Best VR Zombie Games 2024: for Immersive Thrills

Immerse yourself in heart-pounding adventures with VR zombie games, where survival instincts, strategic thinking and intense action come together in virtual reality.

People who like to play virtual reality (VR) games that are always changing can look no further than the realm of the undead for thrilling experiences that will make your heart race. Thanks to the best VR Zombie Games out there right now, fighting hordes of zombies has become an immersive and thrilling adventure. These games combine cutting-edge VR technology with the post-apocalyptic horror genre in a way that makes the experience more immersive than ever before.

The Best VR Zombie Games take players to worlds after the end of the world, full of zombies, where survival is a very difficult task. With their realistic graphics and unique ways to play, these games have a level of intensity that makes players feel like they are constantly being attacked by zombies and fighting for their lives. Below, we have mentioned the best VR Zombie Games.

Why VR Gaming is Perfect for Zombie Survival

VR games are great for zombie survival scenarios because they make you feel like you’re really there. Players feel like they are really in the post-apocalyptic world thanks to the realistic graphics and 3D environments. Natural controls make actions feel more real, which increases the fear and sense of urgency. VR also encourages teamwork because it lets players talk and plan together in real time. Because VR makes the adrenaline rush stronger, zombie survival games are thrilling and memorable, offering a one-of-a-kind intense gaming experience.

Best VR Zombie Games Comparison Table

VR zombie games transport players to post-apocalyptic zombie-filled worlds. These horror-VR games let players survive zombie hordes using innovative VR technology in realistic graphics and interactive gameplay, creating an adrenaline-pumping and unforgettable gaming experience.

GameArizona Sunshine 2Lies BeneathThe PersistenceKilling Floor: IncursionResident Evil 4 VR
GenreFPS, Zombie ShooterHorror, AdventureHorror, StealthFPS, HorrorSurvival Horror
PerspectiveFirst PersonFirst PersonFirst PersonFirst PersonThird Person
Gameplay StyleAction, CooperativeSurvival HorrorStealth, HorrorAction, Co-opAction, Horror
EnvironmentZombie ApocalypseHorrorSci-Fi, HorrorHorror, Sci-FiRural, Village
Single PlayerYesYesYesYesYes
MultiplayerCo-op (up to 4)NoNoCo-op (up to 2)No

Arizona Sunshine 2

Best VR Zombie Games


  • Intense VR zombie shooter sequel.
  • Expansive campaign with co-op multiplayer.
  • Immersive desert environments and diverse weapons.
  • Engaging narrative with intense action sequences.

Arizona Sunshine 2 is an exciting VR zombie game that puts players in a world full of zombies after the end of the world. This much-anticipated follow-up has intense first-person shooter action, stunning graphics, and a game world that you can get lost in. You have to make your way through the empty landscape of Arizona while fighting hordes of zombies to stay alive. Still, it is one of the best VR Zombie Games that you can consider.

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  • Immersive zombie apocalypse setting
  • Cooperative multiplayer mode
  • Varied weapons and gameplay mechanics


  • Graphics might not be top-tier compared to some other VR titles
  • Limited story depth

Lies Beneath

Best VR Zombie Games


  • Gripping VR survival horror experience.
  • Uncover a chilling story set in a small town.
  • Intuitive combat mechanics and eerie atmosphere.
  • Solve puzzles to progress through the immersive narrative.

Lies Beneath, another singleplayer VR game, has a great length, story, and action that excites and keeps you coming back. Another linear shooter with non-zombie enemies. Most are zombie-like and attack in large groups, but there are also other strange nightmare creatures. Overall, it is one of the best VR Zombie Games that you can consider.


  • Atmospheric and intense horror experience
  • Engaging comic book art style
  • Gripping narrative


  • Movement mechanics can be disorienting for some players
  • Limited replayability

The Persistence

Best VR Zombie Games


  • Sci-fi horror roguelike in VR.
  • Procedurally generated levels for endless replayability.
  • Strategic stealth and combat mechanics.
  • Upgrade your character and weapons to survive the nightmarish ship.

A sci-fi horror VR game called the Persistence was made by Firesprite. This intense game puts you in the role of Zimri Eder, a security officer who has to look around a spaceship that has gone to pieces. You have to stay alive among the horrifying, mutated people on the ship while planning how to complete your goals. This is the best VR Zombie Games that you can consider.


  • Unique blend of sci-fi and horror
  • Procedurally generated levels enhance replayability
  • Strategic gameplay with stealth elements


  • Some players may find the controls challenging initially
  • Graphics may not be as polished as some other VR titles

Killing Floor: Incursion

Best VR Zombie Games


  • Intense VR co-op survival horror.
  • Team up with friends to fight hordes of Zeds.
  • Variety of weapons and interactive environments.
  • Engaging story mode and challenging horde mode.

Killing Floor: Incursion is a VR zombie game set in the same world as the Killing Floor series. It’s one of the best VR zombie games if you like intense action games. The game is an exciting first-person shooter where players fight their way through hordes of horrible monsters. Overall, this is one of the best VR Zombie Games.


  • Cooperative multiplayer with a solid community
  • Intense and action-packed gameplay
  • Well-designed weapons and enemies


  • Storyline might feel a bit generic
  • Limited variety in environments

Resident Evil 4 VR

Best VR Zombie Games


  • Classic survival horror reimagined for VR.
  • Iconic gameplay adapted for immersive experience.
  • Encounter terrifying enemies in a new perspective.
  • Explore the unforgettable world of Resident Evil 4 in VR.

Once upon a time, Resident Evil 4 created a whole new genre of adventure shooters, and Resident Evil 4 VR is a great remake of that game. Virtual reality lets you shoot and fight in any way you want, which makes it even better than the first one. You can move around a lot more with the Virtual Reality controls than with the old tank controls in the original. Currently, this is one of the best VR Zombie Games.


  • Classic Resident Evil 4 experience adapted for VR
  • Enhanced immersion with VR mechanics
  • Updated graphics and controls


  • VR motion sickness may be an issue for some players
  • Priced higher compared to non-VR versions

Tips for an Enhanced VR Zombie Gaming Experience

Adding to your virtual reality (VR) zombie game can make it more exciting and immersing. To make your VR zombie games even better, here are some tips:

Pick the Right VR Headset: Spend money on a good VR headset that can track and show things clearly. The Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Valve Index are all popular choices.

Ensure Comfort: For long gaming sessions, comfort is very important. Make sure the headset fits right, adjust the straps as needed, and take breaks as needed to avoid getting tired or uncomfortable.

Set up your play area safely: Make sure there are no obstacles in your VR play area so that you don’t hurt yourself while moving around. To set boundaries, you might want to use a designated area rug or mat.

Change the Graphics Settings: Make sure that the graphics settings in your VR game are set up so that they give you the best visual quality and the fastest performance. For an immersive experience, the game must run smoothly.

Use Spatial Audio: Buy headphones that can handle spatial audio or use the sound that comes with your VR headset. By placing sounds accurately in 3D space, spatial audio makes the experience more immersive.

Choosing the Right VR Zombie Game for You

Picking the right VR zombie game can make your time playing games in VR better. Here are some ideas that will help you find the right game for you:

Style of Play: Think about the style of play you like. Some VR zombie games are all about intense action, shooting, and staying alive, while others might be more strategic or puzzle-based. Pick out a game that fits the way you like to play.

Graphics and Immersion: Look at how each game looks and how much it pulls you into the world. To get the most out of the experience, look for games with realistic settings, well-designed zombies, and sound effects that make you feel like you’re really there.

Survival mechanics: If you like survival-themed games, look for ones that put a lot of emphasis on managing resources, crafting, and making smart choices. Some VR zombie games have things like limited health and ammunition and the need to find shelter or supplies.

Multiplayer or Single Player: Choose whether you’d rather play by yourself or with other people. Some VR zombie games have modes where you can play with other people and try to stay alive together. Other ones are only single-player games.

Controls and Comfort: Look at the way the controls are set up and how comfortable the seat is. There are different ways to move around in VR games, so pick one with controls that are easy for you to understand and use. Some games let you move around in different ways so that players can choose what they like best.


Is in death VR multiplayer?

You can fight intensely from a distance with any weapon you want and ever-stronger loot. In the asynchronous multiplayer mode, you can challenge other players to climb The Ladder.

Can VR look real?

Immersion, presence, interaction, and visual quality affect VR headset realism. Some find VR experiences realistic, but others don’t.

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