Baldur’s Gate 3: How To Rescue Volo

Volo needs your help! Learn multiple ways to free the bard and unlock exciting story opportunities in Baldur's Gate 3.

In Baldur’s Gate 3 game, the first time a player talks to Volo, he’ll probably be in the Emerald Grove making up a story about the Goblin attack that the player fought off on the way in. After telling this story, he plans to go see the Goblins and learn all about True Souls and the Absolute. in this article we will discuss about the how To Rescue Volo in Baldur’s Gate 3

Good-aligned players probably told him it wasn’t a good idea, but that doesn’t stop him. As you might expect from the world of Baldur’s Gate 3, Volo will have to deal with the results of what he did. The players can then decide whether to let him keep suffering or help him out.

How To Rescue Volo in Baldur’s Gate 3

Volo can be found for the first time in Emerald Grove in the Druid’s area. As he looks away, he talks to a bear and plans to go study the Goblins in the nearby town. If you go there yourself, you’ll see him standing on a stage and reading lines, which will make one Goblin very happy.

If you talk over him, you’ll annoy his handler, who will then take him off the stage and put him in jail. To find them, you’ll have to go into the Goblin fortress. To get in, you can either talk your way through the front door or blow a hole in the upper floor.

As soon as you get inside, the cells are in the eastern wing. Volo is being “tortured” by his slaver there. If you can read her thoughts and find out that the other Goblins don’t know she’s keeping him, you might be able to get her to let him go. You’ll have to fight your way out if you don’t.

Advanced Tactics: Optimizing Combat and Dialogue for Success

  1. Exploit Weaknesses: Identify and exploit the weaknesses of your enemies. Use spells, weapons, or dialogue options that exploit vulnerabilities to gain an edge in combat or persuasion.
  2. Creative Solutions: Think outside the box and use creative solutions to overcome challenges. Explore alternative routes, use stealth to avoid combat, or utilize non-violent dialogue options to resolve conflicts peacefully.
  3. Companion Interaction: Interact with your companions and build relationships with them. Their reactions, abilities, and opinions can influence both combat and dialogue encounters, so understanding their strengths and weaknesses is crucial.
  4. Quest Preparation: Prepare for quests and encounters by gathering information, supplies, and allies beforehand. Research your objectives, gather relevant items, and recruit allies who can assist you in achieving your goals.

Leveraging Character Abilities: Utilizing Skills and Spells Effectively

Use of Skills Effectively:

  • Pick out the right checks: Not every skill check needs everyone to be there. Based on their skill modifier, find the character who is best fit for the job.
Baldur's Gate 3: How To Rescue Volo
  • Use buffs and the environment: Make good use of the surroundings. For instance, use high ground to fight from a distance or set up choke points for units that are close. You can help your characters’ skill checks with powers like Bless or Guidance.
  • Do something different: Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. There are more than one answer to some skill checks. Think outside the box to come up with new ideas.

Spellcasting for Strategy:

  • Place yourself carefully. Before casting, think about the spell’s area of effect (AoE) and where your allies and enemies are. Stay out of enemy fire and do as much damage as possible to enemies.
  • Control magic should come first: Crowd control (CC) spells can make enemies unable to attack, giving your party a big edge. To stop enemies from moving, use magic like “Grease,” “Hold Person,” or “Web.”
  • When you mix magic, they have devastating effects: Use interactions between spells. For instance, to do more harm, cast Grease first, then a Fireball.


Should I send Volo to my camp?

The best thing about Volo is that his inventory is restocked every night and always has a pack of camping goods, so you can always rest. So keep an eye out for Volo. He can help you a lot, especially if you’re running low on goods

Can you recruit Volo bg3?

Steps to Take to Get Volo to Join the Camp. The player can open the cage and free Volo once they have the Cage Key from Gribbo, no matter what it takes. The player should choose the last option in the dialogue box before “Leave” to invite him to their camp when talking to him.

How do you get Volo at camp?

This is the main part of the Shattered Sanctum where you can find Volo. To get to a third room, hug the right wall and walk past Liam and Abdirak. You can either quickly kill Gribbo or use a skill check to get him to leave. Talk to Volo and let him go.

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