Sea of Stars: How To Beat Romaya Necromancer

Conquer Romaya the Necromancer in Sea of Stars! Learn effective strategies & eclipse magic combos to claim victory.

Sea of Stars’s final cleanup phase before the end game gives players a touching chance to help one of the game’s saddest characters. In this tutorial we will talk about how To Beat Romaya Necromancer in Sea of Stars.

The Necromancer Romaya is cruelly controlling Duke Aventry, who was once a slave vampire. Within the story of the game, Duke Aventry represents the sad results of unchecked power and exploitation because his will is broken and his life is ruled by servitude. Horror-loving pirate Hortence begs the main characters, Zale and Valere, to help him free Duke Aventry from his endless pain.

That has been stifled for a long time back its freedom and dignity. By joining Hortense’s plea, players start a journey that goes beyond the video game’s mechanics and explores themes of redemption, empathy, and the struggle for freedom in the face of hardship.

How To Beat Romaya Necromancer in Sea of Stars

  1. Nomaya will spawn Revenant and Gulgul enemies using nearby Bone and Flesh Piles.
  2. Initially, defeating these enemies will only temporarily stop Nomaya from spawning more.
  3. Utilize AOE (area of effect) attacks to damage summoned enemies, Piles, and Nomaya simultaneously.
  4. If prioritization is necessary, focus on zombies, as they have higher health and hit harder than skeleton enemies.
  5. Nomaya’s attacks include a weak eyeball attack and a powerful charge attack called Felfire Rain, which poisons everyone.
  6. Begin by destroying the Piles and enduring Nomaya’s damage. Attacking Nomaya directly is unnecessary as she cannot heal.
  7. Players should adopt a defensive and patient approach, focusing on damage and healing strategically.
  8. Consider utilizing Valere’s Lunar Shield for added defense during the fight.
  9. Utilize Sea of Stars assist relics to enhance your chances of victory.
  10. Zale can use Sunball or his boosted attack to damage Nomaya.
  11. Maintain a balance between attacking and healing to defeat Nomaya swiftly.
  12. Prioritize eliminating the biggest threats and avoid attacking skeleton enemies, as they will respawn.
  13. Victory is achieved by defeating Nomaya and all other opponents, allowing the party to gain XP and progress past this Sea of Stars boss.

Understanding Romaya Necromancer Mechanics

  • Pay attention to Area of Effect (AoE) attacks: Focus on skills like “Solar Flare” from Val or “Double Sonic” from Zale that can hurt Romaya and her summoned minions at the same time. This helps keep track of the huge number of enemies.
  • Focus on the enemies Romaya has summoned. She is mostly immune, so defeating her creations is very important. Revenants deal strong damage, so get rid of them first. While gulguls have a lot of health, their attacks aren’t very strong, so only attack them if they’re outnumbering you.
Sea of Stars: How To Beat Romaya Necromancer
  • Break down the Bone and Flesh Piles. These are where Romaya’s minions come from. By destroying them, you temporarily stop the summonings, giving you time to gather your thoughts. Keep in mind that they will eventually grow back.
  • Stop her charged attack by watching for Romaya’s channelling animation, which will show up as purple locks. Before Serai’s devastating “Felfire Rain” spell hits, use skills like “Disorient” to stop it.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Facing Romaya Necromancer

  • Not giving the fight enough credit: Romaya has several stages, and each one gets harder than the last. Don’t think you’ll win right away. You should be ready for a long and hard battle.
  • Not healing: Romaya does a lot of damage, both magical and physical. It is very important to have a healer in your group. Think about abilities and items that make healing more effective.
  • Not caring about buffs and debuffs: Romaya uses buffs to make herself stronger and debuffs to make your party weaker. Use skills that can counter debuffs and buffs. It’s helpful for characters to be able to resist status ailments.
  • Putting more emphasis on single-target damage: Some phases are better for single-target damage, but Romaya often calls in extras. Have skills and gear that let you deal with multiple enemies well.

Strategies for Different Classes or Builds

Party with Balance:

  • Valere (Warrior): Work on your defence and strength, and use skills like War Cry and Shield Bash to help the group.
  • As a mage, Zale, you should focus on magic and elemental damage and use spells like Fireball and Blizzard to control crowds and deal burst damage.
  • Moondrop (Healer): Spend your money on healing and vitality spells like Cure and Revitalise, and use Moonbeam for offensive magic.

Party in Offence:

  • Valere (Dual Wield): Use skills like Dual Strike and Whirlwind to get high DPS and increase your dexterity and attack speed.
  • Zale (Elemental Master): Focus on certain elements and use skills like Thunderstorm and Earthquake to deal damage to a wide area.
  • Moondrop (Mystic): Use skills like Starfall and Moonstorm to help and hurt enemies while combining offensive and healing magic.

What platforms is Sea of Stars available on?


How do you beat Romaya in sea of stars?

Players should opt for the defensive route and be patient while dealing damage and healing themselves. Valere’s Lunar Shield can come in very useful during this fight. If struggling, try utilizing some assist relics in Sea of Stars to help tip the scales in your favor.

Who is Romaya’s sister in sea of stars?

Solstice. Headmistress Moyara, also known as simply Moyara, is a character in Sea of Stars. She was a Solstice Warrior, the headmistress of Zenith Academy and the triplet sister of Romaya and Yomara, embodying the virtue of goodness in the trio.

How do you open Romaya secret passage?

You need to spin the three fans, which will change the rune above them. You’ll have to change them all until they match the ones in the Flooded Graveyard treasure chest cave. Make sure the colours are in the right order after the patterns are in the right order. Turn the fan in the middle.

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