How to Beat Bile Titans in Helldivers 2

Face the Bile Titan in Helldivers 2! Learn weak spots, strategies & best weapons to claim victory!

Fighting the huge Bile Titans in Helldivers 2’s constant chaos is a terrifying task. Overlooking the battlefield, these horrible bugs let out huge clouds of acid that can easily destroy whole platoons. In this guide we showed how to Beat Bile Titans in Helldivers 2.

By their sheer size and devastating firepower, they are the top predators of the Terminid species, scaring and impressing even the most experienced troops. Strategic planning and unwavering teamwork are essential if you want to have a chance against these giants. Exploiting weaknesses with heavy artillery and coordinated attacks, Helldivers must strike with accuracy and time to avoid being sucked into the acidic flood.

Additionally, using special weapons made for fighting Terminoids becomes necessary, providing important benefits in mobility and firepower. The only way to beat these scary enemies is to be skilled, brave, flexible, and resourceful. Every fight with a Bile Titan is a desperate fight for life against impossible odds. Further information is available on the official website

How to Beat Bile Titans in Helldivers 2

  1. Turn on Hard difficulty to increase the chances of Bile Titans appearing.
  2. Bile Titans are more likely to appear on Challenging difficulty.
  3. Tasks to kill Bile Titans will start to show up more often.
  4. Some tasks will require you to kill two Bile Titans.
  5. Progress to Helldiver difficulty to encounter more of these huge bugs.
  6. Implement the following steps to eradicate Bile Titans effectively.

How to Kill Bile Titans in General

  1. Keep the Bile Titan far away from you.
  2. Avoid its armored legs and acid strikes.
  3. Help each other to catch it.
  4. Attack its weak spots while it’s distracted by another team member.
  5. Make good use of the surroundings.
  6. Utilize cover like rocks, buildings, and cracks to evade common attacks.

Understanding Bile Titans: Strengths and Weaknesses

Good points:

  • Size and Strength: Bile Titans are the biggest enemy of Terminoids, so they are very strong and durable. They can easily trip and crush Helldivers and can take a lot of damage.
How to Beat Bile Titans in Helldivers 2
  • Acid Attacks: Their main weapon is a strong acid spray that melts armor and does a lot of harm. Helldivers who aren’t ready can quickly die if they get caught in this spray.
  • Mobility: Bile Titans are surprisingly fast for how big they are. They can move quickly across the battlefield, which makes them hard to catch.

Bad points:

  • Weak Spots: Like other Terminids, Bile Titans have certain spots where they can be hurt. Their bright green belly takes a lot more damage than any other part of their body, making it their main problem. Also, breaking the armor on their face shows an orange area around their mouth that is easy to attack.
  • Ability to Take Damage from Explosions: Bile Titans can take damage from explosions. Eagle 500 kg bombs and Eagle 110 mm rocket pods are two weapons that can be very useful against them.
  • Teamwork: The Bile Titans are strong, but they are not unbeatable. Helldivers game can beat them if they work together as a team and use the right strategies. To do this, they have to use the weak spots, use heavy weapons, and help each other through the fight.

Advanced Tactics for Efficiently Dispatching Bile Titans

Getting ready:

  • Gear Up: Put on weapons and tools that are made for killing big enemies. Guns with a lot of power, grenade launchers, and anti-tank rockets are all good options. You could also use the EMP grenade to briefly disable the Titan’s shields.
  • Prepare to attack: Before you start, make sure everyone on your team knows their roles and duties. Players should focus on certain parts of the Titan, like its legs, main body, or weak spots.
  • Use Support Strafes: To do a lot of damage to the Titan, especially when it’s weak, call in support strafes from helpful spaceships.

Strategies for fighting:

  • Focus Fire: Get everyone on your team to fire at the same weak spot at the same time to do the most damage.
  • Exploit Cover: Make the most of your surroundings. To escape the Titan’s strong attacks, hide behind rocks, buildings, or other things that are in the way.
  • Move and Adapt: Don’t stay in one place for too long and keep moving. Titan attacks can hurt a lot of space, so staying still can be very dangerous.

Leveraging Equipment and Upgrades Against Bile Titans

Set of tools:

  • The Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher (ATRL) is the main weapon used to deal heavy damage to Bile Titans. Aim for the red spots that glow that show you where their bodies are weak.
  • Plasma Rifle: Does good damage over time, especially up close. But be careful with your ammo, because it can run out quickly when you’re shooting at big targets.
  • As for grenades, frag grenades do good splash damage, and EMP grenades can temporarily take away the Titan’s defenses.

Goods added:

  • Heavy guns Specialist: Makes heavy guns like the ATRL do more damage.
  • Demolition Expert: Makes grenades do more damage and spread out farther.
  • Vehicle Engineer: This skill lets you fix cars faster, which is very important for hit-and-run strategies with tanks.


How do you beat tanks in Helldivers?

It can be beat pretty quickly if players move quickly and correctly. Also, stay hidden and use heavy attacks like bombs and orbital attacks to destroy tanks. These foes are some of the best and hardest to beat in Helldivers 2.

What is a tank destroyer weak to?

Fast enemy light and medium tanks can easily surprise and attack almost all tank destroyers. Even assault guns with a lot of armor don’t always have good protection from the sides or back, and they don’t always have the quick-moving turrets they need to protect themselves from those positions.

Why is Destroyer so hard?

The Destroyer has an enormous health pool to compensate for its vulnerability to piercing damage and almost-complete lack of evasion. As such, a weapon that pierces or deals area-of-effect damage is practically mandatory for this fight.

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