Star Wars Jedi Survivor: How to Beat Rancor

Battle Rancour in Star Wars Jedi Survivor! Use your Force powers, plan smartly, and win this epic battle.

In the fast-paced world of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor video game, facing a Legendary Rancour is a terrifying challenge that doesn’t allow for friendly embraces. Don’t try to be Boba Fett by taking a risky ride on this huge animal; it’s time to face the music and kick its meat-eating bottom. This guide will become your trusted friend and help you figure out how to Beat Rancor in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

To get through this dangerous battle, you need to be smart about your strategy and have your lightsaber ready.As you learn the finer points of combat and how to use the Force to your advantage, accuracy and timing become more and more important.

As the battle goes on, your Jedi instincts will be put to the ultimate test, giving you an experience that goes beyond just playing a game. Get ready for an epic battle as you learn how to fight the Legendary Rancour and solidify your place as a true Jedi Survivor in the vast Star Wars universe. Good luck! May the Force be with you.

 How to find the Rancor in Jedi Survivor 

You’ll find a Meditation Point and a local prospector on your right who worries about a group that went into a mine and hasn’t come out before Cal arrives at Rambler’s Reach on Koboh. This starts the ‘Find the Missing Prospectors’ Rumour. To begin, climb the vine wall near the prospector and look for the mine on the left in the cliff face. Climb down the entrance pipe and enter the mine.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: How to beat Rancor

Go straight ahead and cut the pipes, watching for jumping animals. Wall-run over the gap, follow the path, and cross the next gap on the rock bridge. Cutting through more pipes, take the second right and follow the path around to a squeeze-hole on the left. A meditation shrine is on your right and the Rancour arena is ahead. If you want to check price of this game, than you can go amazon.

How to beat Rancor in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

  1. Evade: To effectively engage the formidable Rancor in combat, employ a strategic approach by deftly evading its onetwoswipe assaults.
  2. Seize: Once evaded, seize the opportunity to close the distance and unleash a barrage of attacks.
  3. Vortex Attack: Employ the powerful Vortex Attack when the chance arises for maximum impact.
  4. Red Attacks: Steer clear of the menacing red attacks, utilizing those moments to observe and reposition.
  5. Maintain Distance: While tempting to exploit openings, it’s often wiser to maintain a cautious distance, especially during the Rancor’s swipe sequences.

Best Weapons and Gear for Rancor Battle

Arms and ammunition

  • Double-bladed Lightsaber: This weapon has wide swings and does a lot of damage, making it great for stuns and combos. If you like strong attacks or quick ones, you might want to use a lightsaber that focuses on either strength or agility.
  • Lightsaber Throw: With the lightsaber throw, you can deal damage from a distance and stop the Rancor’s charges. Plan how to use this to keep the beast away and give yourself time to move.
  • Force Pull: Can throw off balance the Rancour and make it easier to attack with melee weapons. You can also use it to pull things like rocks or debris onto the Rancour to hurt the environment.


  • Stamina Stim: Important for keeping up your offensive during the fight is the stamina boost. Quickly losing stamina happens when you dodge, sprint, or use powerful combos. If you have extra Stims, you can stay right in the middle of the action.
  • Health Stim: You need this to heal after being hit by a Rancor’s powerful attacks. If you want to stay alive longer, you might want to use Stims that reduce damage or heal faster.
  • Amplifier: Make your Force skills, like Pull or Push, stronger so they have more effect on the Rancour. If you time your Force Push right, it can knock the beast off balance, making it easy to attack with your lightsaber.

Weaknesses and Vulnerabilities of the Rancor

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: How to beat Rancor

The physical

  • Blind Spots: Rancours can’t see well and rely on their hearing and smell a lot. This could be used against them by flanking them or attacking from behind.
  • Thick Hide: Rancours have tough skin, but it can still be broken through. Focused attacks on specific parts of the body, like the underbelly, eyes, or joints, might work.
  • Limited Mobility: Rancours are big and slow, which makes them easy to attack and avoid quickly. They could be worn down by going around them or hitting them and running away.

Inside the mind

  • Rage: Rancours have a reputation for having a very bad temper. By making them angry, you might leave them open to attacks while they’re in a rage.
  • Concern about Fire: Some sources suggest that Rancours may have a natural aversion to fire. Taking advantage of this fear could mean using flamethrowers, grenades, or even environmental threats like burning trash.
  • Controlling their environment: Rancours depend on their surroundings for safety and advantage. Changing their surroundings with the Force or some other method could trap them or throw them off.

Think strategically

  • Pack-Hunting: Rancours hunt in groups most of the time. Dividing and conquering could be very important if you are up against more than one Rancour. Getting individual Rancours to leave the pack or taking advantage of their need to protect their territory could be helpful.
  • Environmental Risks: Make the most of the environment to your advantage. Draw Rancours into narrow passages or structures that are about to fall down, or use environmental hazards like unstable platforms or areas with electricity to your advantage.
  • Force Skills: Depending on the Force skills of your character, you might be able to confuse or control the Rancours with Force Push, Force Pull, or even mind tricks.


How do you beat Rancor survivor?

Learn how to parry: The Rancour has a number of attacks that can be blocked. A lot of players will get scared in the arena and die trying to avoid every attack. If Cal can master the parry, he will be able to stay close to the Rancour and attack between attacks from the Rancour.

How do you get past the Rancor?

To stay out of battle with the beast, remove the “Synthesised Odour” (a needle-like device) from the severed arm near the entrance to Rancour. Open the pit’s door and walk up to the pile of dead bodies. The raven shouldn’t be able to see you from this far away.

How to beat the rancor in Jedi survivor reddit?

I think the best way to fight this is to get close and hug its feet. Its arms can’t reach you from that point. This let me do a lot of damage without worrying about its one-shot kills. It does stomp every once in a while, but it’s easy to tell.

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