Palworld: How to Catch and Breed Jetragon

Unleash the Jetragon's fury! This guide reveals secrets to catch and breed this Palworld legend.

This article shows you How to catch and breed Jetragon in Palworld. In Palworld, a world full of fantastical creatures, the Jetragon is the ultimate prize that trainers from all over the world want. The Jetragon is a sign of power and prestige. It is known for being very fast and very good at fighting.

But even the most experienced trainers will have a hard time getting and breeding this rare Dragon-type Pal. The Jetragon is hard to find and needs to be selectively bred, so it is a rare and highly sought-after specimen. Trainers have to go on dangerous quests, through dangerous landscapes, and fight tough enemies in order to catch a Jetragon.

Animals called Jetragons are very picky about choosing mates, so the breeding process needs a lot of care and attention once they are caught. In the competitive world of Palworld game, only the most dedicated and skilled trainers can hope to successfully breed these magnificent creatures and rise to the top. For more information go their official website.

How to catch and breed Jetragon in Palworld

How to catch Jetragon in Palworld

  1. Prepare: Ensure your late Level 40s are ready for battle.
  2. Locate: Head to Mount Obsidian, specifically the volcanic rocks at coordinates (-790, -320).
  3. Access: Utilize Fast Travel from the Eastern Ruined Fortress City, southeast Eternal Pyre Tower Entrance, or southern Beach of Everlasting Summer.
  4. Equip: Gear up with Heat Resistant Pal Metal Armour or anti-heat clothing to withstand the volcano’s flames. Stock up on Ultra or Legendary Pal Spheres.
  5. Navigate: Ascend the difficult terrain using a fast flying mount or the Grappling Gun.
  6. Choose: Bring your best Ice Pals for the battle against Jetragon. Optimal choices include Frostallion, Chillet, Ice Reptyro, Mammorest Cryst, or Sibelyx.
  7. Engage: Confront Jetragon and initiate combat.
  8. Exploit Weakness: Attack with Ice-type moves, as Jetragon is vulnerable to Ice.
  9. Beware Resistance: Avoid using Dark-type moves, as Jetragon is strong against Dark.
  10. Weaken: Chip away at Jetragon’s health until it’s nearly defeated.
  11. Utilize Sphere: Throw an Ice Pal Sphere at Jetragon to capture it when its health is low.

How to breed Jetragon in Palworld

  1. Jetragons can only breed with other Jetragons.
  2. I’m sorry if you were hoping to find a way to defeat Palworld’s hardest boss without fighting.
  3. Also, remember that Alpha Pals respawn an hour after you kill them.
  4. This means that if you want to capture more than one Jetragon, you can stay near Mount Obsidian and farm this legendary Pal over and over again.
  5. To breed Pals, you’ll need a lot of Cake, which you can make from 5 Flour, 8 Red Berries, 7 Milk, 8 Eggs, and 2 Honey.

Basics of Catching Jetragon

The place is

  • On the Volcanic Island, look for Jetragon near Obsidian Mountain. More specifically, look near the yellow sulphur marks that are close to the smaller volcanoes.
Palworld: How to catch and breed Jetragon

Getting ready:

  • Level: Because Jetragon is a tough opponent, make sure your team is at least level 50.
  • Pals: Bring ice-type Pals because they hurt Jetragon more than other types. Think about attackers and healers who are strong.
  • Capture Items: Get a lot of legendary spheres for the important attempt to capture.
  • Weapons and Armour: Give yourself and your friends strong weapons and armour, preferably obsidian because it lasts longer.

Tips for Efficient Jetragon Catching

Getting ready is key:

  • Get Ready: Put on high-defense armour like obsidian that doesn’t burn and a strong long-range weapon like an assault rifle or rocket launcher. Pals that can’t catch fire, like Magmadog or Frost Alien, are also very useful.
  • Bring a lot of capture items with you by making a lot of Ultra Spears and Legendary Spears. Don’t forget to bring guns and healing items.

How to Fight Well:

  • Take advantage of Jetragon’s weaknesses: Ice and Electric attacks hurt him a lot. For the most damage, use Pals with these elements.
  • Keep your distance: Attack Jetragon from afar, using the ground as cover. This lowers the damage from fire and lets you attack from a distance.

Get a clear picture:

  • Patience is a virtue. Don’t try to capture Jetragon until his health is low, around the red bar. This makes it more likely to work.
  • Pick the Right Time: If you throw your capture item at Jetragon while he is stunned or distracted, the capture window will be bigger.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Jetragon Breeding

Planning and getting ready:

  • Not having the correct set-up: Because Jetragons are strong electric-type Pals, make sure that your Breeding Centre has enough power and climate control to meet their needs.
  • Not caring about stats or mutations: Before you breed your Jetragons, look at their individual stats and the mutations you want them to have. Pick parents that will work well together and help you reach your breeding goals.
  • Not taking vitamins or eating: Give Jetragons high-quality vitamins and food that is made just for them to help them breed and keep their babies healthy.

How breeding works:

  • Depending only on luck: There is some randomness in the world, but don’t depend on it too much. Use the “Check Compatibility” feature to make it more likely that traits you want to pass on will be passed on.
  • Neglecting mutations that are bad: Keep an eye out for bad mutations that could be passed on. Make a plan for how you will deal with them, such as by breeding more or changing their genes.
  • Too many babies being born at once: Start small and slowly add more. Take good care of your resources and space so you don’t overwork yourself and forget to give each person the care they need.


How many pals are there in Palworld?

This island has more than 130 Pals that you can catch. There are more than 130 different creatures on the Palworld Pals list that you can fight, catch, and use. There are more than 130 Pals to catch, so millions of people have jumped into the video game and are now trying to bank them all, which is tough.

How do you breed a Teozinte?

The Teozinte Dragon can be bred by using any two dragons, in either order, containing the Earth, Plant and Cold elements at any Breeding Cave.

Do pals evolve in Palworld?

Even though they don’t change, breeding certain types of Pals can make them better than their parents.

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