How to Cancel YouTube Music Subscription

No more music bills! Master cancelling your YouTube Music subscription in minutes.

This year, the biggest names in music streaming have been giving better sound quality to people who pay for their services. Apple Music now supports lossless audio, and Amazon Music Unlimited adds the benefits of its Music HD tier to its normal premium service. And don’t forget that Spotify just announced Spotify HiFi earlier this year. In this article we will show you how to how to Cancel YouTube Music Subscription.

You might want to switch from YouTube Music Premium to a different service since the App Store has so many choices. Your free trial is almost over, you want to save money, or you’re interested in another streaming service. Here’s how to stop your YouTube Music Premium subscription on your phone or computer. It’s not always the hardest thing to cancel your YouTube Music account. On the other hand, it’s still helpful to fully understand each step.

No matter what made you decide to stop using YouTube Music, you do have a few choices. This is the way to go if you are sure you want to cancel your contract and use a different one, like Spotify. You can put your account on hold if you may not be able to pay for a while.

Why Users Choose YouTube Music Subscription

  • Play in the Background: If you pay for a subscription, you can play songs in the background while you use other apps or even when the screen is off. This makes it great for reading, working out, or cooking.
  • Download for Offline Listening: You can download your favourite songs, albums, and sets to listen to when you’re not online. This is helpful when you’re travelling or don’t have access to the internet.
  • Higher Audio Quality: Subscribers can listen to music in audio forms with higher quality, which can make the experience much better for audiophiles.
  • YouTube Integration: For people who already use YouTube, the ability to connect it to YouTube Music is a big plus. It’s simple to switch between platforms, see your watch history and playlists, and find new songs based on what you’ve been watching on YouTube.
How to Cancel YouTube Music Subscription
  • Exclusive material: Some artists and record labels only put out material on YouTube Music, which can be a big plus for fans who really love the music.

How to Cancel YouTube Music Subscription

Desktop browser

  • While logged in to your YouTube account, go to your Paid Memberships page.
  • Click the “Manage Membership” dropdown arrow on your Music membership tab. Next to where it tells you your next billing date, click “Turn Off.”
  • YouTube will offer to pause your account for up to six months. You can pause the payment or continue canceling.
  • YouTube will ask you again if you’re really sure you want to cancel. This time “Yes, cancel” will be the red option. Click on it and your subscription will end.

mobile app

  • Open the YouTube app on your iPhone or Android.
  • In the upper right corner of the application should be your profile picture. Play it.
  • In the new menu, select “Paid Memberships“.
  • The YouTube app will show you your current subscriptions. Select “Music” and then select “Manage“.
  • If you have an Android, you’ll be asked if you want to pause, and then you can confirm that you want to cancel your account. Once you do, you’re done here.
  • If you are using an iPhone, a browser will open in the app and you will be prompted to sign in to your Google/YouTube account again. Once you do, you will return to the Paid Memberships page.
  • Select your Music subscription again and then tap “Deactivate“.
  • Once again, you’ll be asked if you want to pause, and then you’ll be asked to confirm that you want to turn off.


Is YouTube Music and YouTube Premium the same?

What’s the difference between VIP YouTube and VIP YouTube Music? You can watch movies on the YouTube app without ads, when you’re not online, and while other things are running. YouTube Music Premium is included in your YouTube Premium membership.

How much is a YouTube Music subscription?

You can get rid of annoying ads on YouTube Music Premium for $10.99 a month. You can also download songs to listen to when you’re not online on your phone. With a contract, Google gives you what they call “Smart Downloads,” which are automatically downloaded playlists based on what you like to listen to.

Is it worth paying for YouTube Music?

In general, YouTube Music is a good music streaming service that gives you access to a huge music library and personalised suggestions. But some people might not like how hard it is to use and how bad the sound quality is. Also, some of its benefits are only available to subscribers who pay.

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