Business Owner’s Smartphone Tips and Tricks

Hello Everyone, here we will talk about the best Business Owner’s Smartphone Tips and Tricks. The rise of mobile technology is having a significant impact on the way businesses across all industries operate. Even before the pandemic, the growing popularity of cloud technology was contributing to an increase in the use of mobile technologies for business process management. In addition, the coronavirus pandemic over the past 18 months has led many small business owners to turn to digital solutions to keep operations running during the outage.

For customers, this has often resulted in an improved customer experience, with the added bonus of COVID-safe transactions for those uncomfortable using cash or accessing a service in person. As mobile technology revolutionizes the way small businesses work, we explore everything you need to know about the different devices and technologies that can help your business reach more customers. Did you know that more than half of US adults now surf the Internet with a smartphone? This information makes it all the more important that you align your business with the mobile scene if you haven’t already.

Even if you run a brick-and-mortar business, you should at least optimize your website for mobile. Whether you sell t-shirts, computers or wedding planning services, if your customers can’t find you with a quick mobile search, you’ll be easily overlooked. Use these digital marketing tips for small businesses to market your business in a mobile world. Today, 81% of U.S. residents have a smartphone. It’s an interesting coincidence that 81% of people searching the internet on their cell phones are looking for instant information to take action.

Mobile clearly has the potential to change the scope and success of your business. Smartphones have become the primary means of communication and information for people in the United States, and the rest of the world is quickly following on their heels. Regardless of what type of business you run, it’s important that your website functions smoothly on mobile platforms. If your audience can’t communicate effectively with you on mobile, you’ll be left behind. Below, we have mentioned best tips for every Business Owner’s Smartphone.

Here is the list of 13 best Smartphone Tips for Business Owners

Track and Manage Your Business Expenses

Expensify, Biz Expense, and Shoe boxed are among the many mobile apps that let you scan or photograph all those pesky receipts you collect on the go, and then archive and organize them in the cloud. It certainly makes expense reporting and tax prep easier than tossing a big stack of receipts out of your pocket.

Have Separate Phones

If you’ve decided to use your smartphone for work, there are a few important things to consider. The first thing you want to do is keep separate phones for different purposes. The phone you use for personal calls, messaging, and surfing the web can’t be used for work. There are security issues, and you don’t want to invade your professional and personal privacy at all costs.

Your personal phone may have non-work related apps and features that can distract your attention when using it for work. Using a single phone for both personal and work purposes is an absolute no as it raises security concerns and can create distractions.

Make Presentations

Tablets are easier to carry than laptops, making them a great tool for impromptu sales pitches to prospects. This is especially true if you are in a visually oriented space. With their crisp photo resolution and vibrant colors, tablets can showcase the work portfolio of an interior designer, event planner or landscape gardener to the fullest.

Develop a Mobile-Friendly Website

Before launching a mobile marketing campaign, it is important to make a website mobile-friendly. Make sure your website design and content is mobile-responsive with a mobile-friendly navigation menu that’s easy to navigate. To do this, it is necessary to use mobile-friendly themes and plugins.

WordPress offers some mobile-friendly themes for free, but paid themes are more versatile and give you functionality across all mobile platforms. You can also opt to use the WPtouch mobile plugin, which will automatically add a mobile-friendly theme to your existing website.

Take Customer Orders

Restaurant and bar owners can streamline the sales process by using tablets to have their servers take orders. With less time writing down orders and less room for error, your servers can spend more time talking to customers, increasing their tips and revenue. You can also create fillable forms and let your customers fill them out on a tablet instead of the hassle of filling, submitting, and typing paper forms.

Establish a Local Presence Along with Google My Business

Mobile phone users are often on the go and for this reason they are often looking for local real-time data. Where is the nearest vegan restaurant? When does the shop open? Where is the next bus stop? To get your business seen on mobile, make sure your business is “on the map”. The Google My Business service makes it easy for desktop and mobile users to explore local businesses, so make sure you get listed. Getting your business on the search page in this way can improve your search-based traffic as mobile users can easily find you.

Accept Payments

Only 14 percent of small business owners in the survey use mobile devices to accept payments from customers. Tools like Square, Intuit Go Payment, and PayPal Here are easy to use and let you take credit and debit card payments from customers, eliminating the need to turn away potential buyers who don’t have cash. You don’t have to be a mobile business to take advantage of this, either keep your retail store queues flowing by empowering clerks with tablets to make on-site sales.

Personalized Marketing

In recent years, mobile marketing has become a core component of many small businesses’ overall digital marketing strategies, with the most popular being the use of text messaging and ads. Technologies like geofencing are particularly popular for targeting customers within a specific area of your restaurant or business. Using this technology, small businesses can send text messages, emails, or app alerts to nearby customers to let them know about specials or offers at their local store.

Other types of hyper-personalized marketing could also include mobile-first advertising strategies, where you can personalize ads to a specific audience based on the user’s browsing and purchasing habits. Mobile marketing technologies are particularly popular in the retail and hospitality sectors, especially as traffic picks up again after lockdown.

Use Virtual Assistants

Speech technology is the trend that has been making waves lately. With the introduction of virtual assistants like Amazon Echo, Apple Siri, Google Assistant etc., the use of voice technology has become widespread. From asking your voice assistant to make a call to sending an email, you can use voice technology to accomplish many small tasks.

You can ask your voice assistant to set a meeting reminder, make a business call, send official emails and messages, and even open apps on your phone. The potential of voice search is huge in this area as well. Now you don’t need to type any text on Google, you can just speak your search query and the search result will appear right on your screen.

Understand Your Data Usage

Nothing is more frustrating than exceeding your data limit without understanding why. Most new smartphones will tell you exactly what features are using up your data, whether it’s email, surfing the web, uploading photos, or streaming music and videos. They will even identify individual data-guzzling apps. Remember, if you’re on a Share plan, other family members could eat up your data. Make sure everyone on your plan knows how to track their data usage.

Install a Phone Finder App

The only thing worse than losing all your data is losing your actual phone. Both the iPhone and Windows Phone 8 devices have Find My Phone capabilities built into their operating systems. Android users can take advantage of a number of free apps that perform the same function. These apps allow you to remotely locate, call, erase or lock your phone, giving much-needed security to people who rely on their phones for important personal and business purposes.

Many companies may not allow you to link your work email account to a personal phone. However, if you have a separate mobile phone for the office, there is no problem linking your official inbox to it. Here the mobile phone offers many advantages for the user. Aside from being portable and easy to use, a mobile phone can help to check emails on the go and ensure faster response to your official emails. Also, it keeps your inbox clean and more organized.

Home Screen Optimization

Often we see that the home screen of phones is cluttered with apps that are not even used frequently. Blockages occur there, which distract attention. Therefore, on the first page, i.e. the mobile homepage, keep only apps that you need for office work and move the rest. Social media apps and personal apps shouldn’t be present on the home screen as they hamper productivity and waste time. Optimizing your mobile home screen is the best way to get effective results.

Final Words

We hope you like this article best Smartphone Tips and Tricks for Business Owner. A company is defined as an organization or company engaged in commercial, industrial or professional activity. Businesses can be for-profit entities or non-profit organizations. The corporate forms range from limited liability companies to sole proprietorships, corporations and partnerships. We are always on the move, especially now that the pandemic has subsided.

With mobile business, it’s critical to be an entrepreneur who coordinates business via mobile. But you’re not alone. You have the software, the accessories, the stylus and keyboards, the desktop modes and collaboration apps. It’s easy to get lost in all this variety, but at the end of the day, about 10 core apps are the same that all entrepreneurs use.

I hope you understand this article, Business Owner’s Smartphone Tips and Tricks.

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