Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Disable Steel Watch Foundry

Crush Gortash's army! Master the secrets & dismantle the Steel Watch's weapon production in BG3.

The Steel Watch are a group of powerful robot guards that protect one of the main bad guys in Baldur’s Gate 3 game. You can stop this line of defence by destroying the command centre of these robots. During Act 3, you will find out that Enver Gortash is in charge of the last Netherstone. The Watch protects his place in the city. It is harder to weaken this bad guy’s troops than it sounds. In this article we will show you how to Disable Steel Watch Foundry in Baldur’s Gate 3.

A Steel Watch has 206 Hit Points, a 16th-level armour class, and can’t be hurt by most physical weapons. The only thing that makes it vulnerable is Lightning damage. When you get to the city, these machines are everywhere. They protect Gortash and will even blow up if you hurt them about 20%. In Baldur’s Gate 3, these dangerous creations can only be destroyed by high-level spells like Chain Lightning.

Where Is The Steel Watch Foundry Location?

Use the Basilisk Gate to get into the Lower City. It leads to the eastern side of the zone. Walk west along the streets until you reach the Wine Festival, then turn south. After going past the Sorcerous Sundries tower, turn west and keep going towards the Lower City Central Wall waypoint.

From the Waypoint, go south past the Stormshore Armoury and under the Central Wall to keep going west on the road. If you go west on this winding road on top of a cliff, you should find the Blushing Mermaid. Turn northwest after going past the Blushing Mermaid. If you want to get more information, than you can visit official site.

How to Disable Steel Watch Foundry in Baldur’s Gate 3

  1. To disable the Steel Watch Foundry, find Zanner Toobin and convince him to help you destroy the building.
  2. Zanner Toobin can be found in the security office of the Foundry, the locked room on the western wing.
  3. Unlock the doors through lockpicking or use a key from the Black Gauntlet enforcer overseeing the Gondians in the main room.
  4. When you speak to Zanner Toobin, he reveals that Lord Gortash has their families locked away.
  5. The motivator devices can kill Gondians in the Steel Watch Foundry with a collar and destroy their loved ones.
  6. Zanner won’t help until you free the Gondians from captivity.
  7. The Gondians’ location is unknown to Zanner, but you can head east of the Steel Watch Foundry to Flymm Cargo.
  8. This marks the start of the quest to free the prisoners in the Iron Throne.

Significance of Disabling Steel Watch Foundry in Game Progression

  • Rewards and Consequences: Certain places may have rewards or consequences that depend on whether they are completed or disabled. This could be useful things, experience points, or changes to the game world that happen because of what you do. If you don’t turn off the furnace, on the other hand, bad things could happen.
  • Role-playing games, like Baldur’s Gate 3, often have moral consequences for the choices you make. Turning off the foundry might be in line with a character’s personal goals or morals, which could change how the character is aligned and cause different story results.
  • World State Changes: If you turn off the Steel Watch Foundry, the world state could change, which could affect the environment, non-player characters (NPCs), and future tasks. Depending on what you do, these changes can make the game world change and grow.

Benefits of Disabling Steel Watch Foundry in Baldur’s Gate 3

  • Weakening Gortash’s Forces: The biggest benefit of shutting down the foundry is that it takes away Gortash’s main defence. Without a steady flow of new Steel Watch warriors, he has a much weaker hold on the city. This makes him and his surviving forces easier to attack. This can make it a lot easier for you to face him and maybe even claim his Netherstone, which is necessary for the main story to move forward.
Baldur's Gate 3: How to Disable Steel Watch Foundry
  • Opening Up Exploration: Now that the Steel Watch threat has been neutralised, some parts of Baldur’s Gate that were previously watched by these robots can be reached more easily. This lets you check out secret areas, find new quests and secrets, and maybe even find valuable items or loot that you couldn’t get before.
  • Freeing the Iron Hands (not required): Depending on the choices you make during the game, turning off the forge may also free the Iron Hands, a group of rebels who are against Gortash’s rule. This gives you more ways to talk to them, more possible alliances, and even more tasks you can do for them.
  • Disabling the foundry can be a very satisfying act of resistance for players who feel sorry for the oppressed people in Baldur’s Gate and are against Gortash’s cruel rule. It attacks his power in a symbolic way and gives the city’s freedom a small bit of hope.


Should you free Orpheus BG3?

If you free Orpheus in Baldur’s Gate 3, the party can turn into mind flayers, which makes for a sad finish. If you support the Emperor, you will lose a character and have to fight the Netherbrain more difficultly. In BG3, every choice is a loss because there is no real winner. You lose something with every choice.

Where is the steel watch Foundry in Baldur’s Gate 3?

You can find the factory in the southwest of the Lower City, right across from the Grey Harbour Docks waypoint. Baldur’s Gate is a big place. It might as well be a fortress because it’s so hard to get in without being seen.

How do I turn off my steel watch Foundry?

In the Ironhand hideout, go to the back and into the room to the left of the ladder. Wulbren is going to be in this. Talk to him. It’s possible to agree to blow up the Steel Watch Foundry with rune powder in order to turn off the Steel Watch.

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