How to Add Shapes in Premiere Pro

Learn how to add custom shapes to your videos in Premiere Pro with this step-by-step guide!

We all know how important Premiere Pro is in the world of post-production. It is part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud and is one of the best programmes for videos editing. Simple programmes like Microsoft Paint, Word, or even Powerpoint Presentations were the first ones we used to Add Shapes in Premiere Pro.

When you add a shape or image to your work, it has that “something” that makes it stand out. This gets people’s attention and makes your material more interesting. We will learn how to add a shape to your video in Premiere Pro and also how to add a shape to your title. We will also answer some questions that people often have about shapes in Premiere Pro.

What is Adobe Premiere Pro?

This piece of software is one of Adobe’s best-known and has been used for decades by professionals to edit videos. Like other Adobe visual tools like PhotoShop or Illustrator, Premiere Pro is a timeline-based video producer that comes with a lot of advanced features that are needed for big projects.

Because it’s not a linear tool, it gives you a lot of freedom, which can be very important for professional writers. Premiere Pro lets you change your video content in any way you want. For example, you can combine different scenes, add sound to any part of the video, add captions and images, make transitions that look great, and more.

How to Add Shapes in Premiere Pro

By using the the legacy tittle

  1. Pick “New” instead.
  2. To begin, choose “Legacy Title” from the “File” menu at the top of the screen.
  3. When you’re done giving your shape a name, click “OK,” and a conversation box will appear.
  4. Some people who have used older versions of Adobe Premiere Pro will already know about the legacy title tool.

By using Essential Graphics

  1. Go to the “Windows” menu at the top of the screen to start.
  2. Find the word “Essential Graphics.” If you make sure it’s checked, a choice will show up on the right.
  3. Go to “Edit” under “Essential Graphics” and click on the “New Layer” folded page icon.
  4. This will show a list of choices, such as text, vertical text, and square.
  5. To make a rectangle, all you have to do is click on the rectangle choice, and it will show up on the timeline.

Enhancing Visual Appeal: Combining Shapes with Other Effects

  • Morphing: To morph, use the Shape Builder tool to make two shapes that are very different from each other. Then, use the “Morph” shift between them to make the change smooth and natural.
    • Wipes: Use custom shapes to make your own unique wipe changes! Change how they move and how transparent they are to show your next scene in style.
How to Add Shapes in Premiere Pro
  • Dissolve: To add a touch of softness, you can change the shape’s opacity and make it mix in with the background or another shape.
  • Masking: You can hide parts of your video footage with shapes to make a picture-in-picture effect or draw attention to certain features.

Tips for Customizing and Editing Shapes Effectively

  • Pen Tool: The best tool for making exact shapes! Hold down Alt or Option to change points that are already there, and Shift to make straight lines and perfect circles.
  • Shape Tools: Shape Tools let you pick the best starting point for your design from squares, circles, ellipses, triangles, stars, and more.
  • Tool for Direct Selection: You can change the position and curve of individual points on your shape to make new shapes.
  • Fill & Stroke: Fill & Stroke lets you change the colour, opacity, and tint of the inside and outside of your shape. Textures and patterns can be used to give things more depth.
  • Effects: To make your shapes stand out, add effects like glows, drop shadows, and borders. Try different things until you find the right graphic style.
  • Transform: You can precisely move, spin, and scale your shapes. For moving pictures that change over time, use keyframes to make these changes move.


The best thing about this programme, in my opinion, is how easy it is to make unique videos and slideshows that look and feel very professional. You won’t have to spend a lot of time reading through any guides or training manuals before you use them. In the end, we can say that there is a lot of software for editing videos, but not all of it is reliable and up to date. It is impossible to go wrong with Filme if you want the best software to add shapes to your movie.


Where is rectangle tool in Premiere Pro?

Do you want to know how to add the Rectangle tool to Premiere Pro? It’s in your toolbar already! If you hold down on it, you can see more shape tools, like the Ellipse and Polygon.

How do I create a shape mask in Premiere?

The Ellipse Mask tool lets you make a mask in the shape of a circle or oval, and the 4-Point Polygon Mask tool lets you make any mask shape with four sides. If the shape you want to hide is more complex, click on the pen icon to switch to the Free Draw Bezier tool. After that, use it.

How do I insert a shape in Adobe?

Pick up a PDF file and go to the “Annotate” tab. Pick up the Shapes tool. On the right column, you can choose a shape, change its colour, and set its opacity. Pick out a spot to add the shape and click on it.

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