Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Rescue Barcus Wroot and Find His Pack

Free the gnome, grab the loot! Master Barcus Wroot's rescue & pack location in Baldur's Gate 3.

You will meet a lot of different kinds of people as you go through Baldur’s Gate 3. There will be people you meet who may need your help, and whether you decide to help them or not may affect what happens to you in the next acts. It’s also possible to Rescue Barcus Wroot and Find His Pack.

Barcus Wroot is one of these characters. He is a deep gnome that you can meet in act one in the Blighted Village. What you do during your short meeting with Barcus will decide whether the poor gnome lives or dies.

Location and Context: Where to Find Barcus Wroot

Go to the right side of the windmill and look for a wooden hatch right next to it. This is where the gnome’s pack is. Go through the hatch and take the things inside, which include Barcus’ bag and a chest. It’s not very good loot, but it’s free, so what the heck. After that, the player can leave the area and look forward to another bad time with Barcus Wroot in the next Act. You can visit the official website to obtain more details.

How to Rescue Barcus Wroot in Baldur’s Gate 3

You’ll have a few options for what to do when you get to the Blighted Village and walk up to the windmill where Barcus Wroot and Fezzerk are. You can attack them right away, ask them to explain, or let them keep talking. To save Barcus, you can either fight them or get Fezzerk to explain. If you get Fezzerk to explain, you’ll have more choices for how to handle the conversation:

  • Performance
  • Deception
  • Intimidation
  • Wisdom
  1. The first three options are DC 5 charisma checks; the last is a DC 2 wisdom check.
  2. However, these values can increase in some cases, so using a character with high Charisma or Wisdom is your best bet for getting through it safely.
  3. Choose the option in which you have the highest odds of success or attack them to deal with the situation quickly.
  4. Upon defeating them or getting them to flee, head inside the windmill and activate the release brake to stop them, allowing you to rescue Barcus and search for your reward after a brief chat.

Character Abilities and Equipment for a Successful Rescue


  • Don’t forget about getting better and getting help: In the long run, it will be very helpful to have at least one character who can heal and boost other characters. Think about classes like Paladin, Cleric, or Druid.
  • Controlling the crowd is very important. Being able to weaken or stop enemies will buy you time and make it easier to kill them. A lot of magic from classes like Wizard, Sorcerer, and Bard can help with this.
Baldur's Gate 3: How to Rescue Barcus Wroot and Find His Pack
  • Think about what your party does badly: Being ready for anything is important if you’re playing on a harder setting. Make sure that everyone in your party knows how to handle all kinds of harmful and dangerous things.


  • Use the right gear for the job. Make sure your characters have the right armour and guns for their class and the way they play. Items that you use up quickly, like scrolls and drinks, can save your life in a tough battle.
  • Make sure you keep upgrading your gear. As you play, you’ll find better and better gear. Always keep your figures up to date so they can stay in the game.
  • Make the most of your surroundings: There are a lot of things in Baldur’s Gate 3 video game that you can connect with and use to your advantage in battle. Some things you can do are throw oil at enemies to make them catch fire or use barrels to make blasts.


In Baldur’s Gate 3, you need to search the Goblin Camp at night to find Barcus Wroot’s pack and save him. To get to Barcus, you can either sneak past guards or fight them. To free him, you can convince, trick, or scare him. Find his pack in a box close by. To save someone, you need to be able to stay hidden and talk to people politely.


What happens if you don’t save Barcus?

Barcus will demand to be freed if the Goblins are beaten or persuaded to leave. If the player doesn’t pull the ‘Brake’ button inside the windmill, Barcus will be thrown through the air and fall to his death.

How do you save deep gnomes?

Players can now use either Persuasion or Intimidation to get the duergar to give up their deep gnome slaves. They can still try to free the gnomes by attacking the duergar that are still alive if they fail. Since the duergar are no longer there, the deep gnomes will thank the party.

What happens if Astarion bites you?

Astarion gets the “happy” perk for the next day after biting you or anyone else. This means he gets an extra point on all checks. There is a cost, though: your character will have the “bloodless” trait and all checks will fail.

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