers thousands of language courses for learning most European, Middle Eastern and Oriental languages. However, most reviewers agree that Memrise is best for beginners and those who want to expand their vocabulary in a language they already know; Memrise relies heavily on mnemonic principles, at least for courses that require mnemonics. Overall, this is the best vocabulary app imaginable.

However, the majority of the courses were contributed by users, and many of them do not make use of mnemonics. Students have the option of using flashcards, games, or self-tests while learning. You are given the English word, its translation, and its most well-liked mnemonic at the beginning of each lesson.


Magoosh focuses exclusively on applications for test preparation. One of their vocabulary apps for students preparing for the GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, and SAT tests is Magoosh Vocabulary Builder. For children who may only have a few minutes at a time to learn new words, Magoosh’s vocabulary app is perfect. 1200 words that are most likely to appear on the test were carefully selected by test preparation professionals. Overall, this is the best vocabulary apps you can consider.

Each new term comes with an audio pronunciation, a definition, and usage examples. Beginner learners proceed through the intermediate and advanced levels. Students are more likely to learn for longer periods of time when they are having fun, which is why Magoosh Vocabulary Builder employs a gaming strategy.

LinGo Play

Nothing is more enjoyable than a straightforward picture flashcard. This is why English beginners may find LinGo Play to be enjoyable. On a variety of subjects, including fruits and vegetables, clothing, and furniture, you can find basic vocabulary.

Listen to the pronunciation after learning the word using the flashcard. Then use one of the built-in listening or spelling exercises to test your understanding of what you’ve learned. Try playing a game against a real opponent when you’re really feeling confident! For now, this is the best vocabulary apps.


The benefits of expanding your vocabulary are numerous. But you can use your smartphone as a useful tool to increase your word bank, learn new vocabulary words, and sharpen your command of the English language without devoting a lot of time to the task. When choosing an app, your unique objectives should be taken into consideration. Are you preparing for a test or do you want to learn more terms? Do you prefer more control over the terms you learn or more structured instruction?

Dian Erwin
Dian Erwin
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