BitLife: How to Complete Raving Lunar-tic Challenge

Want the title "Raving Lunar-tic"? As you take your Bitizen from Oregon clubs to space, you'll have to fight drunk people and collect moon loot.

Aspiring astronauts are taken on an amazing journey this week in the BitLife online game, which starts in the beautiful state of Oregon. You are about to start a journey through space, and your character will face challenges greater than Earth’s gravity. In this tutorial we showed how to complete raving Lunar-tic Challenge in BitLife.

The challenge requires being strong in the face of personal problems while navigating a rough path of self-destructive tendencies. Even though the main character is facing big problems, like addiction, they are about to reveal something that shows how strong the human spirit is. The story develops in a moving way, highlighting the contrast between the astronaut’s inner turmoil and the search for artefacts on the moon.

People have never seen these artefacts before, but they become symbolic trophies that show how strong the human will is in the face of hardship. The challenge cleverly tells a story of redemption and success, showing that even in the vastness of space, people can rise above their flaws and reach success.

How to Complete the BitLife Raving Lunar-tic Challenge

  1. Born in Oregon.
  2. Try to become an astronaut.
  3. Go to the club more than five times and drink.
  4. Hold on to your drinking problem.
  5. Get two more artefacts from the moon while they were drunk.

Born in Oregon

  1. Pick up the “Options” menu.
  2. Press the “New Life” button.
  3. After giving information about the character, such as their gender and name, choose “United States” as their “Country” and “Portland” as their “City.”
  4. That way, the character will definitely be born in Oregon.

 Become an Astronaut

  1. Academically excel and participate in school extracurriculars.
  2. After graduation, you must reenroll and major in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics.
  3. Get a pilot’s licence and join Space Academy.
  4. After training, players must select Astronaut in Special Careers.
  5. Apply for the NASA job now. Onboarding depends heavily on academy performance.

Drink at a club and keep your drinking problem

  1. Hit the “Activities” tab, then scroll down and tap on “Nightlife.”
  2. Pick any nightclub from the ones that are listed.
  3. Don’t say no to a drink until you’ve had five.
  4. If a player has at least five drinks, they will become addicted.
  5. Now, go to the nightclub every once in a while to keep up this habit.

Getting Lunar Artefacts Back While High on Alcohol

  1. Click on the Occupations tab and then on Astronaut.
  2. As soon as you see a mission for Lunar Exploration, you should apply for it and join it.

Achieving Milestones: Raving Lunar-tic Challenge Walkthrough

BitLife: How to Complete Raving Lunar-tic Challenge

Early Years

  • Making a Character: For the “Become a Werewolf” milestone, pick a female character. Other traits aren’t as important, but being smart and athletic might help.
  • Childhood: Work hard at school to get smarter and more athletic. Join the school’s sports team and take part in clubs for students. Keep a good relationship with your parents so they can help you out financially in the future.
  • Education: To improve your job prospects, try to get into a well-known university. Like astronomy or astrophysics, pick a degree that has something to do with science or space.

Being an adult

  • Career: Look for a job in science, preferably in a field that involves exploring space. It would be great to work for NASA or a private space agency.
  • Relationships: Look for a partner who supports your plans and goals for your career. You don’t have to have kids to do the challenge, but it might make things more difficult.
  • Money: Be smart about how you spend your money. For long-term wealth, buy stocks or real estate and save money for future plans.

Moon Landing

  • Training: As you move up in your career, keep an eye out for chances to join astronaut training programmes. These programmes will make it more likely that you will be chosen for a mission to the moon.
  • Mission to the Moon: Fill out an application for a mission to the moon as soon as they open up. If you are smart, athletic, and have a relevant job, you might have an advantage.
  • Moon Landing: If you are chosen, focus on meeting the goals of your lunar mission. This could mean putting up a flag, collecting samples from the moon, or doing scientific tests.

Rewards and Benefits of Completing Raving Lunar-tic Challenge

BitLife: How to Complete Raving Lunar-tic Challenge

Hands-on Benefits

  • Lunar Artefacts: As you explore the moon, you’ll find two unique artefacts that you can add to your collection and which could make you more famous.
  • Unlockable Achievements: The challenge gives you two achievements, “Moonatic” and “Lunar Looter,” which you can then use to add to your BitLife legacy.
  • Social Media Acknowledgement: When you finish the challenge, you get a special post on social media to celebrate your lunar achievement.

Benefits that can’t be seen or touched

  • Potential for a Story: The challenge’s strange requirements give you a lot of material for a great BitLife story, complete with astronaut training, moon exploration, and even clubbing adventures.
  • Skill Development: To finish the challenge, you have to think about your career options, handle your money, and even deal with your addiction. These are all useful skills in the BitLife world.
  • Experience Points: When you finish the challenge, you get a lot of experience points, which help your overall progress in BitLife Adventure game.

How to Download BitLife

iOS (iPhone/iPad)

  • Launch the iOS App Store.
  • Select Search at the bottom.
  • Type “BitLife” into search.
  • Candywriter, LLC’s BitLife app is official.
  • Tap “Get” and confirm with Apple ID or Touch ID/Face ID.
  • Let the app install on your device.

For Android

  • Launch Google Play on Android.
  • Tap Search.
  • Type “BitLife” and enter.
  • Candywriter, LLC’s BitLife app is official.
  • Tap “Install.”
  • Let the app install on your device.


How do you complete the Legally Blonde BitLife challenge?

In California, you should be born a girl. You should name your Chihuahua Bruiser. Join a sorority and become an initiate. Getting into law school is all about how you look.

What is the Sinderella challenge in BitLife?

The first part of the Sinderella Challenge is to be born as a female commoner. This part is very simple to finish. In fact, all players have to do in BitLife is make a female character who is born without any royal ties.

Can you complete past BitLife challenges?

Every Saturday at 2 PM CT, the BitLife Weekly Challenges start over. If you buy the Challenge Vault add-on, though, you can see all the old weekly challenges.

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