How To Beat Kieran in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Crush Kieran's team! Discover Pokemon, moves, & tactics to reign supreme in S&V!

In the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Beat Kieran of Kitakami turns into the main character’s enemy. Like most Pokémon games in the main series, the player has to fight and beat them to move forward. At the beginning of the game, beating Kieran should be pretty simple.

Depending on how long it takes to finish the Scarlet and Violet DLC story, Kieran gets very strong very quickly. While you work on the mask and fight the Loyal Three (Okidogi, Munkidori, and Fezandipity), he likes to train his Pokémon. He will even have one last fight before trying to catch the legendary Pokémon Ogerpon, which he has been obsessed with for his whole life.

How To Beat Kieran in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

To begin, you need to know who is on Kieran’s Pokemon team in The Indigo Disc. If you want to beat Kierain in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: The Indigo Disc, pay close attention to these Pokemon and their types:

HydrappleGrass/Dragon (Fighting Tera Type)82

Kieran’s team doesn’t focus on a single type of Pokemon, and each one has moves that can counter its flaws. The title of “Blueberry League Champion” will be given to you after beating Kieran. A Master Ball will also be given to you as a prize. After that, you can be sure that you’ve pretty much reached the end video game.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Gameplay

The gameplay in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is the same as in previous games: players catch and trade creatures called Pokemon, then use them to travel the world and fight other trainers. But these games add new elements that make the journey more exciting. For example, players can now choose to fight trainers on different paths, which gives them more ways to face other trainers.

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Scarlet and Violet are different from other Pokemon games because they let you explore an open world. It’s hard to tell the difference between the cities and the vast desert in the game world. This means that players can go wherever they want and experience different landscapes. This gives players a sense of freedom that they haven’t had in previous Pokemon games.

Bonus Tips and Tricks for Beating Kieran

  • Type Coverage: Kieran is said to use a variety of Pokemon types, so make sure your team has a good mix of types. Moves of the Fire, Steel, and Ground types can be very helpful.
How To Beat Kieran in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
  • Think about Kieran’s possible team: Keen sources say that Kieran may like Steel and Psychic-type Pokemon. Pack moves that work well against these types.
  • Spread out your moves: Don’t just depend on STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) moves. Give your Pokemon a range of techniques to take advantage of Kieran’s flaws and be ready for sudden Pokemon switches.
  • Boosts for Items: During important moments, use items like X-Attack or X-Speed to briefly improve your Pokemon’s attack or defence.
  • Mastery: If the battle lets you use Dynamax, pick the right Pokemon to use its power in a smart way. For possible type benefits, think about moves like Max Steelspike or Max Quake.


What level is Kieran?

The DLC makes him their enemy, and he fights them over and over again as the story goes on. In his last showing, his team’s average level is 85.83, which is the highest level of any NPC trainer’s team in the whole series

How old is Kieran in Pokémon Violet?

People often see him with his eyes half-closed and a mole on his neck. The French version of the game says that he is 14 years old. As seen in the Indigo Disc DLC, he has his hair pulled back by his yellow cap, letting its violet undertones show through mostly. One hair lock hangs down.

How do you beat Ogerpon?

Use moves that deal with water, rocks, or the ground to attack it. But be careful if you bring in a Rock or Ground-type Pokemon; it will still know some Grass-type moves that can really hurt you. Watch out for Ivy Cudgel in this form, which has a stronger attack.

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