How to Catch Pecharunt in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pucker Up! Catch Pecharunt, the Sweet & Spicy Mythical (SV DLC)

In The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero, the much-anticipated DLC for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, players meet Pecharunt, the elusive Mythical Pokémon that is the only one of its kind in Generation 9. There is a lot of mystery surrounding this strange creature, which trainers find very appealing. In this guide we showed how to catch Pecharunt in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Pecharunt, on the other hand, can only be found in the epilogue of the downloadable content. It challenges players to go on an exciting quest to find Area Zero’s Hidden Treasure. Pecharunt is a mythical creature that trainers must find and capture by solving a series of difficult puzzles, facing tough opponents, and using strategic thinking.

The story in the DLC is very interesting, and it gives players a new and challenging experience that makes the world of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet game more complete. As trainers get deeper into the epilogue, finding Pecharunt becomes a turning point in their Pokémon journey. It’s the end of all their hard work and the key to new areas of the game. If you need more information about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Go to their Official Website.

How to catch Pecharunt in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

  1. Find the Mystery Gift option in the Poke Portal and use it to get the Mythical Pecha Berry.
  2. Quickly get to the Kitakami Community Centre in Mossui Town.
  3. If you interact with the pink thing at Peachy’s stall, a cutscene will start the Epilogue.
  4. Get to Paldea (Cabo Poco), where you live.
  5. Meet the group at the southern gate of Mesagoza.
  6. After you visit Kitakami, you should meet up with Kieran.
  7. Go back to the Pokemon Centre that’s on the way.
  8. The remote is hidden in a planter in the bottom right corner of the room.
  9. Fight Shige and Aya. They have a Salazzle, an Ariados, and a Victreebel.
  10. Join Nemona as she goes to Kitakami Hall.
  11. Fight against Grandma and Grandpa. They have a Mamoswine, an Arbok, a Chandelure, and a Weezing.
  12. Go back to Peachy’s cart.
  13. Go to war with Arven and Penny. The Pokemon they will use are Leafeon, Sylveon, Greedent, and Cloyster.
  14. Loyalty Plaza is where you can find Pecharunt and chase it down.
  15. Fight Nemona. She has a Goodra, a Kommo-o, a Pawmot, and a Lycanroc. Her sixth slot will be one of the three starter Pokemon’s last evolutions, depending on which one you picked at the beginning of the game.
  16. Fight the Pecharunt.

Best Strategies for Catching Pecharunt

Needed before:

  • Last part of “The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero” story. You can now go to the ending event called “Mochi Mayhem.”
  • Get the mystical Pecha Berry. You’ll find and pick up this special berry during “Mochi Mayhem,” which will lead to the Pecharunt encounter.

Getting Pecharunt:

  • Make your way through “Mochi Mayhem” until you reach Kitakami’s Loyalty Plaza. Here, you’ll fight Pecharunt in a battle that’s like Titan.
  • Do not bring any Ghost-type Pokemon that are weak or level 80. They can be wiped out by Pecharunt’s Shadow Ball.
  • Choose moves that are Ground, Ghost, Psychic, or Dark. These take advantage of Pecharunt’s flaws.
How to catch Pecharunt in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
  • Take away all of Pecharunt’s health. Don’t worry about passing out. After that, Kieran will give you Poke Balls to make sure you catch it.
  • Pick out a Poke Ball! Any will do, but Luxury Balls look better and Premier Balls might help you get more catches.

Rare Variants or Shiny Pecharunt Encounters

  • Larvitar: You can find this Rock/Ground Pokemon in South Province Area Three. For this rare Pokemon video game, make sure you have a lot of Poke Balls.
  • Gible: You can meet this Ground/Dragon Pokemon in Area 2 of West Province. If you don’t find this Pokemon right away, don’t give up.
  • Deino is a Dark/Dragon Pokemon that you can only find in East Province Area One. Like Larvitar and Gible, it’s not common, so wait!
  • Pawmi: This Electric Pokemon is in SOS battle chains. You have a better chance of finding a shiny Pokemon if you chain Pawmis together for SOS battle chains.
  • Lechonk: This Normal Pokemon is in SOS battle chains. Like Pawmi, SOS battle chains make it more likely that you’ll find a shiny Lechonk.

How to Maximize Pecharunt’s Potential in Your Team

EVs and nature:

  • Timid: This trait raises Pecharunt’s Speed stat, which lets it outspeed and possibly one-shot many enemies.
  • If you’d like a slightly stronger Pecharunt, Jolly will make it faster while still giving it a good Attack stat.
  • Spend a lot of money on Speed. The Pecharunt’s main strength is its fast attacks. In Speed, try to get at least 252 EVs.

Able to:

  • Static: When Pecharunt’s signature ability hits an enemy, there is a 30% chance that the attack will paralyse them. This can hurt enemy Pokemon and get Pecharunt ready for more attacks.

Set of moves:

  • The Volt Tackle and Thunderbolt moves are Pecharunt’s strongest electric STAB moves. They do a lot of damage to most Pokemon.
  • Nuzzle: This move will paralyse the target, making Pecharunt even more offensive.
  • Play Rough/Facade to protect yourself from Steel-type Pokemon RPG that can’t be hurt by electric attacks.


How do you get Pecharunt in Pokemon Violet?

After reading the Mochi Mayhem story, you can get Pecharunt. You can only get it after beating the main stories for both The Teal Mask DLC and The Indigo Disc DLC and then finishing the epilogue story. It’s the ending to Hidden Treasure of Area Zero. In the last few lines of the epilogue, Pecharunt can be caught.

How do we get Pecharunt?

Once you’ve started the epilogue storyline, just follow the directions for the new main quest. You will fight one last trainer near the end of the game. Pecharunt will force you into a battle after you beat them.

How do you get Pecha Berry?

To get the Mystery Gift, first open the Poké Portal and then choose “Get via Internet.” Now you can choose the “Mythical Pecha Berry Gift,” and it will be downloaded for you now.

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