Positive Effects of Carpet Cleaning on Health

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Carpet cleaning can improve the appearance of your home and extend the life of your carpet, but perhaps the most valuable benefit of this procedure is improving the health of you and your family. According to the American Lung Association, it’s especially important to vacuum carpets at least three times a week if members of your household suffer from conditions that can affect their breathing, such as snoring or asthma. In addition to regular vacuuming, it can also be beneficial to have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year.

If you’re not entirely convinced of the benefits of professional carpet cleaning, Adelaide residents should keep in mind that a clean carpet not only looks better and smells better (and probably has a longer lifespan), it can also bring a number of health benefits. benefits to the occupants or users of the home or business premises. Most people believe that the biggest benefit of a carpet cleaning is how the carpet looks and feels afterward. While that’s a better feeling, there are even good reasons to clean your carpet. Clean carpets also help keep you and your family healthy.

Check the list of the best positive effects of carpet cleaning on health

Help prevent unhealthy mold growth

The risk of mold and other unhealthy growths developing on dirty carpets is greatly increased in high humidity areas where the carpet is exposed to moisture. Areas around large pieces of furniture where airflow is reduced can also provide a perfect environment.

When it rains, moisture can be traced indoors, this moisture sinks into the carpets where it promotes the growth of mold and mildew. Studies have shown that mold is actually more harmful than cigarette smoking, producing spores in the lungs that cause serious health and respiratory illnesses.

Dust mite prevention

Dust mites are microscopic. They share our homes and most of us are probably not even aware of their existence. With this in mind, when an infestation occurs, most of us are probably not even aware that it is happening. It is the feces of dust mites that cause allergic reactions.

The microscopic particles are easily inhaled when an infested area is disturbed. Sounds disgusting right? Well, consider this. To put this problem in perspective, about a half teaspoon of dust can contain up to 20,000 dust mites. Then consider how big your rug footprint is, even in the smallest room in your home.

You can help keep your family healthy

Although it may not be fun to think about, your carpet almost certainly harbors untold amounts of dirt and debris. From pet dander to mold, your family may be breathing in some gross stuff, which can be especially harmful to people with asthma or allergies. However, professional cleaning can remove these contaminants by using specialized carpet cleaning methods, equipment and chemicals that get the job done right without putting your family’s health at risk.

Professional shampoo, for example, uses detergents that can safely remove dust and dirt before they can be released into the air. Steam cleaning is also a star approach for killing microscopic organisms, like allergy-causing dust mites, that can’t survive high temperatures. And those are not the only benefits of professional cleaning. In addition to the high-powered vacuums, steamers, and specialty detergents that professionals use, they also have state-of-the-art drying tools that are essential for preventing the growth of bacteria and mold.

relieve your allergies

One of the biggest problems for people with allergies is dust and dust mites. Dust mites easily settle on almost any soft surface, including carpet. Carpeted areas are often heavily trafficked and are also where you spend your free time. Dust mites burrow deep into carpet fibers and feed on all the little debris and crumbs that land on the carpet. While vacuuming helps a little, it can’t get rid of dust mites. As dust mites multiply, you may experience more severe allergies and find it more difficult to breathe easily.

Thousands upon thousands of dust mites can live in even the smallest squares of carpet. Of course, they also leave behind their own waste. Having a professional Orlando carpet cleaning service can keep their number under control and minimize the effects they create on your allergies. Make sure you have a disinfectant included in the price of the cleaning and make sure the disinfectant is safe for your family and pets.

Your rugs will last longer

It is a common myth that carpet cleaning reduces the life of carpeted floors. This is absolutely not the case. In fact, regular cleaning is essential when it comes to ensuring your floors last as long as possible.

At Brilliance Carpet Cleaning Perth we recommend having your floors cleaned by a professional at least once a year. If you have a business that involves a lot of foot traffic, you might even consider hiring a carpet cleaner twice a year.

better air quality

As you walk across your carpet, it breaks down the particles trapped in the fibers and can release any toxic contaminants that have bonded. Professionals use powerful carpet shampooing products and techniques to remove trapped contaminants before they are released and affect the air quality in your home.

They will also have tools that can help reduce trapped moisture in your carpets that could be causing mold and mildew to develop, especially when we’ve had particularly humid weather.

Promotion of good air quality

When you vacuum your carpet, you remove dirty items from the surface of the carpet. Some vacuums may suggest a deep clean, but most will ultimately clean the top layer of the carpet. Without penetrating deep into the pile, these contaminants are allowed to penetrate deep into the carpet.

Deep cleaning your carpets probably isn’t something you’d immediately associate with better indoor air quality, but it does have a very positive effect. Dust and allergens collected from shallow carpet cleaning can circulate in the air when disturbed and can affect the health of asthma patients and ultimately anyone in the room.

get rid of pollution

Pollutants are all around us in our everyday world. They are seemingly impossible to avoid, even if you go to great lengths to do so. Regular vacuuming can help reduce contaminants in your carpet. However, because carpet contains thick, dense fibers, contaminants burrow deep into your floors. Not only that, activity on your carpets (walking, sitting, etc.) can release that pollution directly into the air in your home.

From organic pollutants to chemicals, no one wants to breathe pollution. Carpet cleaning removes them and prevents them from getting into the air. Again, make sure the company you choose has truck-mounted equipment and uses a disinfectant that is deadly against mold, viruses, and bacteria and is safe for your family.

kill germs

Another health benefit of carpet cleaning is the removal of germs that harbor in your carpet. Professional cleaners can use high temperature methods to kill bacteria in your carpet that could be affecting your family’s health.

balanced humidity

Good indoor air quality creates a good moisture balance. Humidity (measured as the amount of water in the air) affects every aspect of your environment.

Too much makes breathing feel heavy and also makes your home feel stuffy and damp. The extra moisture, as already mentioned, causes mold growth and increased dust mite populations, while also attracting pests.

Final words: Positive Effects of Carpet Cleaning on Health

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