Best Epub Readers for Windows 2024: to enhance reading exp.

Enjoy seamless reading, organized libraries and versatile customization options for your digital book collection.

If you want to enjoy digital books, getting the right Epub reader is very important. There are a lot of choices out there, but finding the best Epub readers for Windows can make your reading experience much better. These software solutions offer features that put the user experience, customisation, and compatibility first, so they can work with a wide range of devices. Calibre is a great Epub reader for Windows.

Calibre is known for being very flexible, and it works with Epub files as well as many other formats. This makes it a great choice for book lovers. The reading experience is even better thanks to its powerful library management system and conversion tools.

Another strong contender is Adobe Digital Editions, which works with Windows platforms, has an easy-to-use interface, and can handle content that is protected by DRM. Its synchronisation feature makes sure that your reading progress is saved across all of your devices. Below, we have mentioned the best Epub readers for Windows.

What is Epub Reader?

EPUB readers are pieces of software that can read electronic publications, or EPUB files. This is a common file type for ebooks. EPUB readers have features like reflowable text, bookmarking, annotations, and fonts that can be changed to suit different reading tastes. They let people read ebooks on a variety of devices, like e-readers, smartphones, and tablets. EPUB readers make reading more enjoyable by letting you change settings and organise libraries. This makes them necessary tools for easily accessing digital content.

Best Epub Readers for Windows Comparison Table

Windows EPUB readers conveniently bring digital literature to desktops. Calibre excels at library management and conversion. Icecream Ebook Reader supports multiple formats and is user-friendly. Adobe Digital Editions works well with libraries and DRM. These readers enhance Windows reading with versatility and convenience.

FeatureCalibreKobo eBooksBibliovoreEpubor ReaderSumatra
Supported FormatsYes (Wide range)Yes (Limited)Yes (Limited)Yes (Wide range)Yes (Limited)
PlatformWindows, macOS, LinuxAndroid, iOS, Windows, macOSWindows, Windows PhoneWindows, macOSWindows
eBook StoreNoYesNoNoNo
Library ManagementYesYesYesYesNo
DRM SupportYesYesYesYesNo
User InterfaceBasicUser-friendlyUser-friendlyUser-friendlyBasic
Reading FeaturesModerateModerateBasicModerateBasic


Best Epub Readers for Windows


  • Comprehensive e-book management, including library organization and format conversion.
  • Supports a wide range of e-book formats, including EPUB, MOBI, and PDF.
  • Allows syncing with e-book readers and devices.
  • Offers e-book editing capabilities for metadata and formatting.

When it comes to Epub readers for your Windows 11 device, Calibre is among the most reliable and well-established options. You can download epubs, manage metadata, download book covers, transfer books from one device to another, and even convert books from one format to another with the help of this app, which is packed with features that allow you to do all of these things and more. Still, it is one of the best Epub readers for Windows that you can consider.

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  • Comprehensive ebook management features.
  • Supports a wide range of ebook formats.
  • Customizable and extendable through plugins.


  • User interface can be overwhelming for beginners.
  • Learning curve for advanced features.

Kobo eBooks

Best Epub Readers for Windows


  • Access to a vast library of e-books, including bestsellers and classics.
  • Customizable reading experience with adjustable font sizes and styles.
  • Syncs reading progress across multiple devices.
  • Provides personalized recommendations based on reading habits.

Kobo is a great ePUB reader for Windows, and it can also be used to host eBooks online. It has a huge library with more than 5 million books, so you can buy and read new ones as soon as they come out. There are also comics and books for kids in the collection! Themes, tracking your progress, bookmarks, and search are just a few of the many features that come with Kobo. Overall, it is one of the best Epub readers for Windows that you can consider.


  • Seamless integration with Kobo’s ecosystem.
  • Good selection of ebooks and deals.
  • Customizable reading experience.


  • Limited to Kobo’s ebook ecosystem.
  • May lack some advanced features compared to other ebook readers.


Best Epub Readers for Windows


  • Clean and user-friendly interface for reading e-books.
  • Supports various file formats, including EPUB, PDF, and MOBI.
  • Customizable reading experience with adjustable fonts, background colors, and themes.
  • Allows organizing e-books into collections for easy access.

The Bibliovore ebook reader looks great, isn’t too hard to use, and has just the right number of features for serious readers. Because it works with all Windows devices, the user interface feels like it can be touched. It takes about 10 to 15 seconds for the processor to load an ebook the first time it is used. This is the best Epub readers for Windows that you can consider.


  • Simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • Supports various ebook formats.
  • Integration with OneDrive for cloud storage.


  • Limited features compared to other ebook readers.
  • May not have advanced customization options.

Epubor Reader

Best Epub Readers for Windows


  • Intuitive interface for reading e-books on Windows devices.
  • Supports EPUB, PDF, and AZW3 formats.
  • Offers features like bookmarking, highlighting, and annotations.
  • Provides customizable reading settings for a personalized experience.

Epubor Reader is a piece of software that lets you read eBooks on Windows or Mac. You can also change the background colour and font size. This ePUB Reader for Windows can read files in EPUB, MOBI, AZW, AZW3, PRC, TXT, and HTMLZ formats. It has many languages, including English, helps you keep track of your reading progress, and lets you change metadata. Overall, this is one of the best Epub readers for Windows.


  • Clean and intuitive interface.
  • Supports various ebook formats.
  • Syncs reading progress across devices.


  • Limited customization options.
  • May lack some advanced features compared to other readers.


Best Epub Readers for Windows


  • Lightweight and fast e-book reader for Windows.
  • Supports a variety of file formats, including PDF, EPUB, and MOBI.
  • Minimalistic interface with essential reading features.
  • Optimized for speed and efficiency, ideal for quick e-book viewing.

Sumatra PDF is a free, small programme that lets you read ePub books and other files on Windows 10. You should get this if you want a simple, easy-to-use ePub reader that doesn’t have all the extra features of other programmes. The user interface is simple and easy to understand. Multiple ePub files can be opened at once, and you can quickly switch between them. Currently, this is one of the best Epub readers for Windows.


  • Lightweight and fast ebook reader.
  • Supports multiple ebook formats, including PDF.
  • Portable and doesn’t require installation.


  • Lack of advanced features compared to other ebook readers.
  • Limited customization options and settings.

Tips for Optimizing Epub Reading Experience on Windows

Picking the right EPUB reader app for Windows and using its features to make reading more comfortable and interesting are two ways to improve your reading experience on Windows. Here are some tips to make reading EPUBs on Windows more enjoyable:

Pick a Reliable EPUB Reader App: There are a number of different EPUB reader apps for Windows, and they all have different features and user interfaces. Calibre, Adobe Digital Editions, Sumatra PDF, and Freda are all popular choices. Check out these apps to find the one that works best for you in terms of how easy it is to use, how customisable it is, and what other features it has.

Change Text and Display Settings: You can change the background colour, line spacing, margins, and text size in most EPUB reader apps. Depending on your preferences and the lighting, change these settings to make it easier to read and lessen eye strain.

Use Night Mode or Dark Theme: A lot of EPUB reader apps have a night mode or dark theme that changes the colours so that white text is shown on a dark background. Turning on night mode can help your eyes feel better, especially when you’re reading at night or in low light.

Check Out Reading Progress Indicators: Some EPUB reader apps show reading progress indicators, like the number of pages read, the percentage of the book that has been read, or the amount of time left. Track your progress and set reading goals for each session with these tools.

Use annotation tools: Look for EPUB reader apps that have annotation tools, like the ability to highlight, bookmark, take notes, and select text. You can highlight important parts of the text, make notes, and easily go back to those parts with these tools.

Tips for Choosing the Best Epub Reader for Windows

There are a few things you should think about when choosing the best EPUB reader for Windows to make sure you have a smooth and enjoyable reading experience. To help you pick the best EPUB reader, here are some tips:

Format Compatibility: Make sure the EPUB reader can open EPUB files, which are the most common type of e-book. It’s also helpful if the reader works with multiple file types, such as PDF, MOBI, TXT, and others. This way, you can read a wider range of e-books without having to convert them.

User Interface and Ease of Use: Look for an EPUB reader that has an interface that is easy to understand and use. It should be easy to move around in e-books, have smooth animations for turning pages, and let you change the background colour, text size, and font style.

Feature Set: Think about what an EPUB reader should have for you. You can bookmark pages, highlight text, search for words, and look up words in the dictionary. You might also be interested in more advanced features like tools for making notes, a night mode, organising your library, and cloud syncing.

Performance and Stability: Pick an EPUB reader that works well and stays stable. It shouldn’t crash or have any other problems, load e-books quickly, and work with big libraries without any lag.

Library Management: Look at how your EPUB reader handles your library of e-books. For example, you should be able to put e-books into collections and sort them by title, author, or genre. You should also be able to search for specific titles quickly.


Can Microsoft read ePub?

Most ebooks are ePub. Microsoft Store digital reading software lets you read these on Windows.

Why is EPUB so popular?

ePUB simplifies eBook reading on multiple platforms. Multi-device compatible, interactive, easy to create, and piracy-proof.

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