How to Beat Lily and Lyleen in Palworld

Struggling with Lily & Lyleen in Palworld? Our guide shows you how to crush them!

Most of the fights in Palworld happen in the open world, but the hardest ones are in the boss fights you can take on. In every case, these look like a person with a giant Pal friend who lives on top of a tower. These are meant to see how well you know how to Beat Lily and Lyleen in Palworld.

When you fight Lily and Lyleen, these fights will not be easy. You can find this pair on Palpagos Island. They will be one of the toughest boss fights you will ever have. If you want to have a chance against Lily and Lyleen, you will need to be ready. This guide is meant to help you do that.

How to Beat Lily and Lyleen in Palworld

It’s not really Lily or Lyleen that you need to worry about since they are both in the fight. Lily’s only job is to ride on Lyleen and tell them what to do when they attack. Because of this, be ready to attack Lyleen’s type and weak spots.

  • Rooby
    • Solid, all-around viable Pal that can help out in a bind.
    • Boosts your other Pals’ Fire damage.
  • Wixen
    • Powerful Fire-type that can dish out good damage.
    • Enhances Fire attacks when sent out with another Pal together.
  • Kelpsea Ignis
    • ​​​​​​​Strong Fire-type Pal with high defense that can tank a lot of damage.
    • Passively boosts other Pals’ Fire damage.

Tips for Building an Effective Palteam for the Battle

  • Element Variety: Having Pals of different elements lets you take advantage of flaws in enemies and do more types of damage. Try to find a balance between things like Wind, Water, Fire, and Earth.
  • Role Synergy: Choose your Pals with their different roles in mind. To cover the whole area, you might want to have some damage dealers, tanks, support/healers, and crowd controllers.
  • Focus on Combat-Oriented Traits: Pay attention to combat-oriented traits: For the best performance in battle, give priority to Pals whose traits increase damage, defence, speed, or the chance of a critical hit.
How to Beat Lily and Lyleen in Palworld
  • Use Unique Skills: Pick friends whose skills fit in with your general plan and those of your friends. Some abilities may give buffs or debuffs, control affects on crowds, or changes to the environment.
  • Match Gear to Strengths: Give each Pal armour and weapons that boost their own strengths and elemental power. As you play, don’t forget to bring things like potions and chemical resistances.
  • Think about Team Buffs: Look for gear that helps the whole team, like gear that makes attacks or defences stronger.

Community Tips and Insights on Defeating Lily and Lyleen

  • Level Up: It’s important to get extra levels before a fight. For a good task, try to be at least 5–10 levels above Lily and Lyleen.
  • Equipment: Pick gear that works well with your friend’s skills and weaknesses when it comes to attacks. Put high-defense armour and powerful damage-dealing gear at the top of your list.
  • Consumables: To defend yourself against their hits, stock up on healing potions, things that boost your stats, and elemental resistance potions.
  • Target flaws: Lyleen and Lily both have certain flaws. Use the fact that Lily is weak against water and Lyleen is weak against fire to do extra damage.
  • Pal Abilities: Make smart use of your Pal’s unique skills. Some skills can stun, slow, or damage enemies, leaving them open for strikes.
  • Advantage for the environment: Make use of nature to your advantage. Get hidden behind rocks, trick enemies into traps, or set off environmental dangers to deal more damage.


It’s possible that this game came out or became famous after that date. If you want to know the most accurate and up-to-date way to beat Lily and Lyleen in Palworld game, I suggest you check out the game’s official forums, community conversations, or any guides that the developers have made. You can also look for new patches or updates that may have added new techniques or changed how the game is played.


What gear should I use?

Give priority to armour with high defence and tools that do a lot of damage. Put them where they will help your friend and hurt the enemy the most (Lily is water, Lyleen is fire). Get lots of potions that heal and medicines that protect against the elements.

Any consumable tips?

Of course! Before the fight, use things that raise your stats, such as “Rage Potion” or “Focus Potion.” Don’t forget to bring extra healing potions in case something goes wrong.

Can I use teamwork to my advantage?

Of course! Work together with your friends to focus your fire, heal each other, and bring them back to life. Getting things done as a team is key!

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