How to Access Brimstone Sands in New World

Start your New World Brimstone Sands adventure here by unlocking the sands and beating the heat.

To get to the Brimstone Sands area of New World video game, players must first level up their characters to at least 60 and finish the main story quests that lead up to the area’s introduction. Adventurers will be well-prepared for the difficult challenges that lie ahead in the vast desert landscape thanks to this difficult threshold. In this article we showed how to Access Brimstone Sands in New World.

When players walk into Brimstone Sands, they are greeted by a stunning mix of Egyptian and Roman architecture, which makes the game feel rich and real. There are a lot of new things to do in the region, such as tough PvE fights, fun faction missions, and profitable resource nodes.

In addition, players can explore ancient ruins, find hidden secrets, and fight in large-scale PvP battles, which makes the world of New World even more dynamic and competitive. As the game’s biggest region so far, Brimstone Sands promises a huge and varied gaming world where players can work together, make plans, and do well in this beautiful desert realm. For more information go to their official website.

How to Access Brimstone Sands in New World

Have more than 600 levels of gear

  1. LEVEL UP: Reach Level 60 before venturing into the Brimstone Sands Zone.
  2. GEAR UP: Equip 500-level gear to meet the recommended standard for the zone.
  3. BOOST GEAR SCORE: Prioritize increasing your gear score, aiming for a minimum of 600.
  4. STRATEGIZE: Develop a strategic play style to complement your enhanced gear score.
  5. LEGENDARY DROPS: Achieving a score of 600 improves your chances of obtaining legendary drops.
  6. MAXIMIZE PERKS: Opt for legendaries over epics, as they provide three perks instead of two.

Improve important trade skills

  1. Before Entering Brimstone Sands:
    • Upgrade Weaponsmithing and Stonecutting to 180.
  2. Essential Trade Skills:
    • Weaponsmithing 180:
    • Craft Runeglass Case component.
  3. Stonecutting 180:
    • Craft Runeglass Gem.
  4. Manipulating Runes and Gems:
    • Players need to understand how to manipulate these Runes and Gems, as they are powerful.

Use brimstone on your farm as often as you can.

  1. Introduction: With this update, Brimstone became a new piece of content.
  2. Mining Soil Chunks: Soil chunks can be mined for by the player.
  3. Sulphur Production: One piece of sulphur can be made from five of these chunks.
  4. Mining Importance: Players will want to mine this new material as often as possible because it is important for making things.
  5. Applications in Crafting: It is one of the main parts of both Heartgem Runes and Runeglass Gems.
  6. Additional Uses: It can also be used to make potions and ancient coatings.
  7. Primary Goal: The main goal right now should be to stock up for making new items.
  8. Locating Brimstone: Players can find Brimstone near acid pools.
  9. Cautionary Note: They need to be careful because there will be mobs nearby.

Challenges and Enemies in Brimstone Sands

Bad guys:

  • Corrupted Roman Legion: The main bad guys; they are left-overs from the 19th Legion who have gone because of the corruption. They use Roman weapons and armour, which makes them familiar enemies who are also evil.
How to Access Brimstone Sands in New World
  • Sand Demons: Sand Demons are ethereal beings that were born in the harsh desert and use fire and sand as weapons.
  • Ancient Guardians: Ancient Guardians are strong beings who use a mix of physical and magical attacks to keep the secrets of the past safe.


  • Environmental Dangers: The blazing sun can cause heatstroke, and sandstorms can damage things and make it hard to see. Geysers and acid pools are also very dangerous.
  • How to Get Around: The huge desert can be hard to find your way around, and hidden sand pits can catch people off guard.
  • Ancient Puzzles: There are glyph-based puzzles hidden in the ruins that you have to use logic and observation to figure out.

Tips for Efficiently Accessing Brimstone Sands

Getting into the region:

  • Finish the Prerequisite Quest: To get into Brimstone Sands, you need to finish a different quest for each faction (Covenant, Marauders, and Syndicate). Find the quest for your faction and finish it.
  • Make the Desert Cerate: Find a campsite or an arcane repository and get the Cinderbloom, Saltpetre, and Wyrdwood Plank you need. Then, make the Desert Cerate. Use it from your stock.
  • How to Get to Ebonscale Reach: From Ebonscale Reach, go north into Brimstone Sands.

Getting things done:

  • Faction Quest Optimisation: Find out which faction quest you can finish the fastest or with the least amount of trouble.
  • Material Gathering: Make a plan ahead of time for how you will gather materials for the Desert Cerate. If you need to, think about trading or buying materials.
  • Travel Optimisation: To cut down on travel time, use Shrines, Fast Travel locations, and Azoth.


Why do I have no quests in brimstone sands?

EDIT: AGS says that the “A Selfless Nature” MSQ in Edengrove is needed to do the “Brimstone” MSQ, which is why there are no quests. Unfortunately, that’s not shown very well, which is why anyone having this problem should know. You should be fine in Brimstone after you finish your quest in Edengrove.

Why can’t i enter Brimstone Sands New World?

New World Brimstone Sands: Start the quest. To get to Brimstone Sands, you need to be level 60. To get into Brimstone Stands, you need to get the Desert Cerate and use it. The game calls it “a heavy cream to protect against the harsh desert sun.”

Is New World Brimstone Sands free?

The New World MMORPG from Amazon Game Studios got a free update called Brimstone Sands. This is the biggest content patch the game has ever gotten. It adds a brand-new zone that is about 2.5 times bigger than Everfall and can be controlled as a territory.

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