How to Add Audio to Google Slides

Learn how to seamlessly add audio to your Google Slides presentations, enhancing engagement and impact.

If you want to know How to Add Audio to Google Slides. It’s likely that you’ve relied on Google Slides more than a few times when you needed to design a presentation that was quick, expressive, and convincing.

It provides a useful set of tools that can be used by you to deliver any message to your audience while simultaneously presenting an impressive visual display. It is common knowledge that effective communication with the audience relies heavily on the utilization of visual elements.

In light of this, you should strive to make your presentation look as good as it possibly can. Nevertheless, it is essential to keep in mind that audio also plays a significant part in the process of conveying an engaging message to your audience. Because of this, you want to find out how to incorporate an audio recording into a Google Slides presentation so that you can take it to the next level. If you know more details about this, than you can check on official website.

How to Add Audio to Google Slides

  1. Get into your Google Slides show and find the slide where you want to add sound. Select “Insert” from the menu at the top of the Slides window.
  2. Go to the “Insert” drop-down menu and choose “Audio.”
  3. The “Insert audio” pop-up lets you look for your audio file in “My Drive,” “Shared drives,” “Shared with me,” or “Recent.” You could also type the name of the music file into the search bar.
  4. Pick out the file you want to add and click “Select.”
  5. Now, your sound file will show up on your slide as a small sound icon. To change the size of the icon, click on it and move one of its corners to the left or right.

Benefits of Adding Audio to Your Presentation

  • Better participation: Using sound in your presentation can help keep people interested and involved. You can make the experience more interesting and dynamic for your audience by adding music, sound effects, or narration.
  • Better understanding: Sound can also help your audience understand your presentation better. You can help people follow your thought process and understand your points better by giving them auditory cues.
How to Add Audio to Google Slides
  • Better rememberability: Adding sound to your presentation can also help people remember it better. By adding sound to your presentation, you can make it more interesting for your audience, which may help them remember what you’re saying.
  • More professional: Adding sound to your presentation can also make it look and sound more professional. If you use good audio and editing, you can make a presentation that looks polished and professional.

Collaborative Features: Working with Audio in Shared Presentations

Add audio to shared presentationsYou can add audio to shared presentations by uploading audio files from your computer or by recording audio directly from your browser.
Edit audio in shared presentationsYou can edit audio in shared presentations by trimming the audio, adjusting the volume, and adding fade-in and fade-out effects.
Move and resize audio in shared presentationsYou can move and resize audio players in shared presentations to position them where you want on the slide.
Collaborate on audio in shared presentationsYou can collaborate on audio in shared presentations with other users by editing the audio together in real time.
Playback audio in shared presentationsYou can play back audio in shared presentations during your presentation or you can share the presentation with others and allow them to play back the audio at their own pace.


Can we add Audio and video in a slide?

To add a video or sound, go to the Insert tab on the ribbon, click the icon that corresponds to the type of media you want to insert, and then choose Video or Audio from File…. 2. Click the OK button after you have navigated to the appropriate clip.

Why can’t I add audio to Google Slides?

You are only able to ‘link’ to video and audio files when using Google Slides as opposed to the ‘inserting’ functionality that is available in Microsoft PowerPoint. You can make links to your sound and video files from your presentation by using Google Drive to upload, store, and manage your media files: 1.

Can you record on Google Slides?

Choose the Window or Chrome Tab where your slides are located if all you want to record is Google Slides. After you have clicked the big red Record button, you will be presented with a countdown from five down to one before the recording starts.

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