Best WinRAR Keyboard Shortcuts 2024: to boost your productivity

Master the efficiency of WinRAR with these shortcuts for seamless file compression and extraction.

Learn the best WinRAR Keyboard Shortcuts to maximise efficiency. WinRAR users can improve their experience by using these shortcuts. These commands speed compression and extraction and improve software interaction. These keyboard shortcuts let WinRAR experts navigate archives, compress files, and perform other tasks with few keystrokes. Using these shortcuts maximises WinRAR productivity.

For instance, Ctrl + S saves changes instantly, while Ctrl + P prints archived file information. A smooth and productive WinRAR experience is achieved by using keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl + F5 (Copy full paths to clipboard) and Alt + R when archiving large datasets or extracting essential files. Users can improve their archiving game and manage compressed files faster and more intuitively with this list of WinRAR keyboard shortcuts.” Below, we have mentioned the best WinRAR Keyboard Shortcuts.

Why Use Keyboard Shortcuts in WinRAR?

Keyboard shortcuts in WinRAR make it easier to use by giving you quick and direct access to different functions. For instance, Ctrl+E extracts files, Ctrl+Z adds files to an archive, and Ctrl+P brings up the “Set password” window. When you use these shortcuts, you don’t have to use the mouse as much, which speeds up the compression and extraction processes. This helps Windows users work faster and more efficiently, which is especially helpful for people who have a lot of archived files.

Tips for Memorizing WinRAR Keyboard Shortcuts

When working with compressed files, remembering the keyboard shortcuts for WinRAR can make your work a lot faster. Follow these hints to remember how to use the WinRAR keyboard:

???? Put together a cheat sheet: Make a cheat sheet or a list of the keyboard shortcuts for WinRAR to start. Keep this cheat sheet close to your desk so you can quickly look it up until you remember the shortcuts.

???? Pay attention to common actions: Focus on remembering the shortcuts for the things you do with WinRAR most often, like Alt+E to extract files, Alt+A to add files to an archive, and Alt+O to open an archive.

???? Put them to regular use: Actively use the keyboard shortcuts for WinRAR in your daily work. You’ll remember them better if you use them a lot.

???? See the actions: For each shortcut, make a mental picture or link. Visualising the action that goes with a keyboard shortcut can help you remember it.

???? Connect shortcuts to actions: Create mental links between certain keyboard shortcuts and the things they do. For example, make Alt+E work with “Extract” and Alt+A work with “Add to archive.”

Best WinRAR Keyboard Shortcuts

Use these keyboard shortcuts to get the most out of WinRAR. To access a file, simply hit Ctrl+O. Use Ctrl+S to save changes. Use Ctrl+E to extract files. Use Ctrl+P to print. Use Ctrl+U to alter the displayed content. To remove a file, hit Ctrl+D. Learning these shortcuts makes WinRAR work better, which makes compressing and extracting files quick and easy.

General Shortcuts:

Ctrl + OOpen archive
Ctrl + SSave archive
Ctrl + PPrint archive
Ctrl + FFind files in the archive
Ctrl + RRepair archive
Ctrl + ESet password
Ctrl + NCreate a new archive
Ctrl + UConvert archive format
Ctrl + QQuit WinRAR

Archive Navigation:

Ctrl + PgUpSwitch to the previous archive in the list
Ctrl + PgDownSwitch to the next archive in the list
Alt + LeftGo to the parent folder
Alt + UpMove up one level in the folder hierarchy
Alt + RightEnter selected folder/archive
Alt + EnterView properties of selected archive

Compression and Extraction:

Ctrl + FFind files in archive
Alt + EExtract files to specified folder
Alt + XExtract files with full path
Alt + ZExtract files with relative paths
Alt + AAdd files to archive
Alt + UUpdate files in archive
Alt + RAdd to archive and replace files
F3View file
EnterView file using associated program
F5Copy selected files to the current folder
F6Move selected files to the current folder
F8Delete files
InsToggle selection of files


Ctrl + F1Open Help
Ctrl + F3Find files in archive
Ctrl + TTest archive
Ctrl + UChange user interface
F9Toggle comment

File Operations Shortcuts:

InsertAdd files to the archive
DeleteDelete files from the archive
Alt + EnterFile Properties
Ctrl + ASelect all files
Ctrl + DDeselect all files
Ctrl + XCut selected files
Ctrl + CCopy selected files
Ctrl + VPaste files
F5Copy selected files to another panel
F6Move selected files to another panel
F7Create a new folder

View and Display Shortcuts:

F3View the selected file
Ctrl + PgUpSwitch to the previous panel view
Ctrl + PgDownSwitch to the next panel view

Compression and Extraction Shortcuts:

Alt + EExtract files
Alt + ZTest archived files
Alt + AAdd files to archive
Alt + UUpdate files in the archive

Best WinRAR Keyboard Shortcuts for Different Platforms

WinRAR is a popular tool for compressing files. It has keyboard shortcuts that make it easy to move around on different platforms. To open an archive in Windows, press Ctrl + O, and to print, press Ctrl + P. For extraction, Mac users press Command + D. Learning these shortcuts makes users more productive and improves the efficiency of managing files.


Ctrl + OOpen archive
Ctrl + SSave archive
Ctrl + FFind files
Ctrl + RRepair archive
Ctrl + PSet password
Alt + RConvert archive
Alt + EExtract files
Alt + UUpdate archive
Ctrl + TTest archived files
F5Copy selected files to the clipboard
F6Move selected files to the clipboard
F2Rename files
DelDelete files from archive
SpaceSelect/deselect files
Ctrl + ASelect all files
Ctrl + DDeselect all files
Ctrl + EEdit comment
Ctrl + NCreate a new archive
Ctrl + WClose the current archive


Command + OOpen archive
Command + SSave archive
Command + FFind files
Command + RRepair archive
Command + PSet password
Option + Command + RConvert archive
Command + EExtract files
Option + Command + UUpdate archive
Command + TTest archived files
Command + CCopy selected files to the clipboard
Command + XMove selected files to the clipboard
EnterRename files
BackspaceDelete files from archive
SpaceSelect/deselect files
Command + ASelect all files
Command + DDeselect all files
Command + IEdit comment
Command + NCreate a new archive
Command + WClose the current archive

Troubleshooting and Common Issues with WinRAR Shortcuts

Many people use WinRAR to save files, and it comes with a number of keyboard shortcuts that can make your work easier. These steps should help you fix any problems you’re having with WinRAR shortcuts:

???? Check out the documentation on keyboard shortcuts: Check the official WinRAR documentation or user manual to make sure you are using the right keyboard shortcuts to do what you want to do. Shortcuts may be different in different versions.

???? Check the version of WinRAR: Make sure you have the most recent version of WinRAR. Updates may fix bugs and make things better. If you need to, you can get the latest version of WinRAR from the official website and install it.

????️ As an administrator, run WinRAR: Pick up the WinRAR file or shortcut and right-click on it. Then, choose “Run as administrator.” Running WinRAR with administrator rights might fix the problem if some keyboard shortcuts need higher permissions.

⌨️ Check how the system keyboard is set up: Make sure that the settings for your system keyboard are correct. Your operating system’s language and layout settings may change how some keys or key combinations are used.

???? Problems with custom shortcuts: If you changed how the keyboard shortcuts work in WinRAR, look for problems. The same shortcut can’t be used for more than one thing. Change the keyboard shortcuts in the settings for WinRAR to keep them from clashing.


What is the Ctrl +R key?

Ctrl+R aligns the line or text you’ve chosen to the right side of the screen.

What does control Z mean?

To undo, press Ctrl+Z. Redo an undone action with Ctrl+Y. Undo and Redo let you undo or redo single or multiple typing actions, but you can’t skip actions.

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