Best Thriller Shows on Disney+ Hotstar

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It is very exciting to sit safely at home and watch the programs on the screens. Some suspenseful shows can calm your blood, dilate your pupils, and make your hand clammy. The nice thing about watching thriller movies is that it will definitely give you a heartwarming experience and surprising twists in the story as well. Although shopping malls and movie theaters are starting to open, it’s best to watch shows safely at home. OTT platforms, mainly Disney+ Hotstar, come with many amazing thrillers.

You can find more mystery and thriller TV shows in our list of the best TV series. If you’re looking for more TV series on Disney+ Hotstar, here are plenty of suggestions on how to check or get a quote for old articles. The thriller shows on Disney+ Hotstar come with a neat balance of content from the international and Indian scene. Since there is so much of this type of content available on the platform, it is often difficult to choose a program.

Here is the list of the best thriller shows on Disney + Hotstar

Easttown Mare

Rating: 4.8/5

Kate Winslet plays a middle-aged police officer, Mare, in the isolated town of Eastown. Her rise to fame in this city is a miraculous basketball game and cold case that is like a black mark on her career. She is beautiful, but her beauty and personality have faded with time and circumstance.

game of Thrones

Rating: 4.7/5

In the mythical continent of Westeros, several powerful families fight for control of the Seven Kingdoms. As conflict erupts across the human kingdoms, an ancient enemy rises once more to threaten them all. Meanwhile, the last heirs to a recently usurped dynasty plan to reclaim their homeland across the Strait.

true detective

Rating: 4.7/5

A bizarre Southern California murder uncovered by California Highway Patrol officer Paul Woodrugh (Taylor Kitsch) leads to a conspiracy that ensnares mobster Frank Semyon (Vince Vaughn), Detective Ray Vinci (Col Farrell) and Ventura County Sheriff’s Detective Ani Bezzerides (Rachel McAdams). .


Rating: 4.5/5

A bipolar CIA agent is convinced that Al Qaeda has turned a prisoner of war and plans to carry out a terrorist attack on American soil. The winner of 6 Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Drama Series, Homeland is a No. 1 sensation. Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody is both a well-known hero and a serious threat. CIA officer Carrie Matheson is a leader in her field despite being bipolar.

history of american crime

Rating: 4.5/5

It depicts a serial killer named Andy Cunanan who also killed Gianni Versace. The program not only reflects the knowledge of the victim’s mind, but also shows us a whole process with the police and the law.


Rating: 4.3/5

The story of this crime thriller is based on a surgeon who poses as Tisca Chopra. The night before the Prime Minister’s operation, her family was taken hostage. The man who saved lives was now determined to kill his patient for the safety of his family.


Rating: 4.3/5

The story of this police thriller is based on Aarya, heir to a pharmaceutical company run by her husband. Within the masks of the family business, the company has also dealt with opium. Once things take a turn for the worse, Aarya must take charge of the business.

the foreigner

Rating: 4.2/5

“The Outsider” follows the story of a detective, Ralph Anderson, who arrests Terry Maitland, the coach of the men’s soccer team, after a heinous crime that takes place in Flint City. Although he declares his innumerable innocence, Ralph falls to the void and insists that Terry is the criminal.


Rating: 4.1/5

A veteran police officer and a teenage girl are beaten to death by a tower block in southeast London, leaving a five-year-old boy and rookie police officer Lizzie Griffiths on the roof to disappear. Detective Sergeant Sarah Collins is recruited to investigate, working to find Lizzie before she is seriously injured, but also to uncover the truth behind the horrific deaths in the tower.

Rating: 4.0/5

As the long Antarctic winter sets in, most of the staff evacuate the Polaris VI Antarctic Research Station. A small team remains to continue their groundbreaking research, a crucial part of the fight against climate change, led by renowned biologist Arthur Wilde (John Leeds). But when spring comes, summer commander Johan Berg (Alexander Willaume) returns to find the entire team dead or missing. A murderer is free and Annika (Laura Bach), Johan’s wife, is missing. If he wants to find her alive, he must trust Maggie (Katharine O’Donnelly), the young doctor who is injured and apparently the only survivor of the team.

Final words: Best Thriller Shows on Disney+ Hotstar

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