How to Breed Blazamut in Palworld

In Palworld, you can learn how to breed Blazamut. We'll show you tips, tricks, and combos!

In Palworld video game, breeding a Blazamut, which is one of the rarest and most sought-after creatures, takes planning, patience, and a little luck. With its fiery personality and strong skills, Blazamut is a very popular Pal among trainers who want to improve their teams and win battles. In this guide we showed how to Breed Blazamut in Palworld.

Trainers must first make sure that their bases have all the resources and facilities they need to breed a Blazamut. This means making sure they have good places to live, food, and the right conditions in their environment so they can breed successfully. Trainers may also need to go on quests or do special activities to get certain items or unlock breeding features that are necessary for Blazamut to reproduce.

Trainers can increase their chances of successfully breeding a Blazamut and adding this powerful creature to their arsenal by working hard and managing their resources wisely. This will make their base stronger and help them win battles in the competitive world of Palworld.

How to Breed Blazamut in Palworld

  1. Identify Requirement: First and foremost, recognize the necessity of having a Blazamut to engage in the breeding process.
  2. Understanding Purpose: Understand that while breeding won’t assist players in obtaining their first Blazamut, it can be instrumental in producing additional Blazamuts if one has already captured one.
  3. Limited Breeding Combinations: Acknowledge that Blazamut can only be generated through two specific breeding combinations, both of which necessitate the presence of a Blazamut.
  4. Gender Requirement: Recognize the challenge posed by the requirement for both a male and a female Blazamut for successful breeding, adding complexity to the process.

Understanding Blazamut in Palworld

Blazamut is a strong Fire-type Pal in Palworld that is known for its strong attacks and impressive abilities. It’s not easy to find or catch, but any trainer who is willing to put in the work can benefit from it.

How to Breed Blazamut in Palworld

Habitat and Scarcity: This fiery creature only lives in two places:

  • The scorching mineshaft is a volcanic area in the southwest that has both normal Blazamut and a strong Alpha Boss (Level 49).
  • No. 3: Wildlife Sanctuary: This area is very far to the northeast of the map, and regular Blazamut don’t show up there very often.

Taming the Flame: To capture Blazamut, you need to carefully plan ahead:

  • Advantage based on element: Water-type Pals like Penking or Relaxaurus are better because they can’t be hurt by Fire attacks.
  • Capture Strategy: Don’t beat Blazamut because Pals that are dead are useless. Use Pal Spheres of higher levels to improve your chances of being captured.

Tips for Successful Blazamut Breeding

Getting Your Fiery Partner:

  • There are two main places where Blazamut can be found: the Sulphur Fields in the southwest and the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary in the northeast. Keep an eye out for its huge figure as you fully explore these areas.
  • Attacks of the Water type hurt Blazamut more than attacks of the Fire type. Bring in strong Pals like Penking or Relaxaurus to really weaken it. Don’t forget that the goal is to capture, not kill!
  • When you use Pal Spheres, make sure they are at least Legendary level to increase your chances of being captured. Be careful when you throw it so you don’t knock it out by accident.

Creating the Flame Legacy:

  • Gender Matters: To breed, make sure you have a male and a female Blazamut. To be sure of their gender, look at their trainer cards or use the “Attract” move.
  • Place both Blazamut in a Breeding Farm and give them Cake to start the process. Make sure the farm is comfortable for them so they can breed faster.
  • Incubation: It takes two real-time hours for the egg to hatch. To make the process go faster, use an egg incubator. Keep the egg at a comfortable temperature (warm for Blazamut) so it hatches at the best time. Want to know more? Check out the official website

Potential Blazamut Offspring Traits

Outward appearance:

  • Blazamut’s children could inherit its fiery red and orange colouring, or they could change to yellow, brown, or even black with red accents.
  • Characteristics: The young may have spots, stripes, or other patterns that look like flames or embers.
  • The baby’s wings might be bigger or smaller than its parent’s, and they might have more or fewer “fingers” or claws.

Knowledge and skills:

  • Fire Control: The children may be able to use fire to heal themselves or others, strengthen their fire attacks, or even breathe fire underwater.
  • During flight, the offspring might be better at flying, be able to accelerate faster, or be able to fly farther.
  • Children may be stronger, faster, or more agile than their parents.


How do you breed an astegon in Palworld?

Use Cake to breed the Grizzbolt with the Relaxaurus. From this Egg, an Orserk will be made, which is a Dragon- and Electric-type Pal. Breed the Orserk with the Grizzbolt. After you wait for a Huge Dragon Egg and put it in the incubator, your Astegon will have been bred.

How do you breed a Grizzbolt in Palworld?

There are two ways for players to get Grizzbolt, which they need to breed these Pals. Grizzbolts can be bred more easily by putting Mossanda and Rayhound together.

How do you breed a Gildamane dragon?

The Gildamane Dragon can be bred by using a Lacewing Dragon and a Starwing Dragon, in either order, at any Breeding Cave.

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