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Many brands have now come up with their authentic Indian web series and different video streaming platforms which are particularly attractive. The original Zee5 web series is the second largest OTT platform in India. It produces a wide range of content in 12 different languages ​​in many categories-genres. The original Zee 5 web series has recently gained immense popularity among Indians and is overloaded with related stuff. Zee5 has a lot of video content and is great at facilitating audiences by providing everything on one platform. If you haven’t tried the OTT platform yet, do so.

Here is the list of the best thriller shows on Zee5


Rating: 4.8/5

Naxalbari is what you probably missed among Zee5’s other quality offerings. But, let me remind you, this is a seductive title hiding in plain sight. An eight-episode police thriller series from ZEE5 Original revolves around an STF agent on a secret mission to uncover the truth behind a Naxal uprising in Gadchiroli. The series stars Rajeev Khandelwal in the title role alongside Tina Dutta, Sreejita Dey, Aamir Ali, and Satyadeep Mishra in supporting roles.

Manja 2017

Rating: 4.7/5

A working mother with a teenage son moves to a new town to escape her abusive husband and start a new life, but when she realizes her psychotic friend is forcing her son to commit a violent crime, she must decide whether to go again or fight your deepest fears and fight back.


Rating: 4.6/5

Six friends who were very close during their college days reunite for Tanya’s bachelor party in Madhopour. However, the six are tied together by a horrible incident that separated them for years. Reunion serves to rejuvenate the wound, turning an idyllic journey into a dangerous game of cat and mouse. The friends begin a round of Mafia, the popular game that many of us enjoyed playing as children. Instead of serving as a bonding activity, the game brings out the worst in them, prompting each of them to act according to their own hidden agendas, riddled with deceit and betrayal.


Rating: 4.5/5

Sunny beats up a criminal Don Kuljinder in a hotel bathroom, seriously injuring him and leaving him to die. 10 days of retrospective fun. Long fiancé Aarfa smart as he is from Pakistan. The wedding suddenly takes on a spark with the arrival of Rohan’s best friend Sunny. While everyone is in a festive mood, Sunny brings Aarfa to the wedding for Rohan to introduce her to his parents.

Southhall has a crime family ruled by Kuljinder and Jassi and Pali’s brothers at a wedding party, Rohan sees Kuljinder with his father and breaks down as his haunted past shows up when Sunny finds out and decides to get revenge on him. Cooling. Today, Krrish is killed on his wedding day and Sunny is the one who was seriously injured by Pali, the court manages to sentence Pali to prison, but nothing remains the same for Rohan who decides to separate from everyone and will have nothing. to do with Sunny.

teen patty

Rating: 4.3/5

India-based Venkat Subramaniam is invited to Cambridge University by Perci Trachtenberg. Upon arrival, he meets Perci and tells him about his life as a mathematician at a university and his theory of winnings in card games. He involved a debt-ridden fellow professor, Shantanu Biswas, as well as three students: Bikram Dhar, Siddharth Bajaj, and Aparna Khanna.

They achieve success, which is short-lived, when they must admit another partner in this game, a student, Abbas Sheikh, and face the animosity of the gangsters. Through Abbas’s contacts, they proceed towards high-odds private parties, unaware that they will soon end up not only being blackmailed, but also harassed and threatened by persons unknown.


Rating: 4.3/5

Abhay is a ZEE5 Original starring Kunal Kemmu, Ram Kapoor, Deepak Tijori, Elnaaz Norouzi, Rituraj Singh, Maninee Mishra, Sandeepa Dhar and Gopal Singh. Inspired by true events, the police thriller revolves around Abhay Pratap Singh, a cunning investigator with the mind of a criminal who can do anything to solve a case. Join Abhay as he embarks on the dark and horrific world of crime to save innocent lives as he confronts his own personal demons.


Rating: 4.2/5

A political drama set in Bihar in the 1990s. With its caste arithmetic, traditional satraps and emerging voice… will an illiterate woman Rani Bharti (Huma Qureshi) survive it? Rani Bharti (Huma Qureshi) is a housewife and wife of the Prime Minister of Bihar Bheema (Sohum Shah).

The only thing that matters to her is her house and her husband. She wants to pack up and return to the village after her husband resigns as Bihar CM. But her life takes a turn for the worse when her husband and the Bihar CM are forced to announce the name of her successor. While the members of his party seem excited when they hear who was appointed, he appoints Rani as his successor, leaving everyone in awe.

scam 1992

Rating: 4.1/5

Times Of India journalist Sucheta Dalal receives breaking news from an unknown Sharad Bellari claiming to be from the State Bank of India that Rs 500 crore is missing from their files and that the well-known stockbroker Harshad Mehta is committing the fraud. Harshad Mehta started out as a worker at the Mumbai Stock Exchange and became one of the biggest stockbrokers in a short time due to his intelligence, but the big drop in the market caused huge losses.

Harshad then decides to return to his brother Ashwin and his friend Bushan and starts investing in the money market as well. The big fish in the market feels threatened by Harshad as his business suffers losses. He works with foreign banks who have refused to work with him and plans to reveal his big business dealings, while the RBI Governor is also eager to know how Harshad arranges the finances. for large transactions. The story comes to Sucehta Dalal with many sources that he publishes as Scam, the new word in the country that creates the most trouble for Harshad Mehta (Big Bull).


Rating: 4.0/5

Set against the backdrop of rustic 1990s Gorakpur, Rangbaaz reflects the undertones of crime, blood, lust and dirty politics. This remarkable series, which once won the award for “Most Viewed Original Series on Zee5”, surrounds the plot of a boy in difficult circumstances. It beautifully follows the journey of misguided juvenile manipulation and how a person is not born a criminal. This story of immoral politics robbing the boy of his youth continues further as he becomes one of the most wanted criminals in Uttar Pradesh. Following the huge success of Rangbaaz, Zee5 also aired its second season, which again received extreme ratings.

Your Honor

Rating: 3.9/5

Bryan Cranston stars as a New Orleans judge who is forced to confront his deepest beliefs when his son is swept up in a hit involving an organized crime family. As a storm of vengeance, lies and deception threatens to engulf the entire city, Michael Desiato faces a series of increasingly impossible choices and discovers the lengths an honest man will go to save the life of his son.

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