Alan Wake 2: How To Use The Case Board And Place Clues

Master the Case Board in Alan Wake 2 and solve mysteries with ease.

For players to investigate and solve different mysteries in “Alan Wake 2,” Use The Case Board And Place Clues. It’s a big board in Saga’s Mind Place where players can put the Clues they’ve found during their investigations and connect them. The Case Board shows pictures that are connected by strings and often have Post-it notes with questions next to them.

For the Case Board to work, players must choose relevant Clues from their inventory and connect them to the right questions on the board. If you put a Clue in the right place, it will connect to other Clues and help you solve the story’s puzzle. By putting together the puzzle pieces and answering the questions the investigation raises, this tool lets players get deeper into the story of the game. The Case Board is an important part of both the game and the story in “Alan Wake 2.”

How to access the Case Board in Alan Wake 2

You can only get to the Case Board through Saga’s Mind Place. The board takes up a whole wall at the end of the Mind Place, so it’s hard to miss. You can use the Case Board to get a better look at the current Clues and questions you need to answer.

How To Use The Case Board And Place Clues in Alan Wake 2

  1. The Case Board is laid out as pictures with string connecting them, and often there will also be post-it notes from Saga with questions on them.
  2. It’s up to you to connect the dots and answer the questions.
  3. When you have Clues (or evidence) for a case, they will be shown at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Press the relevant button to bring up the active Clues Saga available.
  5. Flick through the Clues you have available and select the one you want to add to the board with the interact button.
  6. Once you’ve chosen the Clue, you’ll be able to see it closer up and then need to decide which question on the board it may help answer.
  7. To add the evidence to the board, drag it to the question and press the interact button again.
  8. If the Clue has been placed for the right question, then more string will form and connect the Clue you just added to the others; if it’s wrong, then it will bounce back, and Saga will say it’s wrong.
  9. Just try again if you get it wrong.

How to change the Case on the Case Board in Alan Wake 2

  1. Saga will have a main Case she’s investigating.
  2. She will also have Background Cases and Point of Interest Cases to gather Clues on.
  3. Evidence for each case can only be added when the case relevant to that evidence is open on the Case Board.
  4. To change the Case on the Case Board, press the relevant button for your platform (it’s Square on PlayStation).
  5. It will bring up a filing cabinet showing all the Cases you currently have available.
  6. Flick through the Cases, find the one you want to open on the board, and press the interact button to open it.

Alan Wake 2: Gameplay

Survival horror game Alan Wake 2 is played from a third-person view. In two separate single-player stories, players can choose to play as either Alan Wake or Saga Anderson. The stories can be played in any order, but the beginning and end of the game can only be played as Saga or Alan.

Alan Wake 2: How To Use The Case Board And Place Clues

Alan Wake 2 has detective elements. When playing as Saga, players can always pause the game to go to the “Mind Place,” a place without enemies. In what Remedy called a “3D menu” way, the Mind Place shows Saga’s thoughts in pictures. In Mind Place, players are in charge of a pin board where they can connect clues to solve the main mystery. They can also look at profiles of characters to find clues.

Manuscript pages are back from Alan Wake. Players find pages of a manuscript that hint at what will happen next in the story. Alan Wake 2 has a dialogue tree system, which wasn’t in the first game. The game takes place in Bright Falls, Washington, and following Alan Wake as he looks into where his wife Alice went missing. Along the way, he has to deal with the town’s growing darkness and figure out what the manuscript pages he keeps finding are all about.


How is control and Alan Wake connected?

Alan Wake and Control happen at the same time in the Remedy Connected Universe, which is a larger shared universe of games made by Remedy Entertainment. Control has many in-universe references to Alan Wake’s events and characters, including cameos by the main character.

What is a IQ puzzle?

Puzzle to Test Your IQ: This brain teaser is a fun way to find out how smart you are by seeing how you make decisions as you work through it. For these kinds of IQ puzzles, you need to carefully look at the problem and use your analytical and logical thinking to find the answer.

Who is the bad guy in Alan Wake 2?

Alan started to find his way around a dark and twisted version of New York City by following Alex Casey’s investigation into the “Cult of the Word,” which was led by Alan’s evil twin brother Mr. Scratch. This led him to the different places where the cult had killed people.

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