How to Break Bedrock Blocks in Minecraft

Do more than pickaxes! Find out how to break Minecraft's hardest block: tricks for Bedrock Edition and Java are included.

Bedrock is known for not giving way in Minecraft, so it stands in the way of players who want to change their surroundings. Even though it’s marked as a “unbreakable block,” a group of sneaky players are always looking for new, unusual ways to get through its tough exterior. In this tutorial we will talk about how to Break Bedrock Blocks in Minecraft in best possible ways.

Taking advantage of bugs in the way games work has become the secret way for people who are brave enough to question the status quo to do things. Players who are very smart have found and used a number of bug-filled techniques that, for a short time, make bedrock easy to change. The catch, though, is that these exploits only last for a short time.

Mojang, the company that made Minecraft, diligently fixes these unintended vulnerabilities through regular updates, making methods that used to work useless. This means that the bedrock-breaking landscape is always changing because players are playing a game of cat-and-mouse with the developers. The way these exploits have changed over time shows how Minecraft is always changing, where creativity and new ideas are mixed with the game’s ever-changing rules.

How to Break Bedrock Blocks in Minecraft

How to Break Bedrock Blocks in Minecraft

These blocks are what you’ll need to do this:

  1. 32 of any building blocks
  2. 2 pistons
  3. 1 trapdoor
  4. 11 obsidian blocks
  5. 1 ender pearl
  6. 2 TNT blocks
  7. 1 lever
  8. 1 flint & steel
  9. 10 ladders

Find the highest Nether ceiling bedrock block.

  1. Enter the Nether realm and reach the ceiling.
  2. After a while, bedrock blocks appear. Locate a Y-127 bedrock block using the debug screen (press F3 in Java Edition) or your position coordinates.
  3. Once found, place ladders on the Y-127 bedrock block.
  4. Throw an ender pearl between Y levels 127 and 126.
  5. Teleport to the Nether ceiling if done correctly.
  6. Place a torch on the block you teleported through to indicate which one to remove after entering.

Prepare the contraption

  1. Start building the bedrock block-removal device as shown above.
  2. After setup, change the right-click mouse binding to any keyboard button. This is because you must quickly place a piston after the TNT explodes.
  3. Switch the lever in front of the closed trapdoor afterward.
  4. After the lever switches and the TNT activates, open the trapdoor to get stuck.
  5. Use another piston to spam the right-click keyboard bind at the top corner of the obsidian block next to the activated piston.
  6. After the explosion, you’ll replace the piston immediately.
  7. The bedrock block underneath will be removed.

Understanding the Challenges of Breaking Bedrock

  • It limits exploration: bedrock stops vertical exploration below a certain depth. Players can’t get to the resources and secrets that are unknown or hidden. For gamers who like to explore, this might be too limiting.
  • Makes building and engineering harder: Bedrock gets in the way of creative plans in the game world, which makes it possible for many amazing architectural feats. Players can’t make cities or complex underground structures because they can’t build down. Those who want to be builders may find this frustrating.
How to Break Bedrock Blocks in Minecraft
  • Makes Gameplay Difficult: Bedrock can get in the way of what seems like open gameplay. For example, it might stop lava flows from getting where they need to go. Placing bedrock can also mess up the way mobs spawn, which can lead to strange problems.
  • Makes People Curious and Speculative: Bedrock’s stubbornness makes people curious and speculative. Its purpose, where it came from, and its hidden properties are the subject of many theories. This mystery makes Minecraft better, even though it’s hard.

Risks and Considerations

Possible dangers

  • World corruption: Breaking bedrock can mess up your world save, which could mean losing progress, having chunks get messed up, or even making worlds unplayable. Save your world before you try this!
  • Technical bugs: Changing the bedrock can lead to bugs and crashes that you didn’t expect, especially on older versions of Minecraft. Be ready for anything that might happen.
  • Loss of functionality: Some features, like making new worlds and spawning monsters, might not work right below bedrock. Enjoy your trip at your own risk!

Take a look at

  • Method: There are several ways to break through bedrock, and each has its own risks and challenges. Some use bugs, exploits, or outside tools that might not work in all versions or could be seen as cheating. Do a lot of research on the method you want to use before you try it.
  • Problem Level: Breaking bedrock is hard and takes a lot of time. You need to know a lot about how Minecraft works and be willing to put in hours of work. Get ready for a long trip that could be frustrating.
  • Motivation: To get going, ask yourself why you want to break rock. Do you want to explore, build, or just have fun with it? Figuring out what drives you can help you stay determined and not give up when things go wrong.


Why is it hard to break bedrock?

People think that breaking through bedrock is one of the hardest things to do in Minecraft. Bedrock is the block at the bottom of Minecraft worlds that can’t be broken. In survival mode, there is no way to break it. In creative mode, glitches or commands are the only ways to break it.

Why can’t i break blocks in Minecraft bedrock?

There is spawn protection in the Game settings, which can be found under the World Settings tab on the Nodepanel. If you are close to spawn and having trouble breaking blocks, check this setting. In case you can’t get to Nodepanel, you can also change this on the server.

Can humans break bedrock?

Bedrock, like Minecraft’s stone layer, is compacted rock below the soil. Bedrock is hard but breakable, so most large buildings have “foundations” anchored into it.

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