How to Add Midjourney to Discord Server

Unleash collective creativity! Guide to adding Midjourney to your Discord server & generate endless art.

Implementing Midjourney Bot could be a great choice for Discord server owners who want to bring some creativity and new ideas to their group. The Midjourney AI app is very famous, so there are usually a lot of people using their platform at the same time, even though it has its own Discord server. In this article we will show you how to Add Midjourney to Discord Server.

Because of this, you might get annoyed when your picture generations keep getting pushed down by dozens of other generations. The things you make can be seen and downloaded by everyone on their public server, so you might also want more privacy. This guide will show you how to add Midjourney to your Discord server so you can use its amazing AI-generated art features. You can go to the main official website to find out more facts.

How to Add Midjourney to Discord Server

  1. Start up Discord.
  2. Visit Midjourney’s main feed.
  3. Pick out any of the “Newcomer Rooms” on the left.
  4. The Midjourney Bot made a lot of the posts you see. Just click on one of its names, like “Midjourney Bot,” or on its “profile picture.”
  5. Then click “Add to Server.”
  6. Pick the server where you want the Midjourney bot to be added.
  7. Then click “Continue.”
  8. Just click “Authorise.”
  9. Make sure you’re a real person, and then you’ll be able to add the bot.

Benefits of Adding Midjourney to Your Discord Server

  • Make beautiful AI art in Discord without much work: members can make beautiful images with just a text prompt, which encourages imagination and expression.
How to Add Midjourney to Discord Server
  • Explore all the possible outcomes: Try out different art styles, genres, and ideas to expand your creative horizons and come up with new concepts.
  • Start interesting conversations: Sharing generated images, talking about creative ideas, and giving feedback within channels helps build a community where people can work together and help each other.
  • Art contests and events should be held: Use Midjourney to make your own challenges and events that will get people involved and show off their skills.
  • Add personalized art to your site to make it your own: You can make your own server icons, banners, emotes, and backgrounds with generated pictures, which will give them more personality and visual appeal.

Tips for Optimizing Midjourney for Your Discord Community

  • Set your goals: Set clear rules for how to use Midjourney, such as what material is allowed, what prompts are acceptable, and how to share.
  • Give us a place to start: To get people to write, you could offer curated prompt templates or themes like “Futuristic fashion,” “Surreal landscapes,” or “Animals playing sports.”
  • Make art challenges a usual thing: Throw themed events with clear instructions or goals to get people to compete in a nice way and push their creative limits.
  • Set up specific channels for feedback: Give people a place to talk about and give constructive feedback about generated images. This will help people learn and grow.
    For sensitive advice, use private channels: Members should be able to use Midjourney privately for more personal work or sensitive subjects.


How do I add a bot to my Discord server?

Choose a Discord bot from a website that has a list of them, like “” Please click on “Invite” on the bot page. Pick a server and let the bot do what it needs to do. After that, the bot will be added to your Discord area.

Can anyone add a bot to a Discord server?

Before you can add bots to a Discord server, you need to be an administrator or the owner of that server. It is a good idea to ask the server’s owner for permission before you do anything if you are not the owner.

Is top gg legit?

Yes, there is a way for bots to be checked out on This makes sure that bots on the list meet certain requirements and follow community rules. This gives users confidence in the bots they choose to add to their sites.

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