How to Assign Pals to jobs in Palworld

Get your Pals working! This Palworld guide explains assigning jobs and building your empire.

The changing relationship between players and Pals in Palworld makes the game more fun and different from Pokemon and other creature-collecting games. Pals aren’t just friends; they’re also useful tools that can help you with different tasks and activities in the game world. In this guide we showed how to assign Pals to jobs in Palworld.

Pals in Palworld can be given a lot of different jobs, which makes managing your base more productive and efficient. This is different from Pokemon, where their main job is to fight. You can change the abilities of each Pal to fit your needs, whether they’re for gathering resources, building structures, or even helping you fight.

This lets players plan ahead and get the most out of the video game. Giving tasks to Pals is easy, which speeds up the management process and makes it easy for players of all levels to use. Pals being a part of everyday tasks builds community and teamwork, which makes the whole Palworld experience more immersive.

How to assign Pals to jobs in Palworld

  1. Open your Pal Box interface.
  2. Drag and drop Pals from your Pal Storage or party into the circles at the bottom of the window to assign them to work.
  3. Spawn Pals by assigning them to work in your base.
  4. Grab a Pal and lift it if you want to assign a specific task.
  5. Throw the Pal near the site you want them to focus on.
  6. Receive a notification that they are focusing on that task.

Understanding Pal Assignments

Your trusty Pals are more than just cute friends in Palworld; they’re essential to running your base! Assigning them to specific tasks quickly and correctly is essential for getting things done and meeting your goals. To explain how Pal assignments work, here are the steps:

Assignment by Hand

  • Pick up a Pal: Talk to the Pal you want to get by picking them up.
  • Put them to work: Throw them hard at the thing or structure you want them to work on. It might sound rude, but this is the only way to tell them what to do.
  • Check for suitability: Make sure the Pal you’ve chosen has the right work skills for the job. In the party menu, you can see if they’re right for the event.

Importance of Assigning Pals to Jobs

  • Increased Productivity: Because pals have different skills, matching them with tasks that play to their strengths helps get things done faster, like mining, logging, farming, and crafting. Imagine that a quick Lamball could get resources much faster than a slow Rockraffe!
  • Specialisation: Some jobs need certain skills. Giving the job to the right Pal makes sure it gets done right and quickly. For instance, the Kitchen Appliance can only be used by Pals with the “Cooking” ability, so assigning a Pal who isn’t good at cooking is pointless.
How to assign Pals to jobs in Palworld
  • Organised Base Management: Your base won’t be a mess if you give each Pal a specific job. You’ll know who is doing what, which will keep things clear and avoid wasting time and money. Think about five friends fighting over a mining machine.
  • Focused Training: Giving Pals jobs that are related to their skills helps them level up faster in those areas. This makes a system that works on its own, and skilled Pals get even better at the jobs they’re given.

Best Practices for Efficient Pal Assignment

Putting skills to use:

  • Look at your pals’ stats to find out what they’re good and bad at in terms of gathering, crafting, and fighting. Give them tasks that are in line with what they’re good at. For instance, Pals with high Strength are great at mining, while Pals with high Dexterity are great at gathering herbs or fruits.
  • Use passive skills. Look for passive skills like “Workaholic” (more work gets done) or “Lucky” (more chances of finding rare items). Assign Pals with the right skills to make certain tasks go more quickly.

Improving the flow of work:

  • Place workstations, crafting stations, and resource containers close to resource deposits and to each other to cut down on travel time. This cuts down on Pals’ travel time, which makes them more productive overall.
  • Think about where to put the storage: to cut down on fetching time, put storage containers close to workstations where resources are used.

Putting Pal Happiness First:

  • Meet basic needs: Make sure every Pal has a place to sleep, food, and a hot spring to unwind and calm down. Happy Pals gets things done faster.
  • Rotate tasks: Don’t put too much stress on Pals by giving them the same tasks over and over. Change their tasks so they stay interested and don’t get burned out.


How do I assign tasks in Palworld?

But there is a way to change this. As you get close to a Pal working in your base, a button prompt will show up that lets you pick them up and take them somewhere else. The place where you put them will make them more likely to do the closest task. For the Mining task, put the Pal close to a rock or stone pit.

How many pals are there in Palworld?

Palworld has a huge map to explore, over 100 Pals to find, and a lot of dungeons to explore. You can also gather items and make crafts.

How do I assign tasks to virtual assistant?

Communication is very important when delegating tasks. Give clear instructions for each task, including exact steps, due dates, and any preferences you may have. Make sure your assistant understands what you want by using tools for communication like written briefs, video instructions, or virtual meetings.

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