How to Add Music to Canva Video

If you know how to add music to Canva videos, you can make them even better.

Add Music to Canva Video can make them much more powerful and interesting. When you add music to your content, you give it more emotion and atmosphere, which makes it more interesting for your audience. The right soundtrack can improve the mood and story of your video, keeping people’s attention and leaving a lasting impression, whether you’re making a promotional clip for social media or a professional presentation for work.

With a large library of tracks covering a wide range of topics and styles, it’s easy to find the perfect music to go with your visual content. Whether you choose upbeat songs to get people excited or soothing melodies to make them feel calm, adding music to your Canva videos makes the whole experience better, which helps your message get through to the right people.

How to Add Music to Canva Video

On Computer

  1. In the editor, go to the side panel and click on Voice. To see it if it’s not already there, click Apps first.
  2. You can scroll through the groups or type something in the search bar. Click “See all” next to each choice to see all of them.
  3. Just click on a track to add it to your plan. When you use a video template, it will go where your play head is on the timeline at the bottom of the editor.
  4. Hover over a track on the editor side panel to see more from a person who contributed sound. When the icon comes up, click it and then click View more by contributor below the title.

On Mobile

  1. Press the button in the editor’s bottom right corner. There will be options.
  2. Press on Sound. You might have to swipe through the choices first to find it.
  3. You can scroll through the groups or type something in the search bar. Click the “See allbutton next to each choice to see all of them.
  4. Just tap on a track to add it to your plan. When you use a video template, it will go where your play head is on the timeline at the bottom of the editor.
  5. Tap and hold on an audio track on the Audio tab to see more from the person who made it. TapSee more work by this author” below the title.

Understanding Canva’s Video Editing Features

Key Tools for Editing:

  • Timeline Editing: Move and rearrange video clips, text, graphics, and audio tracks on a visual timeline to fine-tune the structure and flow of your video.
  • Cutting and Splitting: Get rid of parts that aren’t needed or break clips up into smaller pieces to give you more options.
How to Add Music to Canva Video
  • Cropping and Resizing: Change the frame size of your video or certain parts of it to draw attention to important parts or get the look you want.

Putting together text and graphics:

  • Text Overlays: Use a wide range of customisable fonts, styles, and animations to add titles, captions, call to actions, and other text elements to make your images more interesting and useful.
  • Graphics and Illustrations: To make your video more unique, you can add pre-made graphics, stickers, shapes, and lines from Canva’s large library or upload your own.
  • Animations and Transitions: To make text, graphics, and video clips look more interesting and professional, add subtle or dynamic animations to them.

Tips for Selecting Music That Enhances Your Video

As you prepare to choose music:

  • Set the tone and goal of your video: How do you want people to feel or act after watching? informative, convincing, fun, or motivational? This helps you choose music.
  • Get to know your readers: Think about their age, what they like, and what kind of music they like. Pick music that hits home for them.

How to Choose the Right Music:

  • Match the pace and mood: Feel-good music for upbeat scenes and soothing music for calm ones. Show how the video made you feel.
  • Think about the style and genre: Upbeat pop music for explainer videos, film scores for documentaries, and more. Fit in with the style of your video.
  • Think about the words: Use songs with instrumental versions or lyrics that go with your message. Avoid lyrics that are distracting or don’t make sense.

Sharing and Distributing Your Music-Enhanced Canva Videos

Where would you like to show off your videos?

  • Social media: Depending on your content and audience, you might want to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, or LinkedIn.
  • Websites: Put the video on your blog or website to make it look better and get more people to watch it.
  • Email marketing: To make the experience more interactive, include the video in your email campaigns.

What kind of video do you have? How long is it?

  • Type: Is it a short video, an explainer video, a post on social media, or something else? Formats can’t be used on all platforms.
  • Length: Think about how long people will watch your video for, especially if there are no visuals. As a rule, shorter is better. To get more information go to their official website.

What do you plan to do to show the music without picture?

  • Text overlays: To give information and context, add captions, titles, or lyrics.
  • Audio effects: Use sound design to make transitions, draw attention to certain parts, and make the listening experience better.


How do I link audio and video in Canva?

You can make a video, presentation, or social media doctype or open one that already exists. You can add any video and sound you want. To add sound, click on the pill at the bottom of the editor. In the audio editor at the top, click on Beat Sync.

How can I add audio to a video for free?

One way to add music to your video is to use YouTube Studio and choose one of their copyright-free tracks. Another way is to use an online video editor like Flixier and quickly add your own music. Both of these options work in your browser and don’t need to be downloaded or installed.

Can I insert audio in Canva?

From the Audio tab, you can choose sound effects or audio tracks to add to your designs. You can also put your own files here and use them. It’s possible to add and mix up to 50 audio tracks in your design. If your design has more than 50 tracks, please make two copies of it and delete the extra pages.

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