Baldur’s Gate 3: How To Beat Gremishkas

Uncover the secrets to defeating gremishkas in Baldur's Gate 3 without magic.

This guide shows you how To Beat Gremishkas in Baldur’s Gate 3. To beat Gremishkas in Baldur’s Gate 3 role-playing game, you need to plan ahead and be able to change your plans. Traditional spellcasting might not work as well on them because they are very resistant to magic and can disappear.

Focus on physical attacks and skills that can get around magic defences, like weapon attacks that are improved by magic or skills that do direct physical damage. You can also improve your chances of success by casting spells like “Bless” on your party or “Magic Weapon” on your weapons. To keep track of Gremishkas when they disappear, you can also use detection skills or items that show invisible enemies.

Controlling the crowd with effects like stunning or immobilising can stop their attacks and give you an advantage. Lastly, making sure your party is well-balanced with a wide range of skills and abilities can help you adapt to different battle situations and be ready for any challenges the Gremishkas may throw at you. To get more information go their official website.

How To Beat Gremishkas in Baldur’s Gate 3

  1. Identify the enemy’s weakness: Because they are allergic to magic, physical attacks are not effective against the Gremishkas.
  2. Assess party strengths: If you’re playing as a barbarian in Baldur’s Gate 3 game, take advantage of this as barbarians have an advantage in this battle.
  3. Utilize party members: For other characters, like Lae’zel, who are strong fighters, utilize their skills to aid in the battle.
  4. Consider long-range spells: If players wish to use spells, opt for long-range spells such as Magic Missile to inflict damage while keeping the party safe.
  5. Maintain distance: Ensure that when using spells, players stay far enough away from the Gremishkas to minimize the risk of being harmed by their allergic reaction to magic.
  6. Be prepared for a tough fight: Regardless of the approach chosen, be aware that the Gremishkas are formidable opponents and defeating them will require effort.
  7. Collect rewards: Upon defeating the Gremishkas, players will receive a useful item: a Gremishka Tail.

Preparation Tips for Facing Gremishkas

Makeup of the Party:

  • It’s important to be diverse: To beat Gremishka’s defences, bring a group of characters with different types of damage (bludgeoning, piercing, slashing) and magical skills.
Baldur's Gate 3: How To Beat Gremishkas
  • Controlling the crowd is important: Gremishka’s minions can be slowed down by spells like Grease, Spike Growth, and Web. This lets you focus on the main threat.

Building a Character:

  • Pay attention to your character’s Dexterity and Constitution. These traits make them more resistant to damage, making them harder to kill.
  • Invest in crowd control. Spells and abilities that weaken or disable enemies are very useful against Gremishka’s minions.

Things and tools:

  • Potions: Make sure you have plenty of potions that heal and potions that make your party stronger against attacks.
  • Scrolls: In a tough fight, scrolls with strong spells like Fireball or Hold Person can make all the difference.

Strategies for Combatting Gremishkas

Being ready is important:

  • Gather information: find out what their weaknesses are! Since Gremishkas can be hurt by fire and radiant damage, spells like “Burning Hands” and “Scorching Ray” or weapons that burn like the “Flaming Scimitar” can be very useful. Also, their AC is low, which makes them easy to hit with melee attacks.
  • Fill up: Bring fire or radiant resistance potions for everyone in your party, especially if you want to use area-of-effect fire spells. In case of an emergency, you might want to bring healing scrolls and potions.
  • Positioning Is Important: Spread your party out so that they are not huddled together and open to attacks that hit a wide area. Plan where to put ranged attackers so that you don’t get swarmed by gremlins.

Ways to fight:

  • Focus Fire: Get rid of individual Gremishkas as quickly as possible. This way, they won’t be able to overwhelm your party with their numbers and skills.
  • Keeping the crowd under control is important: You can stop them from moving and attacking by using spells like Grease, Spike Growth, or Web. This can buy you valuable time that you can use to get rid of them.
  • Take advantage of their environment by luring them to flammable surfaces or near barrels of explosives, then setting them on fire to do terrible damage. Take advantage of natural dangers like cliffs and pits.

Advanced Tactics for Challenging Gremishkas

  • Get information: Find out about the specific Gremishka you’re up against to find out what their strengths, weaknesses, and skills are. This will help you come up with a focused plan.
  • Take advantage of their weaknesses: Gremishkas often have weaknesses or resistances to certain elements. To do more damage, use spells, abilities, and weapons that target their weak spots.
  • Control the crowd; Gremishkas often show up in groups. You can disable or separate a group of enemies at once with crowd control spells and abilities, which makes them easier to control.
  • Plan your party: If you’re playing with other people, make sure everyone knows what their roles and goals are. Target the most important enemies with your fire and use buffs and debuffs to help each other.


Can you recruit Minthara without killing Tieflings?

Before this patch, players had to deal with a bunch of bugs and turn the Drow into sheep to get her to join their party without killing any Tieflings. Now, you can just knock Minthara out while you kill the Goblin Camp.

How to sleep with Minthara?

Find her near the center of the camp and begin a conversation where she’ll immediately ask if you’re ready. Upon telling her that you are hers, she’ll offer to join you when you go to bed. Interact with a bedroll and you’ll have a choice of going to bed alone or with Minthara.

Is Minthara worth romancing?

Minthara can be one of the most rewarding people to date, but it may take a lot of time and work to bring out her more sensitive and vulnerable side. It’s clear that Minthara takes a long time to trust, so getting both her friendship and love is quite an accomplishment.

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