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Often in anime, it’s not physical power that wins the day, rather it’s brain power. Strength isn’t always everything and it’s been proven time and time again when anime characters outsmart their nemeses. Some of these Brainiac are smarter than the others; they are geniuses of one sort or another and have had a huge effect on the industry. These intelligent characters can find themselves in a situation, they always have a wealth of knowledge at hand in their huge brains, and they can quickly adapt to new situations and quickly adapt to a new environment.

Some may be great at solving problems, but for whatever reason, these smart pants are highly liked or highly hated by others, depending on whether they’re more likely to be thought of as a “good” or “bad” guy. Anyway, you have to admit that these are the best and brightest anime characters of all time.

Here is the list of the smartest anime characters

winry rockbell

Winry is a very interesting character, but disappointing. She has everything I like in a strong female lead. She is independent, she has a purpose for her life, she can hold her own in a fight and she is not dependent on a man to help her in her endeavors. However, she doesn’t mind using her girlish charm to get Ed and Al to do things for her. She sounds so promising. Unfortunately, she’s on the sidelines to allow the main story to unfold, and once Ed and Al drop her off in Rush Valley, we never see her character really develop again.

The only noticeable change we see is that she forgives Scar after having the opportunity to kill him. Winry stole the hearts of many anime fans, including mine, so it’s a shame she doesn’t get more screen time. But at the end of Brotherhood, she’s still in love with Ed and her future ends up being that she just married Ed and they have kids.

perfect zora

Her appearance is modeled after a doll given to her by her father. Zora’s most distinctive feature is the series of black leather straps that wrap around the lower part of her face, leaving openings for her nose and mouth and covering her neck. The opening of her mouth shows her sharp teeth. The last strap of it is thicker and studded.

His black shirt only covers his shoulders, upper arms, and upper back. Zora’s complexion is noticeably paler than others. Her crimson hair stands up and reminds of flames. She also wears two metal studs above her right eyebrow and three below her lower lip on the bands on the left.


Kars is the leader of the Pillar Men. He is smart, ruthless, and determined in his devotion to obtaining the Red Stone of Aja. Oddly enough, despite his apathy towards humans and his willingness to kill them, he has been shown to be more compassionate towards other living beings. In Switzerland, he cut a car that was about to hit a puppy in half, then maneuvered into a long drop and missed a flower arrangement near the bottom of the cliff.

Kars’ power is that of light; he can create leafy appendages from his arms and use them to reflect blinding light at his enemies. He also has the same powers over his body that all Pillar Men share.


This series started very well, the first season is definitely one of the best seasons of anime. But damn, he dropped the ball in season two. It was like the studio didn’t want to continue this season after the manga ended. The manga, while not perfect, is by far the best version of this series, just read it.

The last episode of season 2 literally had no animation, it was just a slideshow. It was so clean that the studio didn’t want to bother with it. Also, there is no writer credit on the last two episodes because they knew they had done a terrible job.


Asuka is a quarter Japanese. Asuka was born in Germany and grew up there, although her nationality is technically American. Asuka’s native language is German, and in both the series and the manga, she tends to swear in German. Asuka was born to an American father (unknown) and a German mother (deceased). A child prodigy, she received a college degree in an unspecified field when she was a teenager; she is also fluent in Japanese, but has difficulty reading and writing kanji.

Asuka has had years of training from a young age to become an Evangelion pilot. Asuka is very proud to be an Eva pilot and she almost constantly wears her A10 nerve clips on her hair because she wants everyone around her to know that she is a pilot.

Rohan Kishibe

Spoke Kishibe Rohan is a stylish, well-written, and surprisingly funny four-part anime series. This quartet of one-of-a-kind stories is armed with incredibly unique aesthetics, a strong splash of color, and stunning writing. Adapted from the Diamond is Unbreakable spinoff manga, So Spoke Kishibe Rohan is set in the JoJo universe, but those unfamiliar with his origins can easily jump in and enjoy this series. At the center of it all is Rohan Kishibe, a 27-year-old mangaka who is broke.

Rohan, surrounded by fans demanding coffee-stained autographs, tells four completely different but wonderfully dark paranormal stories. The episodes work well, with a slight sequencing continuity that holds everything together, while the various stories feel like something out of a horror anthology.


Korosensei was a very interesting character. Depending on her mood, her face would change colors and she could go from serious to goofy in the blink of an eye. Overall, he was the best he could be. He always did everything he could for his students. He even took Nagisa and Karma around the world to go to the movies with him! During the whole flight he used his tentacles to make the dust and everything that could have hurt them disappear.

He loved nothing more than to see them succeed. He was funny, loving and extremely intelligent. He always had the answer to all questions and gave great advice to his students. He was a great role model.

Aoi Everything

Aoi Todo is a tall young man who is about the same size as Satoru Gojo. He has a very defined and heavy muscular build and relatively tanned skin. He has small black eyes and shoulder-length black hair that is almost always tied up in a bun. One of his most notable features is the large scar running down the left side of Todo’s face, which he sustained after grueling training with Yuki. While Todo wears his high jujutsu uniform, he usually takes off his jacket and tears off his shirt before or during the fight.

He usually wears martial arts pants and shoes. All pants choice is very baggy, ending above the ankle with a bright blue sash wrapped around the waist. She wore a tennis-style outfit while playing table tennis with Mei Mei, she wore a collared shirt and shorts instead of her normal outfit.

Itachi Uchiha

Itachi Uchiha is a fictional character from “Naruto”, a ninja. He served as a ninja for the Uchiha clan of Konohagakure. Itachi becomes a criminal who kills his entire clan except his younger brother Sasuke Uchiha, who believes that he is not strong enough to defeat him. He also kills his own family, which is why Saskue makes it his life’s mission to kill Itachi. Itachi then joins another international criminal organization known as the Akatsuki, which brings him into contact with Sasuke.

From an early age he was calm and insightful. He always did better at school and everywhere else, which sometimes made Sasuk jealous. Itachi always wanted to have more and more power. However, there is also a part of him that genuinely cares for his little brother. That’s why this is also a major reason why he didn’t kill him.

Edward elric

The protagonist of Hiromu Arakawa’s excellent series Fullmetal Alchemist’s Hagane no Renkinjutsushi, Edward Elric is a conceited fifteen-year-old genius scientist who lives in a country ruled by alchemy. He reached the rank equivalent of a major with a harsh title “Fullmetal”. A rogue state alchemist popular with the townspeople and known for being the smallest and youngest state alchemist. What strikes me most about Edward Elric is his stubbornly unique and selfless personality.

Although other characters treat Edward like a child and force him to behave, Edward follows what he believes and decides for himself. He is independent and rebellious. He doesn’t like to follow his superiors and attacks without thinking about the results. He is focused on his goal and only concentrates on what he hopes to do to achieve it.

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