Enhance Your VLC Media Player Experience with Essential Keyboard Shortcuts

Embrace the power of VLC Media Player, a universally acclaimed media player known for its extensive format support and user-friendly interface. Elevate your user experience by leveraging the full potential of VLC’s keyboard shortcuts tailored for Windows users. Whether you’re a novice enjoying leisure videos or a power user with a curated playlist, these keyboard shortcuts are your stepping stone to a more efficient and satisfying viewing experience.

Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for VLC Media Player

Essential File Commands

  • CTRL + O: Open an individual file
  • CTRL + SHIFT + O: Open a collection of files
  • CTRL + F: Open an entire folder
  • CTRL + D: Access disc options
  • CTRL + N: Open media from a network stream
  • CTRL + C: Connect to a capture device
  • CTRL + V: Open media from a clipboard URL
  • CTRL + R: Convert or save a media file
  • CTRL + S: Stream media over a network or the internet

Playback Control Shortcuts

  • SPACE: Toggle play/pause
  • N: Skip to the next item on the playlist
  • P: Play the previous item on the playlist
  • F or F11 or Mouse Double-Click: Switch to full screen
  • CTRL + H: Show or hide the minimal interface
  • T: Toggle time information display
  • CTRL + T: Jump to a specified time
  • Q: Restart the current media or playlist
  • S: Stop playback
  • Esc: Exit full-screen mode
  • E: Advance to the next frame
  • L: Loop settings: none, one, or all
  • R: Toggle random playback

Application Navigation Shortcuts

  • CTRL + Q, ALT + F4, or ALT + Q: Exit VLC
  • CTRL + E: Access audio and video effects
  • CTRL + M: View messages from VLC
  • CTRL + P: Open Preferences
  • F1: Access help
  • SHIFT + F1: View “About VLC”

Subtitle Management Shortcuts

  • G: Delay subtitles by 50ms
  • H: Hasten subtitles by 50ms
  • V: Show or hide subtitles

Aspect Ratio and Crop Management

  • A: Alter aspect ratio
  • C: Crop the video area
  • Z: Change zoom settings
  • D: Toggle deinterlacing
  • O: Revert to original video size
  • W: Enable wallpaper mode in DirectX

Fast Forward and Rewind Options

  • SHIFT + RIGHT ARROW: Forward by 3 seconds
  • SHIFT + LEFT ARROW: Rewind by 3 seconds
  • ALT + RIGHT ARROW: Forward by 10 seconds
  • ALT + LEFT ARROW: Rewind by 10 seconds
  • CTRL + RIGHT ARROW: Forward by 1 minute
  • CTRL + LEFT ARROW: Rewind by 1 minute

Adjusting Playback Speed

  • [ : Decrease speed by a small increment
  • ] : Increase speed by a small increment
  • =: Reset to normal playback speed

Audio Manipulation Shortcuts

  • CTRL + UP or Mouse Scroll Up: Increase volume
  • CTRL + DOWN or Mouse Scroll Down: Decrease volume
  • J: Delay audio by 50ms
  • K: Advance audio by 50ms
  • B: Cycle through audio tracks
  • M: Mute audio
  • Shift + A: Choose different audio devices

Accessing Media Information

  • CTRL + I: View or modify media information such as title, artist, album
  • CTRL + J: Check codec details and media specifications

Playlist Features

  • CTRL + L: Toggle between playlist and video view
  • CTRL + Y: Save playlist to a file
  • CTRL + B: Manage bookmarks within the playback


Empower your media viewing sessions by harnessing these indispensable VLC Media Player keyboard shortcuts. These tips provide quick and intuitive control over your media playback, ensuring seamless entertainment. If you have any queries or seek further insights into VLC Media Player, do not hesitate to get in touch. If you’ve found these shortcuts enriching, we encourage you to share their convenience with peers and loved ones.

FAQs on VLC Media Player

What are the key benefits of using VLC Media Player?

VLC Media Player is renowned for its broad compatibility with numerous media formats, streaming protocol support, and the advantage of being free and open-source software.

How can I tailor VLC Media Player’s keyboard shortcuts to my preferences?

You can personalize VLC Media Player’s keyboard shortcuts by visiting the Preferences section within the application, offering a tailored media experience.

Is VLC Media Player suitable for professional use?

Indeed, VLC Media Player’s feature-rich environment and customization capabilities render it an excellent choice for both casual viewers and professional users alike.

Can VLC Media Player stream online content?

VLC Media Player can stream content from various online sources by opening a network stream and entering the relevant URL or streaming protocol.

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