How to Cancel a Scheduled Email in Outlook

Avoid Email Regrets: Cancel Scheduled Sends in Outlook!

With Microsoft Outlook Cancel a Scheduled Email feature, you can stop an email message from being sent that you had planned to be sent at a later date or time. If you accidentally set off an email to be sent but then decide you need to change it before it goes out, or if you just decide you don’t want to send it anymore, this feature can help.

Click on the “Outbox” folder in your email account, find the email message you want to delete, and then click “Delete.” This will stop Outlook from sending the planned email. After that, Outlook will take the email message out of the list of messages that need to be sent, so it won’t get delivered at the planned time.

It is important to remember that you can only stop a scheduled email if it has not already been sent. You can’t take back or cancel a message that has already been sent. If you need to make changes or corrections to the message, you will need to contact the receiver directly.

How to Schedule an Email in Outlook

  1. As you usually would, make a new email and fill in the recipient, subject, and body text.
  2. When you’re in the message box, click the Pages tab.
  3. Click on Delay Delivery in the menu bar.
  4. Make sure the box says “Do not deliver before.”
  5. Pick the day and time you want the email to go out.
  6. To leave the scheduling box, click Close or OK.
  7. When you click “Send,” the email will go to your “Outbox” until the time you set.
  8. You can see, change, or delete planned emails in your Drafts folder.
  9. To change the time of delivery or stop sending, go back to the scheduling function and make the necessary changes.

How to Cancel a Scheduled Email in Outlook

  1. Launch the Outlook application on your mobile device.
  2. Go to the folder labeled “Drafts.”
  3. Please open the email that you have scheduled to be cancelled.
  4. To delete or discard something, click the button.
  5. Hit the button labeled “OK.”

Tips for Avoiding Email Mishaps in Outlook

  • Before you send, make sure you’ve included the right items.
How to Cancel a Scheduled Email in Outlook
  • Make sure the file names and sizes are right and not too big by checking them twice.
  • If you can help it, don’t give private data as an attachment. Instead, use safe ways to share files.
  • Check your email over and over for spelling and grammar mistakes as well as true errors.
  • Don’t depend on the spell and grammar checks too much, but do use it.
  • You might miss mistakes if you only read your email to yourself.
  • Make sure email names are correct before sending so that the message doesn’t get sent to the wrong person by accident.
  • Check Distribution Lists to make sure they are correct and get rid of any people who weren’t supposed to receive the information.


The sending of an email cannot be canceled or recalled after it has been sent. You should make careful to cancel any undesirable emails before the time when they are due to be delivered.


How do I change a scheduled email in Outlook?

Your outbox is the place where you will always be able to locate your scheduled emails. In order to reschedule your mail, you must first click on the message, then navigate to the Delay Delivery section, make any required adjustments to the delayed message, and finally click the Close button.

Can you delete a scheduled email?

In order to modify or cancel a scheduled email, you need to locate the message in your Drafts folder, open the email, click the arrow next to “Send on {date},” and then choose a new date, time, or “unschedule” to completely remove it from your schedule.

Can the recipient see if the email is scheduled?

Will the receiver be able to see the delay in delivery when you use Gmail? No. There is no indication in Gmail as to whether or not a message that has been delivered has been scheduled. In this method, the people who receive your letter will have no way of knowing that you have written it in advance.

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