Top Project Management Templates in Google Sheets

As a project manager, you know that juggling multiple projects, tracking statements, and supervising a large team of employees can be overwhelming. Luckily, Google Sheets offers a variety of project management templates to streamline your project coordination and team tasks. Here are some of the best templates available on Google Sheets:

Gantt Chart Template

By far one of the best ways to manage a project phase, the Gantt chart template offers a bird’s-eye view of all the tasks and their respective deadlines, allowing you to track each task’s progress and completion status. If you’re new to project management, this template is perfect for you.

Smartsheet Project Management Template

Simple and easy to navigate, the Smartsheet Project Management Template allows you to monitor task progress and ensure completion within specified timelines. It also allows you to track costs, deliverables, and how much time each team member spends on the project.

SEO Project Management Sheet

Provided by the SEO Moz tools website, this template is ideal for content marketers or publishers. The template provides an overview of all SEO tasks, including their specific goals, timeline, and status updates. You can track activities weekly and monthly to easily follow your progress.

Project Timeline Google Sheets Template

This template is similar to the Gantt chart but allows you to track budget, project time, and various other variables. You can plan weekly tasks and monitor progress, making it easy to pinpoint any issues or problems within the project.

Simple Built-in Project Management Template

Google Sheets offers various project management templates with Smartsheets, and this simple interface allows you to track estimated and actual time taken for a project, deliverable status, budget, financial statements, and hours required for the project.

Event Marketing Template

This template is useful for marketing campaigns via different channels and techniques, allowing you to keep track of the different stages of your campaign. The schedule is divided into four phases, and you can add additional notes in a separate ‘Additional Information’ column.

Comprehensive Project Plan Template

If you’re managing a complex project, this comprehensive template has everything you need. You can create and track subtasks, assign tasks to team members, and keep an eagle-eyed focus on the project timeline. The workflow template also allows you to keep track of every project detail for up to six months.

Final Thoughts

With these templates, managing multiple projects, tracking team progress, and completing tasks within a specified timeline is easier than ever. Choose the one that best fits your project needs and take advantage of Google Sheets’ powerful sharing features and real-time data synchronization. Ready to streamline your project coordination and team tasks? Start using these templates today!


1. Do I need to pay for these templates?

No, these templates are free on Google Sheets.

2. Can I edit these templates to fit my project needs?

Yes, you can edit these templates to fit your project requirements.

3. Can I share these templates with my team?

Yes, you can share these templates with your team via Google Sheets.

4. Are there any other project management templates available on Google Sheets?

Yes, Google Sheets offers a wide range of project management templates in association with Smartsheets.

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